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category: to learn in school
keyword: book
nb of strokes: 13
translation: joint, knuckle, nodule, paragraph, section, clause, principles, occasion
setsu, sechi
節を曲げる: setsuomageru: go astray from one's principles <<<
節を売る: setsuouru: sell one's honor <<<
節: hushi
Kanji words: 御節 , 御節介 , 関節 , 季節 , 使節 , 節句 , 節操 , 節電 , 節分 , 節約 , 調節
Expressions: 神経節 , 不用の節は , リンパ節

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 13
translation: different, difference, alter, change, mistake
違う: chigau: be different, differ, be unlike, be dissimilar (to), be not at one [in accordance] (with), do not agree, disagree (with), change, alter, vary, be wrong, be erroneous [mistaken]
違える: chigaeru: change, alter, mistake, make a mistake, sprain (one's ankle), dislocate
違った: chigatta: different, erroneous, false
違い: chigai: difference
違: yokoshima: wicked, evil
Kanji words: 違反 , 違法 , 勘違 , 気違い , 相違 , 手違 , 間違
Expressions: 大きさが違う , 時を違えず , 話は違うが , 読み違える , 階級が違う , 勘定違い , 勘定違いする , 見当違いの , 見当違いをする , 種類が違う , 時刻を違えずに , 性質が違っている , 配達違い , 翻訳違い , 見込違い , 見込違いをする , 身分が違う , 勿論違う

category: JIS2
nb of strokes: 13
translation: extravagant, haughty, arrogant, despise, contempt
傲る: ogoru: live luxuriously, be extravagant, be haughty [arrogant], become [get] conceited
傲どる: anadoru: despise, look down upon, hold (a person) in contempt, make little of
Kanji words: 傲慢
synonyms: ,

category: common usage
keyword: animal
nb of strokes: 13
translation: monkey, macaque
猿: saru
猿の様な: sarunoyouna: apelike, apish, monkeyish <<<
猿も木から落ちる: sarumokikaraochiru: Even the best have their failures, Even Homer sometimes nods
Expressions: 猿芝居 , 猿真似 , 猿の惑星

category: common usage
keyword: job
nb of strokes: 13
translation: send a person., dispatch
遣わす: tsukawasu: send a person, dispatch, give a thing (jp.)
遣む: shimu: let (causative verb)
遣う: tsukau: employ a person (jp.)
遣り合う: yariau: have sharp words (with), dispute, wrangle <<<
遣り返す: yarikaesu: answer back, retort <<<
遣り切れない: yarikirenai: cannot bear, can hardly stand, be unbearable, be intolerable <<<
遣り込める: yarikomeru: put (a person) to silence, talk (a person) down, corner (a person) in argument <<<
遣り過ぎる: yarisugiru: overdo, go too far, do (a matter) too much <<<
遣り過す: yarisugosu: let (a person) pass by one, allow (a person) to pass on, eat [drink] too much <<<
遣り直す: yarinaosu: do (a matter) over again [once more], do (a matter) over from the very beginning <<<
遣り難い: yarinikui: difficult [hard] to do [deal with], awkward <<<
遣り抜く: yarinuku: achieve, carry through [out], accomplish, stick to (one's business) to the very last <<<
遣り通す: yaritoosu <<<
遣り遂げる: yaritogeru <<<
Kanji words: 思い遣 , 心遣い , 小遣 , 派遣 , 蛇遣い
Expressions: 迎えに遣る , 使いを遣る , 追い遣る , 暇を遣る , 餌を遣る , 使者を遣わす , 祝儀を遣る , 遣り放題 , ピッチャーを遣る

category: to learn in school
keyword: job
nb of strokes: 13
translation: salary, engage, employ
chin: price (jp.)
賃う: yatou: engage, employ
Kanji words: 運賃 , 賃金 , 賃貸 , 家賃
Expressions: 汽車賃 , 仕立賃 , 乗車賃 , 手間賃 , 電車賃

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