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category: common usage
keyword: farming
nb of strokes: 14
translation: gather, collect
teki, chaku, taku
摘まむ: tsumamu: pinch (v.), pick, take a pinch of
摘まみ: tsumami: pinch (n.), knob, side dish (jp.)
摘み出す: tsumamidasu: pick out, drag out, turn [thrust] out, throw out <<<
摘み洗いする: tsumamiaraisuru: wash a (spoiled) part of <<<
摘み食いする: tsumamiguisuru: eat when no one is about <<<
摘む: tsumu: gather (vi.), cull
摘く: abaku: expose, disclose, reveal
摘う: hirou: pick up
Kanji words: 指摘
Expressions: 芽を摘む , 双葉のうちに摘む

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 14
translation: servant, me, I
僕: boku: I (masculine), me
僕は: bokuwa: I am
僕も: bokumo: me too
僕ら: bokura: we (masculine), us
僕: shimobe: servant <<< 下男
僕: yatsugare: me (pol.), I
Kanji words: 僕達
Expressions: 僕も仲間だ

category: JIS1
keyword: town
nb of strokes: 14
translation: flourish, prosperous, prosperity, bustle, crowd
賑わう: nigiwau: flourish, be prosperous, be crowded [thronged] (with people), be bustling, be in a great bustle
賑わす: nigiwasu: enliven, make prosperous
賑わい: nigiwai: prosperity, bustle, crowd
賑やかな: nigiyakana: lively (jp.), gay, cheerful, animated, noisy, crowded, prosperous, flourishing
賑やかな通り: nigiyakanatoori: bustling street <<<
賑やかな笑い声: nigiyakanawaraigoe: merry laughter
賑やかに: nigiyakani: in a lively way, gaily
賑む: tomu: flourish, be prosperous
賑: tomi, tomo: pers.

category: JIS2
keyword: tool
nb of strokes: 14
translation: hoop
箍: taga: hoop (n.)
箍を掛ける: tagaokakeru: hoop (v.), bind with hoops, put a hoop on <<<
箍を填める: tagaohameru <<<
箍を外す: tagaohazusu: unhoop, take off the hoop <<<
箍が緩む: tagagayurumu: The hoops get loose, be enervated <<<
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category: common usage
keyword: mechanics
nb of strokes: 14
translation: run, canter, gallop, drive, urge on
駆ける: kakeru: run, canter, gallop
駆け登る: kakenoboru: run [scamper] up <<<
駆け上がる: kakeagaru <<<
駆け降りる: kakeoriru: run [scamper] down <<<
駆け出す: kakedasu: run out, break into a run, set off at a gallop, run [scamper] off <<<
駆け付ける: kaketsukeru: hasten [rush] (to the spot), run up (to a person) <<<
駆る: karu: drive, urge on
Kanji words: 駆逐 , 駆動
Expressions: 好奇心に駆られて , 衝動に駆られて , 衝動に駆られる , 不安に駆られる

category: common usage
keyword: material
nb of strokes: 14
translation: lacquer
漆: urushi: lacquer (n.), japan, lacquer tree
漆を塗る: urushionuru: lacquer (v.), japan <<<
漆塗りの: urushinurino: lacquered, japanned <<<
Kanji words: 漆器 , 漆喰 , 漆黒

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 14
translation: interrupt, obstruct, screen from, block
遮る: saegiru
Kanji words: 遮断
Expressions: 言葉を遮る , 視界を遮る , 視野を遮る

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 14
translation: leak, escape, reveal, disclose, divulge
漏る: moru: leak (vi.), escape
漏れる: moreru
漏らす: morasu: leak (vt.), escape, reveal, disclose, divulge, let out, let know
漏り: mori: leak, leakage
漏れ: more: leak, leakage, omission, oversight
漏れ無く: morenaku: without omission, to everybody, one and all <<<
漏れ聞く: morekiku: overhear, happen to hear <<<
Kanji words: 漏斗 , 漏洩
Expressions: 水の漏らない , 尿を漏らす , 雨が漏る , 外部に漏らす , 記載漏れ , 機密を漏らす , 申告漏れ , 秘密が漏れる , 秘密を漏らす , ガス漏れ , ガスが漏る

category: common usage
other spells:
nb of strokes: 14
translation: hide, conceal, retire, occult
in, on
隠す: kakusu: hide (vt.), conceal, screen, cover up, stash <<<
隠れる: kakureru: hide (vi.), disappear, retire
隠る: yoru: lean, rest
Kanji words: 隠居 , 隠元 , 隠者 , 隠し撮 , 隠処 , 神隠し
Expressions: 包み隠す , 包み隠さず , 年を隠す , 姿を隠す , 影を隠す , 感情を隠す , 欠点を隠す , 才能を隠す , 真相を隠す , 身分を隠す , 隠しカメラ , 隠しマイク

category: JIS1
keyword: fabric
nb of strokes: 14
translation: twill, damask
綾: aya: twill, damask, context (jp.), pers.

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