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category: JIS1
keyword: weather
nb of strokes: 10
translation: cold, chilly, bleak, frightful, terrific, terrible, tremendous, uncanny, weird, ghastly, dreadful, horrible, wonderful, amazing, great, awful, enormous
凄い: samui: cold, chilly, bleak <<<
凄じい: susamajii: frightful, terrific, terrible, tremendous, awesome
凄じく: susamajiku: ghastlily, dreadful, horribly, frightfully, terribly, awfully
凄い: sugoi: uncanny, weird, ghastly, dreadful, horrible, frightful, wonderful, amazing, great, terrible, awful, enormous
凄く: sugoku: very awfully, terribly
凄い光: sugoihikari: lurid [ghastly] light <<<
凄い嵐: sugoiarashi: violent storm, fierce tempest <<<
凄い腕: sugoiude: singular [wonderful] ability [skill] <<<
凄じい勢いで: susamajiiikioide: with terrific force <<<

category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 10
translation: saw (v.)
挽く: hiku
Kanji words: 挽回 , 挽肉
Expressions: 臼で挽く , 鋸で挽く , 胡椒挽き , コーヒー挽き
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category: JIS1
keyword: nature
nb of strokes: 10
translation: steep, precipitous, towering, lofty, severe, hard, harsh
峻しい: kewashii: steep, precipitous <<<
峻い: takai: towering, lofty <<<
峻しい: kibishii: severe, hard, harsh <<<

category: JIS1
keyword: clothes
nb of strokes: 10
translation: sleeve
袖: sode: sleeve, wing (jp.)
袖の有る: sodenoaru: sleeved <<<
袖の無い: sodenonai: sleeveless <<<
袖に縋る: sodenisugaru: cling to a person's sleeve, appeal to (a person) for mercy <<<
袖を引く: sodeohiku: pull (a person) by the sleeve, solicit <<<
袖を捲る: sedeomakuru: roll [tuck] up one's sleeve <<<
袖にする: sodenisuru: jilt, give the cold shoulder (to)
袖を濡らす: sodeonurasu: weep (secretly) <<< ,
Kanji words: 袖口 , 袖丈 , 長袖 , 半袖 , 振袖

category: to learn in school
keyword: accounting
nb of strokes: 10
translation: price, value, worth, tariff
値: ne
値の高い: nenotakai: high-priced, dear, expensive, costly <<<
値の張る: nenoharu <<<
値の安い: nenoyasui: low-priced, inexpensive, cheap <<<
値の張らない: nenoharanai <<<
値が上がる: negaagaru: rise in price <<<
値が下がる: negaagaru: fall in price <<<
値を付ける: neotsukeru: price (v.), bid [name] a price (for), set a price (on), appraise <<<
値を決める: neokimeru <<<
値: atai: price, value (n.), worth
値う: au: value (v.), worth
Kanji words: 価値 , 指値 , 値段 , 値引
Expressions: 極限値 , 仕入値 , 称賛に値する , 実効値 , 絶対値 , 尊敬に値する , 注目に値する , 馬鹿値 , 平均値 , 補正値 , 落札値 , カロリー値 , コレステロール値 , ダウ値

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 10
translation: depend on, rely on, make a pretext
託する: takusuru: commit [leave] (a thing) to the care of (a person), entrust [trust] (a person with a thing, a thing to a person), make a pretext of
託る: yoru: depend on, rely on
託ける: kakotsukeru: make a pretense [an excuse, a pretext] of, use (a thing) as a pretext (for)
Kanji words: 委託 , 寄託 , 信託

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 10
translation: humiliate, submit
辱める: hazukashimeru: humiliate
辱い: katajikenai: accept with humility
Kanji words: 雪辱 , 侮辱

category: JIS1
keyword: war
nb of strokes: 10
translation: stronghold, fortress, fort
砦: toride
Kanji words: 城砦

category: JIS1
keyword: animal
nb of strokes: 10
translation: wolf, cruel (fig.), panic (bor.)
狼: ookami: wolf
狼の: ookamino: lupine
狼の子: ookaminoko: wolf cub <<<
Kanji words: 狼男 , 狼煙 , 狼狽
Expressions: 一匹狼 , 狼少年 , タスマニア狼
check also: 山犬

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 10
translation: shake, prosper (ext.)
振う: huruu: prosper
振る: huru: shake, distribute (jp.)
振り: huri: manner (jp.), look
振り上げる: huriageru: fling [swing, lift] up, raise overhead <<<
振り落とす: huriotosu: shake off, throw off <<<
振り返る: hurikaeru: turn around, turn one's head, look back <<<
振り翳す: hurikazasu: hold aloft, brandish <<<
振り掛ける: hurikakeru: sprinkle over, spatter <<<
振り捨てる: hurisuteru: shake off, abandon, desert, forsake <<<
振り払う: huriharau: shake off, push away, tear oneself away (from) <<<
振り撒く: hurimaku: scatter, sprinkle, strew <<<
振り回す: hurimawasu: brandish, wave, wield, flourish, show off, abuse <<<
振り乱す: hurimidasu: shake one's hair loose <<<
振り向く: hurimuku: turn one's face [head], turn round [toward], look back <<<
Kanji words: 振興 , 振動 , 久し振り , 不振 , 振込 , 振袖 , 振出 , 振付 , 身振り
Expressions: 力を振る , 首を振る , 棒に振る , 頭を振る , 賽を振る , 鞭を振る , 大手を振って , 仮名を振る , 振り仮名 , 学者振る , 学者振った , 賽子を振る , 尻尾を振る , 信心振る , 上品振る , 成績が振るわない , 体裁振る , 鉄拳を振う , 暴力を振るう

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