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category: to learn in school
keyword: law
nb of strokes: 10
translation: obey, follow, accompany
juu, shou, ju
従う: shitagau: obey, follow, accompany, conform (oneself) to, abide by, act on [upon], yield to, submit [give in] to, comply with, accede to
従える: shitagaeru: be attended [accompanied, followed] by
従わない: shitagawanai: disobey
従って: shitagatte: therefore, consequently, accordingly, for that reason, in consequence, so that, according to, in accordance with, in conformity to [with], in proportion as [to], according as
従: yori: because of, origin
従: tate: vertical <<< 垂直
Kanji words: 侍従 , 従業 , 従者 , 従事 , 服従
Expressions: 大きさに従って , 仰せに従って , 流れに従って , 掟に従う , 意見に従う , 運命に従う , 勧告に従う , 勧告に従って , 慣習に従う , 規則に従う , 規定に従う , 規約に従えば , 従兄弟 , 指図に従う , 指示に従う , 従姉妹 , 習慣に従う , 助言に従う , 忠告に従う , 伝統に従う , 道理に従う , 風習に従う , 命令に従う , 理性に従う
synonyms: ,

category: common usage
keyword: house
nb of strokes: 10
translation: eaves
軒: noki
軒下に: nokishitani: under the eaves <<<
軒先に: nokisakini: in front of the house <<<

category: JIS1
keyword: clothes
nb of strokes: 10
translation: bleach, refine, expose
sai, shi
晒す: sarasu: bleach (v.), refine
晒し: sarashi: bleach (n.), bleaching
晒し首にする: sarashikubinisuru: cut off a head and expose it to the public view <<<
晒し者にする: sarashimononisuru: pillory, expose a person to ridicule <<<
Expressions: 恥を晒す

category: JIS2
keyword: tool
nb of strokes: 10
translation: fishing net, fishing
bin, min
罠: wana: trap (jp.), snare, running noose
罠に掛かる: wananikakaru: be caught in a trap, be entrapped [ensnared] <<<
罠に填る: wananihamaru <<<
罠を掛ける: wanaokakeru: lay a snare (for), set a trap (for) <<<
罠る: tsuru: fish (v.)
罠: ami: fishing net
Expressions: 罠を仕掛ける

category: common usage
keyword: construction
nb of strokes: 10
translation: bury, fill, reclaim, plug
mai, bai
埋める: umeru: bury (in, under), inter, fill (up), reclaim, stop [fill] (up), plug, make up for (jp.), cover
埋める: uzumeru
埋まる: umaru: be buried (in), be filled up (with)
埋もれる: uzumoreru
埋もれる: umoreru
Kanji words: 埋立 , 埋葬
Expressions: 土に埋める , 穴を埋める , 赤字を埋める , 空白を埋める , 地下に埋める , 地中に埋める , ギャップを埋める

category: common usage
keyword: moral
nb of strokes: 10
translation: blessing, grace, favor, kindness, mercy, benevolence, charity, alms
kei, e
恵む: megumu: give alms, give (a thing) in charity, bless (a person with), favor, confer [bestow] a favor (upon)
恵み: megumi: blessing, grace, favor, kindness, mercy, benevolence, charity, alms
恵みを請う: megumiokou: ask charity, beg for alms <<<
恵み深い: megumibukai: merciful, benevolent <<<
恵まれた: megumareta: fortunate, privileged
恵い: satoi: sharp, clever, quick-witted, intelligent
Kanji words: 恩恵 , 知恵
Expressions: 幸運に恵まれる

category: common usage
keyword: travel
nb of strokes: 10
translation: arrive, reach
致る: itaru: go [come] (to), get (to), arrive (at, in), reach, extend (to), cover, come to do, end [result] (in)
致す: itasu: do (pol., jp.)
Kanji words: 一致 , 致死 , 致命 , 拉致
Expressions: 如何致しまして

category: common usage
keyword: body
nb of strokes: 10
translation: trunk, body, torso
dou, tou
胴: dou: trunk, body, torso, frame, plastron
胴が長い: douganagai: have a long body <<<
胴が短い: dougamijikai: have a short body <<<
Kanji words: 胴着 , 胴輪
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category: common usage
keyword: disease
nb of strokes: 10
translation: symptom (of an illness)
症: shirushi: symptom, omen, sign
Kanji words: 炎症 , 症候 , 症状 , 重症 , 蓄膿症 , 敗血症
Expressions: 花粉症 , 関節症 , 感染症 , 合併症 , 恐怖症 , 虚言症 , 巨人症 , 血栓症 , 欠乏症 , 硬化症 , 神経症 , 心身症 , 対人恐怖症 , 脱毛症 , 痴呆症 , 中毒症 , 登校拒否症 , 動脈硬化症 , 熱中症 , 貧血症 , 不眠症 , 憂鬱症 , 露出症

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 10
translation: look alike, be indistinguishable, be [get] confused [mixed up]
紛れる: magireru: look alike, be indistinguishable (from), be [get] confused [mixed up] (with), be diverted [distracted], forget one's cares for a time
紛らす: magirasu: divert, beguile, conceal, hide, evade
紛らわす: magirawasu
紛らわしい: magirawashii: confusing, misleading, ambiguous
紛れ込む: magirekomu: get [be] mixed (up), be lost (somewhere) <<<
紛れも無い: magiremonai: unmistakable, plain, evident <<<
紛れも無く: magiremonaku: evidently, sure enough, no [without] doubt <<<
紛れる: midareru: go out of order [control], be confused, become disorganized, fall into disorder [confusion], lose one's wits
Kanji words: 気紛れ , 内紛 , 紛失 , 紛い物
Expressions: 闇に紛れて , 暗闇に紛れて , 退屈を紛らす , 人込みに紛れる

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