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category: JIS1
keyword: insect
nb of strokes: 13
translation: moth, silkworm moth, beautiful eyebrow (like moth's antenna)
ga: moth

category: JIS1
keyword: shape
nb of strokes: 13
translation: oval
楕: chouen
Kanji words: 楕円

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 13
translation: arrearages, arrears, hitch, delay
滞る: todokooru: be left unpaid, be overdue, fall into arrears, be delayed, stagnant, be behind with
滞り: todokoori: arrearages, arrears, hitch, delay
滞り無く: todokoorinaku: dully, punctually, without a hitch, all right, smoothly <<<
Kanji words: 延滞 , 渋滞 , 滞在 , 停滞
Expressions: 家賃が滞る

category: to learn in school
keyword: psychology
nb of strokes: 13
translation: dream, vision, illusion, dim
mu, bou
夢: yume: dream, vision, illusion
夢を見る: yumiomiru: dream (a dream), have a dream <<<
夢見る: yumiru: dream of, fancy <<<
夢に見る: yumenimiru: see (a thing, a person) in a dream <<<
夢が醒める: yumegasameru: awake from a dream <<<
夢から醒める: yumekarasameru <<<
夢を破られる: yumeoyaburareru: be awakened from sleep <<<
夢の様な: yumenoyouna: dreamlike, dreamy, illusive, visionary <<<
夢の無い: yumenonai: dreamless <<<
夢の国: yumenokuni: dreamland <<<
夢い: kurai: vague (as a dream), dim
Kanji words: 悪夢 , 夢想 , 夢中 , 夢遊病
Expressions: 夢心地 , 夢心地の , 夢心地で
synonyms: ドリーム
check also: 幻想

category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 13
translation: attract
惹: hiku

category: JIS2
nb of strokes: 13
translation: glare, stare
睨む: niramu: glare [look daggers] (at), spot, keep an eye on, know by intuition, judge, estimate
睨み: nirami: glare (n.), stare, authority, influence
睨みが効く: niramigakiku: have great influence [power] (over) <<<
睨み合い: niramiai: feud, enmity, hostility <<<
睨み合う: niramiau: glare at each other, watch each other, be at odds [variance, outs] with each other <<<
睨み合わせる: niramiawaseru: compare A with B, take into consideration <<<
睨み返す: niramikaesu: glare back (at a person), return a sharp look <<<
睨み付ける: niramitsukeru: glare (at), look angrily (at) <<<

category: JIS1
keyword: tree
nb of strokes: 13
translation: willow tree
楊: yanagi
Kanji words: 楊枝

category: to learn in school
keyword: love
nb of strokes: 13
translation: love, enamour, admire, affection, attachment
愛でる: mederu: love (v.), admire
愛しい: itoshii: darling, dear, loving
愛しむ: oshimu: value (v.), hold dear
愛する: aisuru: love (v.), enamour, be fond of, be attached to, have affection [passion] for, care for, loving, affectionate, dear, beloved
愛しています: aishiteimasu: I love you
愛すべき: aisubeki: lovable
愛し合う: aishiau: love each other, be in love <<<
愛する子: aisuruko: one's beloved child <<<
愛する者: aisurumono: one's love, darling, dear one <<<
愛する夫: aisuruotto: one's dear husband <<<
愛する妻: aisurutsuma: one's dear wife <<<
愛の囁き: ainosasayaki: whispers of love, sweet nothings <<<
愛の印: ainoshirushi: love-token <<<
愛を捧げる: aiosasageru: devote one's love <<<
Kanji words: 愛嬌 , 愛犬 , 愛好 , 愛国 , 愛妻 , 愛車 , 愛称 , 愛情 , 愛人 , 愛想 , 愛憎 , 愛知 , 愛着 , 愛撫 , 愛欲 , 愛媛 , 可愛い , 求愛 , 敬愛 , 最愛 , 親愛 , 慈愛 , 溺愛 , 博愛 , 友愛 , 恋愛
Expressions: 母の愛 , 君を愛する , 変わらぬ愛 , 異性愛 , 異性愛の , 永遠の愛 , 兄弟愛 , 郷土愛 , 口元が愛らしい , 愛の告白 , 小児愛 , 人類愛 , 祖国愛 , 同性愛 , 同性愛の , 同胞愛 , 人間愛 , 夫婦愛 , 父母の愛 , 不倫の愛 , 愛の芽生 , 両親の愛 , 隣人愛
synonyms: , ラブ

category: JIS1
keyword: food
nb of strokes: 13
translation: parch, roast, boil, cook
煎る: iru: parch (v.), roast
煎る: niru: boil, cook
Kanji words: 煎餅 , 焙煎
Expressions: 二番煎じ , コーヒーを煎れる

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 13
translation: trouble, annoy, worry, bore, cumber
han, bon
煩わしい: wazurawashii: annoying, boring, cumbersome
煩わす: wazurawasu: trouble (vt.), annoy, worry, bore, cumber
煩う: wazurau: be worried, be concerned
煩い: wazurai: sickness (jp.), illness
煩い: urusai: annoying, troublesome, tiresome, noisy, boisterous, persistent, importunate, fastidious, hard to please, Shut up! Don't bother me! Leave me alone!
煩く: urusaku: annoyingly, persistently, importunately
煩る: urusagaru: feel annoyed [bothered] (by, at), find (a matter) troublesome
煩らせる: urusagaraseru: annoy, bother
煩くせがむ: urusakusegamu: pester (a person into doing), importune (a person to do)
煩そうに: urusasouni: with an annoyed look [air]
Kanji words: 煩悩

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