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category: common usage
nb of strokes: 10
translation: afraid, fear, fearful, dread, dreadful, horror, horrible, terror, terrible, awe, awful
恐れ: osore: fear, dread, terror, horror, reverence, awe, apprehension, danger
恐れ入る: osoreiru: be awestruck, be sorry, feel small, be embarrassed [confounded, disconcerted], be astonished [surprised] (at, to) <<<
恐れ戦く: osoreononoku: tremble with fear, be in fear and trembling <<<
恐れる: osoreru: be afraid of, fear (v.), dread
恐ろしい: osoroshii: awful, fearful, dreadful, terrible, horrible, frightful, forbidding
恐ろしく: osoroshiku: awfully, fearfully, dreadfully, terribly
恐ろしさ: osoroshisa: frightfulness, fear (n.), terror, awe
恐らく: osoraku: perhaps, possibly, maybe
恐るべき: osorubeki: fearful, terrible, formidable
Kanji words: 恐喝 , 恐慌 , 恐怖 , 恐竜
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category: JIS2
nb of strokes: 10
translation: dust, dirt
埃: chiri
埃: hokori
埃っぽい: hokorippoi: dusty
埃だらけの: hokoridarakeno
埃を立てる: hokoriotateru: make [raise] a cloud of dust <<<
埃を静める: hokorioshizumeru: lay the dust <<<
埃を払う: hokorioharau: dust (v.), brush <<<
埃を被る: hokoriokaburu: gather dust, take responsibility <<<
埃が溜まる: hokoridatamaru: Dust piles up <<<
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category: JIS2
keyword: book
nb of strokes: 10
translation: mark, marker
栞: shiori: bookmark (jp.), guide
栞を挿む: shioriohasamu: slip a marker (between the pages), bookmark (v.) <<<

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