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category: JIS2
nb of strokes: 18
translation: beat
ryaku, raku, reki
擽つ: utsu: beat (v.)
擽る: kusuguru: tickle (jp.), flatter, cajole
擽ったい: kusuguttai: ticklish (jp.), flattering, cajoling
擽がったがり: kusugattagari: ticklish fellow [girl] (jp.)
擽がったがり屋: kusugattagariya <<<
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category: to learn in school
keyword: body
nb of strokes: 18
translation: face, look (n.), countenance, features, expression, honor
顔: kao
顔を赤くする: kaooakakusuru: blush, color (up) <<<
顔を赤くして: kaooakakushite: with a blush <<<
顔を洗う: kaookaooarau: wash one's face <<<
顔を合わせる: kaooawaseru: meet face to face (with) <<<
顔を出す: kaoodasu: show one's face, appear, show [turn] up <<<
顔を顰める: kaooshikameru: make faces <<<
顔が潰れる: kaogatsubureru: lose face [prestige], be humiliated <<<
顔を潰す: kaootsubusu: put (a person) out of countenance <<<
顔に係る: kaonikakawaru: affect one's honor <<<
顔を立てる: kaootateru: save a person's face [honor] <<<
顔が広い: kaogahiroi: have a large circle of acquaintance, be popular, be widely known <<<
顔が利く: kaogakiku: have an influence <<<
顔を利かす: kaookikasu: use [exercise] one's influence <<<
Kanji words: 朝顔 , 笑顔 , 顔色 , 顔立ち , 顔面 , 素顔
Expressions: 涼しい顔をする , 嫌な顔をする , 陰気な顔をする , 高慢な顔をする , 主人顔をする , 自慢顔に , 得意な顔 , 真面目な顔をする , 憂鬱な顔をする , 顔の輪郭
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category: JIS2
keyword: animal
nb of strokes: 18
translation: weasel
yuu, yu
鼬: itachi
鼬ごっこ: itachigokko: vicious circle, rat race, cat mouse game
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category: JIS2
keyword: hygiene
nb of strokes: 18
translation: impurity, pollution, defilement, contamination, blot, stain, shame, unclean, filthy, dirty, defiled
ai, wai
穢れる: kegareru: be polluted [defiled, stained, desecrated, profaned]
穢れた: kegareta: unclean, filthy, dirty, defiled
穢れ: kegare: impurity, pollution, defilement, contamination, blot, stain, shame
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