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category: JIS2
keyword: bird
nb of strokes: 13
translation: pheasant, measure of castle's walls
chi, ji
雉: kiji: pheasant
雉: kaki: measure of castle's walls
Kanji words: 雉鳩

category: JIS1
keyword: nature , finance
nb of strokes: 13
translation: drip, drop, trickle
溜る: shitataru: drip, drop, trickle
溜まる: tamaru: collect (jp., vi.), gather, form a mass, heap, accumulate, stay, stand, be in arrears, be overdue
溜める: tameru: accumulate (jp., vt.), amass, save, store, lay [set] by, put aside [by, away], hoard, collect, gather, run up [behind in one's] (bills), leave (one's work) undone, leave over (one's work) <<<
溜り: tamari: waiting room (jp.), haunt, hangout, parking lot
溜: tame: dump (jp.), tip
溜め込む: tamekomu: save [hoard] up, amass <<<
Kanji words: 溜息 , 日溜り , 水溜り
Expressions: 埃が溜まる , 汚水溜 , 勘定を溜める , 下水溜め , ストレスが溜まる

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 13
translation: smoke, smoky, haze
煙: kemuri: smoke (n.)
煙る: kemuru: be smoky, look dim
煙い: kemui: smoky, filled with smoke, fumous, feel awkward (jp.)
煙たい: kemutai
煙: kemutagaru: feel awkward [ill at ease], be rather afraid of, keep (a person) at a respectful distance
煙を出す: kemuriodasu: smoke (vt.) <<<
煙が出る: kemurigaderu: smoke (vi.) <<<
煙が立つ: kemurigatatsu <<<
煙にする: kemurinisuru: lose, throw away <<<
煙に成る: kemurininaru: end in smoke <<<
煙に巻く: kemurinimaku: bewilder, nonplus, mystify, fool <<<
煙に巻かれる: kemurinimakareru: be overwhelmed [suffocated] by smoke, be mystified [bewildered] <<<
Kanji words: 煙突 , 煙幕 , 煙管 , 喫煙 , 禁煙 , 硝煙 , 煙草 , 狼煙
synonyms: スモーク

category: JIS2
keyword: weather
nb of strokes: 13
translation: hailstone, hail
雹: hyou
雹が降る: hyougahuru: It hails <<<

category: JIS1
keyword: disease
nb of strokes: 13
translation: swell, tumor
shou, shu
腫る: hareru: swell (up), become swollen
腫た: hareta: swollen, tumid
腫: haremono: swelling, tumor <<< 腫物
Kanji words: 腫瘍 , 肉腫 , 膿腫 , 腫物
Expressions: 泣き腫らす , 血管腫 , 甲状腺腫 , 扁桃腺が腫れる , 蚯蚓腫れ

category: JIS1
keyword: animal
nb of strokes: 13
translation: tame, domesticate
kun, shun, jun
馴る: nareru: become tame <<<
馴た: nareta: tame (a.), domestic
馴ていない: nareteinai: untamed, wild
馴す: narasu: tame (v.), domesticate, break (in)
馴らし難い: narashinikui: untameable, unmanageable <<<
馴れ難い: narenikui: shy <<<
馴う: shitagau: obey, follow
Kanji words: 馴鹿 , 馴染
Expressions: 馬を馴らす

category: JIS1
keyword: utensil
nb of strokes: 13
translation: lid, cover, cap, case, flap, veil, overspread, hang over, hide, conceal, probably (pho.), perhaps, presumably, after all, ultimately
gai, kou, kai
蓋: huta: lid, cover, cap, case, flap
蓋をする: hutaosuru: put on the lid, cover up, close
蓋を開ける: hutaoakeru: lift [take off] the lid, open, make public [known] <<<
蓋を取る: hutaotoru <<<
蓋の付いた: hutanotsuita: lidded, covered <<<
蓋の無い: hutanonai: lidless, open <<<
蓋う: oou: cover (v.), veil, overspread, hang over, hide, conceal <<< ,
蓋: kasa: umbrella
蓋し: kedashi: probably, perhaps, presumably, after all, ultimately
Kanji words: 瘡蓋
Expressions: 瓶の蓋をする , 鍋の蓋 , 螺子蓋 , マンホールの蓋
synonyms: カバー

category: common usage
other spells: 0
keyword: number
nb of strokes: 13
translation: (fine) rain, fraction (small quantity), zero
零: rei: zero
零ちる: ochiru: drop (vi.), fall, come [go] down
零る: huru: rain (v.)
零り: amari: surplus, fraction
Kanji words: 零下 , 零点
synonyms: ゼロ

category: JIS1
keyword: confectionery
nb of strokes: 13
translation: wheat gluten, candy, sweets, lollipop
飴: ame
飴を嘗める: ameonameru: suck candy [sweets, lollipop] <<<
飴をしゃぶる: ameoshaburu
飴を嘗めさせる: ameonamesaseru: yield to a person on purpose, cajole <<<
飴と鞭: ametomuchi: carrot and stick <<<
Kanji words: 水飴
synonyms: キャンディー

category: JIS2
nb of strokes: 13
translation: smell, sent, sniff
嗅ぐ: kagu: smell, sent, sniff, have a smell
嗅ぎ付ける: kagitsukeru: smell out, get wind [scent] of, sense <<<
嗅ぎ出す: kagidasu <<<
Expressions: 嗅ぎ煙草 , クロロホルムを嗅がせる
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