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category: JIS1, only in Japanese
nb of strokes: 18
translation: I (anc.), me
麿: maro: I, me, pers.
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category: JIS2
nb of strokes: 18
translation: stagger, reel, totter, falter
蹣く: yoromeku: stagger, reel, totter, falter, fall for (a person), have an affair (with a person)
蹣きながら: yoromekinagara: with tottering [unsteady] steps
蹣きながら立つ: yoromekinagaratatsu: stagger [scramble] to one's feet <<<
蹣き歩く: yoromekiaruku: reel along <<<
蹣き倒れる: yoromekitaoreru: topple down (over) <<<

category: JIS1
keyword: greeting
nb of strokes: 18
translation: wear, covered, crowned, have a person as (leader)
戴く: itadaku: wear, be covered [crowned] with, have a person as (leader), receive (jp., pol.), accept, have, eat, drink, have (a person) do, have (a person, a matter) done, beg (a person) to do, ask
戴きます: itadakimasu: thank you for the dinner (should be said before eating)
戴いた: itadaita: covered, crowned, received (pol.)
Kanji words: 頂戴
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category: JIS2
keyword: accessory
nb of strokes: 18
translation: jade disc (in ancient China)
璧: tama
Kanji words: 完璧
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category: JIS1
keyword: flower
nb of strokes: 18
translation: wisteria
藤: huji
藤の蔓: hujinotsuru: wisteria vine <<<

category: JIS2
nb of strokes: 18
translation: pan, pot
鎬: nabe: pan, pot <<<
鎬: shinogi: line between edge and back of a sword (jp.)
鎬を削る: shinogiokezuru: fight furiously <<<

category: JIS1
keyword: bird
nb of strokes: 18
translation: pelican
鵜: u: cormorant (jp.)
Kanji words: 鵜飼
check also: ペリカン

category: JIS2
other spells:
keyword: food
nb of strokes: 18
translation: smoke, smolder, fumigate
燻ぶる: kusuburu: smoke, smolder, become sooty [black]
燻べる: kusuberu: smoke, smolder
燻す: ibusu: smoke, fumigate, oxidize
燻した: ibushita: smoked, fumigated, oxidized
燻し: ibushi: fumigation
燻しを掛ける: ibushiokakeru: subdue a luster by fumigation, oxidize <<<
燻る: iburu: smolder, smoke, be smoky

category: to learn in school
keyword: job
nb of strokes: 18
translation: administration, office, job, manage
shoku, shiki
職め: tsutome: job, duty, office, work <<<
職の無い: shokunonai: jobless, unemployed <<<
職に就く: shokunitsuku: take employment, find work, take a position, take office <<<
職に留まる: shokunitodomaru: stay [remain] in office <<<
職を得る: shokuoeru: get [obtain] a job [position, situation], be employed <<<
職を求める: shokuomotomeru: seek employment, look for a position [job] <<<
職を与える: shokuoataeru: offer (a person) work, give employment to (a person) <<<
職を解かれる: shokuotokareru: be relieved of one's office, be dismissed <<<
職を失う: shokuoushinau: lose one's job [employment], be out of work <<<
職を辞める: shokuoyameru: quit one's job <<<
職を替える: shokuokaeru: switch jobs <<<
職: tsukasa: administration <<<
職る: tsukasadoru: manage, administer
職より: motoyori: principally
Kanji words: 汚職 , 求職 , 休職 , 就職 , 職員 , 職業 , 職種 , 職人 , 職場 , 職務 , 職歴 , 辞職 , 住職 , 退職 , 無職 , 免職 , 役職
Expressions: 会長職 , 管理職 , 議長職 , 使徒職 , 守護職 , 将軍職 , 大臣の職 , 大統領の職 , 知事職 , 法王職 , 煉瓦職
check also: 仕事

category: JIS2
keyword: plant
nb of strokes: 18
translation: sheperd's purse
sei, zai, shi
薺: nazuna

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