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category: JIS2
keyword: utensil
nb of strokes: 10
translation: bamboo basket
笊: zaru
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category: to learn in school
keyword: transport
nb of strokes: 10
translation: go down, fall, descend
降りる: oriru: go down, come down, get out, fall, jump off, go downstairs, retire, pull out, withdraw
降ろす: orosu: get down, bring down
降る: kudaru: go down, come down, descend
降る: huru: fall (v.), rain
Kanji words: 以降 , 下降 , 滑降 , 降雨 , 降下 , 降格 , 降伏 , 投降
Expressions: 下に降りる , 下に降ろす , 雨が降る , 雨が降りそうだ , 飛び降りる , 馬から降りる , 船を降りる , 雪が降る , 雹が降る , 塩を降る , 錨を降ろす , 錨を降ろした , 霙が降る , 演壇を降り , 大雪が降る , 階段を降る , 貨物を降ろ , 看板を降ろす , 汽車を降りる , 小雨が降る , 胡椒を降りかける , 二階から降りる , 荷物を降ろす , 列車を降りる , シャッターを降ろす , タラップを降りる
check also: , ダウン

category: common usage
keyword: love
nb of strokes: 10
translation: love, affection
恋: koi: love (n.), affection
恋う: kou: love (v.)
恋しい: koishii: dear, beloved
恋しがる: koishigaru: yearn
恋する: koisurukoisuru: love (v.), fall in love with, lose one's heart to
恋に陥る: koiniochiiru: fall in love, become fond of sb. <<<
恋に悩む: koininayamu: be lovesick <<<
恋の苦しみ: koinokurushimi: lovesickness <<<
恋に破れる: koiniyabureru: be disappointed [crossed, thwarted] in love <<<
Kanji words: 恋心 , 恋人 , 失恋 , 初恋 , 恋愛
Expressions: 叶わぬ恋 , 儚い恋 , 恋の陶酔 , 恋は盲目
check also: , ラブ

category: JIS2
nb of strokes: 10
translation: mud, dye black
涅: someru: dye (black)
Kanji words: 涅槃
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category: common usage
nb of strokes: 10
translation: soak, dip, permeate, spread
浸す: hitasu: soak (v.), dip
浸る: hitaru: be soaked, be dipped
浸: yaya: a little, a bit
浸みる: shimiru: soak (into), permeate, spread
Kanji words: 浸食 , 浸水 , 浸透
Expressions: ソースに浸す
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category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 10
translation: chinaberry tree, Japanese bead tree (jap.)

category: JIS1
keyword: tree
nb of strokes: 10
translation: chestnut, shiver, tremble, quake, tear, split
栗: kuri: chestnut
栗く: ononoku: shiver, tremble, quake
栗: saku: tear, split
栗の木: kurinoki: chestnut tree <<<
栗の毬: kurinoiga: chestnut bur <<<
栗の殻: kurinokara: chestnut hull <<<
Kanji words: 毬栗 , 片栗 , 団栗 , 焼栗 , 栗鼠
Expressions: 栗南瓜 , 栗饅頭 , 栗羊羹

category: JIS1
keyword: animal
nb of strokes: 10
translation: leopard, panther
Kanji words: 海豹 , 黒豹 , 雪豹
check also: ピューマ

category: JIS1
keyword: weather
nb of strokes: 10
translation: flash, glitter, gleam, wave, flutter
閃く: hirameku: flash (vi.), glitter, gleam, wave, flutter
閃かす: hiramekasu: flash (vt.), brandish, flourish
閃き: hirameki: gleam (n.), flash
Kanji words: 閃光
check also: フラッシュ

category: JIS1
keyword: food
nb of strokes: 10
translation: peel, strip, skin, flay pare, bark, husk, rend, split, tear, sever
剥ぐ: hagu: peel (vt.), strip, skin, flay
剥げる: hageru: come [be, fall, peel] off, discolor, fade
剥く: muku: skin (vt.); strip off, pare, peel, bark, husk
剥く: saku: rend, split, tear, sever <<<
剥げない色: hagenaiiro: fast color, unfading color <<<
Kanji words: 剥製
Expressions: 牙を剥く , 莢を剥く , 牡蠣を剥く , 仮面を剥ぐ , ペンキが剥げる , ポスターを剥がす

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