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category: common usage
keyword: utensil
nb of strokes: 15
translation: try, basin
ban, han
盤: ban: pedestal (jp.)
盤: oozara: great dish
盤: tarai: basin
Kanji words: 円盤 , 岩盤 , 基盤 , 骨盤 , 算盤 , 胎盤
Expressions: 回転盤 , 活字盤 , 計器盤 , 将棋盤 , 数字盤 , 制御盤 , 配電盤 , 文字盤 , チェス盤 , ドーナツ盤

category: JIS1
keyword: farming
nb of strokes: 15
translation: spade, plow, plough
鋤: suki
鋤で耕す: sukidetagayasu: plow the field <<<
Kanji words: 鋤焼
check also: スペード

category: JIS1
keyword: construction
nb of strokes: 15
translation: collapse, ruin, crush, smash, break
kai, e
潰す: tsubusu: crush, smash, break, mash, scrap, melt down, kill, butcher, waste
潰れる: tsubureru: collapse, be ruined, be crushed, be smashed, fall [be torn] to pieces, break, be worn down
潰れ易い: tsubureyasui: fragile, brittle <<<
潰える: tsuieru: collapse, be crushed down
Kanji words: 潰瘍
Expressions: 叩き潰す , 肝を潰す , 虱を潰す , 乗り潰す , 捻り潰す , 握り潰す , 飲み潰れる , 暇を潰す , 踏み潰す , 顔が潰れる , 顔を潰す , 鶏を潰す , 手間潰
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category: common usage
keyword: astronomy
nb of strokes: 15
translation: brighten, glow, shine, sparkle, twinkle, glitter, burn
輝く: kagayaku
輝かす: kagayakasu: light up, brighten
輝かしい: kagayakashii: shining, bright, glorious
輝き: kagayaki: radiance, brightness, brilliancy
輝き渡る: kagayakiwataru: shine all around <<<
Kanji words: 輝度 , 光輝
Expressions: 光り輝く , 栄光に輝く
synonyms: 耀
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category: JIS1
keyword: moral
nb of strokes: 15
translation: pity, compassion, mercy
憐れむ: awaremu: pity (v.), have [take] pity [compassion] on, feel pity
憐れむ可き: awaremubeki: pitiable, despicable <<<
憐れみ: awaremi: pity (n.), compassion, mercy
憐れみを掛ける: awaremiokakeru: take pity on (a person) <<<
憐れみを請う: awaremiokou: appeal for (another's) pity, be for (another's) mercy <<<
憐れみ深い: awaremibukai: compassionate, sympathetic <<<
憐しむ: itsukushimu: love, be affectionate to, treat tenderly慈
Kanji words: 可憐

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 15
translation: happiness, joy, delight, rejoicing
歓ぶ: yorokobu: be glad, be pleased, be happy, rejoice
歓び: yorokobi: happiness, joy, delight (n.), rejoicing
Kanji words: 歓喜 , 歓迎 , 歓談
synonyms: ,

category: common usage
keyword: amusement
nb of strokes: 15
translation: play, frolic, enjoy
gi, ge, ki
戯れる: tawamureru: play (v.), frolic, enjoy, joke, jest, flirt (with), dally (with)
戯れ: tawamure: play (n.), fun, joke, flirtation, necking, dalliance
戯れに: tawamureni: for [in] sport, for [in] fun, in play [joke, jest]
Kanji words: 悪戯 , 戯言 , 遊戯

category: to learn in school
keyword: sea
nb of strokes: 15
translation: tide, maritime current
潮: shio
潮が差す: shiogasasu: flow (v.), be on the flow <<<
潮が満ちる: shiogamichiru <<<
潮が引く: shiogahiku: ebb (v.), be on the ebb <<<
潮が変わる: shiogakawaru: The tide turns [is one the turn] <<<
潮を吹く: shioohuku: spout water <<<
潮: ushio: tide, dish seasoned only with salt (jp.)
Kanji words: 干潮 , 潮風 , 引潮 , 満潮
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category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 15
translation: blow, sigh, ah
嘘: uso: lie (jp.), falsehood, story, fabrication
嘘の: usono: false, untrue, forged
嘘を吐く: usootsuku: lie, tell a lie [falsehood, story] <<<
嘘を吐け: usootsuke: Don't be silly! Nonsense! <<<
嘘を教える: usoooshieru: give (a person) wrong information <<<
嘘の様な: usonoyouna: implausible, improbable <<<
嘘の様な話: usonoyounahanashi: incredible story
嘘の塊: usonokatamari: tissue of lies <<<
嘘く: huku: blow
Kanji words: 嘘吐き
Expressions: 嘘も方便 , 真赤な嘘
synonyms: 虚言

category: common usage
keyword: crime , tool
nb of strokes: 15
translation: cord, rope, cable, correct (v.)
縄: nawa: cord, rope, cable
縄に掛かる: nawanikakaru: be arrested <<<
縄を掛ける: nawaokakeru: bind [fasten, tie] (with a rope), cord up, arrest <<<
縄を解く: nawaotoku: unbind, untie, set (a person) free <<<
縄を張る: nawaoharu: stretch a rope, rope off [out] <<<
縄す: tadasu: correct (vt.), amend
Kanji words: 沖縄 , 注連縄 , 縄文 , 縄跳 , 縄張り
Expressions: 縄梯子
synonyms: ロープ , コード

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