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category: JIS2
keyword: body
nb of strokes: 15
translation: anklebone, heel
踝: kurubushi: anklebone
踝: kibusu: heel
踝: kubisu
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category: common usage
nb of strokes: 15
translation: anxiety, worry, fear
憂える: ureeru: be anxious [worried] (about, over), be concerned (about, for, over), be afraid of, fear <<< 心配
憂い: urei: anxiety
憂い: ui: pain (jp.)
Kanji words: 憂鬱 , 憂慮

category: common usage
keyword: crime , tool
nb of strokes: 15
translation: cord, rope, cable, correct (v.)
縄: nawa: cord, rope, cable
縄に掛かる: nawanikakaru: be arrested <<<
縄を掛ける: nawaokakeru: bind [fasten, tie] (with a rope), cord up, arrest <<<
縄を解く: nawaotoku: unbind, untie, set (a person) free <<<
縄を張る: nawaoharu: stretch a rope, rope off [out] <<<
縄す: tadasu: correct (vt.), amend <<<
Kanji words: 沖縄 , 縄文 , 縄跳 , 縄張り
Expressions: 縄梯子
check also: ロープ , コード

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 15
translation: silent, shut up
moku, boku
黙る: damaru: become silent, hold one's tongue, shut one's mouth
黙らす: damarasu: put to silence, talk down
黙れ: damare: Shut up! Silence!
黙って: damatte: silently, without a word, without leave, meekly, without a question
黙りこくる: damarikokuru: be (absolutely) mum, keep silent like a clam
黙り込む: damarikomu: fall silent, clam up <<<
Kanji words: 沈黙 , 黙殺
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category: to learn in school
keyword: house
nb of strokes: 15
translation: hide (org.), put in, store, Tibet (pref., suff.)
蔵: kura: warehouse (n.), storehouse, cellar, granary
蔵に入れる: kuraniireru: store (v.), warehouse <<<
蔵める: osameru: put in, store
蔵す: kakusu: hide <<<
Kanji words: 所蔵 , 地蔵 , 貯蔵 , 武蔵 , 冷蔵
check also: , チベット

category: JIS2
keyword: justice
nb of strokes: 15
translation: quartering (of a criminal)
磔く: saku: quarter (a criminal) <<<
磔: haritsuke: crucifixion (jp.)
磔にする: haritsukenisuru: crucify

category: JIS1
keyword: body
nb of strokes: 15
translation: mustache, beard, whiskers, barbel
髭: hige
髭を生やす: higeohayasu: grow mustache [beard] <<<
髭の有る: higenoaru: bearded, mustached, unshaven <<<
髭の無い: higenonai: beardless, clean-shaven <<<
髭を剃る: higeosoru: shave oneself [one's face] <<<
Kanji words: 髭剃
Expressions: 山羊髭

category: JIS2
keyword: tree
nb of strokes: 15
translation: fir
樅: momi
樅の木: mominoki: fir tree <<<
樅の林: mominohayashi: fir forest <<<

category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 15
translation: who, whom
誰: dare
誰でも: daredemo: whoever, whosever, whomever
誰かが: darekaga: someone, somebody
誰も皆: daremomina: everyone, everybody, all <<<
誰も彼も: daremokaremo <<<
誰ですか: daredesuka: Who is it? May I have your name?

category: JIS1
other spells:
keyword: insect
nb of strokes: 15
translation: fly (insect)
蝿: hae, hai
蝿を叩く: haeotataku: swat a fly <<< , 蝿叩き
蝿が止まる: haegatomaru: A fly alights (on) <<<
Kanji words: 蝿叩き , 蝿取り

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