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category: common usage
keyword: animal
nb of strokes: 19
translation: whale
鯨: kujira
Kanji words: 捕鯨
Expressions: ミンク鯨

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 19
translation: separate, part, detach, leave, quit, attach (bor.), hang
離れる: hanareru: separate (vi.), part, leave, quit
離れない: hanarenai: inseparable
離す: hanasu: separate (vt.), part
離れた: hanareta: separated, detached, distant, remote, far-off <<<
離れて: hanarete: apart, off, at a distance, far away (from), aloof (from)
離れ: hanare: outhouse (jp.), rear house
離く: tsuku: attach
離る: kakaru: hang
Kanji words: 解離 , 乖離 , 距離 , 電離 , 分離 , 別離 , 離婚 , 離脱 , 離島 , 離陸
Expressions: 手を離す , 切り離す , 引き離す , 村を離れる , 床を離れる , 席を離れる , 浮世離れした , 素人離れした , 時代離れした , 世間離れした , 戦列を離れる , 肌身離さず

category: JIS2
keyword: insect
nb of strokes: 19
translation: scorpion
蠍: sasori
Kanji words: 蠍座

category: JIS1
keyword: fish
nb of strokes: 19
translation: sea bream, red snapper
鯛: tai
Kanji words: 真鯛
Expressions: 腐っても鯛

category: JIS1
keyword: fish
nb of strokes: 19
translation: crab
蟹: kani
蟹の鋏: kaninohasami: claws <<<
蟹の甲: kaninokou: crust <<<
Kanji words: 蟹座
Expressions: 海老蟹 , 上海蟹 , 蟹千鳥

category: JIS1
keyword: ship , communication
nb of strokes: 19
translation: tie, fasten, chain, connect, link, join
繋ぐ: tsunagu: tie, fasten, chain, connect, link, join
繋ける: kakeru: connect (vt.), link, join
繋かる: kakaru: connect (vi.), link, join
繋がり: tsunagari: connection, relation
繋がりが有る: tsunagarigaaru: be related (to, with), be connected (with) <<<
繋がる: tsunagaru: be connected (with), be joined (with, to), be related (to, with)
繋がって: tsunagatte: in a line, in succession, in a train
繋ぎ: tsunagi: connection, link, entr'acte, thickening, liaison, hedging
繋ぎに: tsunagini: to fill up the time [the gap]
繋ぎ合せる: tsunagiawaseru: join [link] (a thing to another), connect (a thing with another), piece <<<
繋ぎ止める: tsunagitomeru: sustain, moor <<<
Expressions: 血の繋がり , 血が繋がった , 鎖で繋ぐ , 数珠繋ぎ , 数珠繋ぎにする , ハイフンで繋ぐ
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category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 19
translation: edge, threaten, overhang, urge, approach, verge
瀕する: hinsuru: be on the verge [brink] of
瀕: hotori: edge (of waters)
瀕る: semaru: threaten, overhang, urge
瀕づく: chikaZuku: approach
Kanji words: 瀕死
Expressions: 飢餓に瀕する , 危機に瀕する , 破滅に瀕する

category: JIS2
keyword: plant
nb of strokes: 19
translation: swamp, marsh, moorland
藪: sawa: swamp, marsh, moorland
藪: yabu: bush (jp.), thicket, undergrowth <<< ブッシュ
藪から棒に: yabukarabouni: abruptly, all of a sudden, without any notice [warning] <<<
Expressions: 藪医者

category: to learn in school
keyword: justice
nb of strokes: 19
translation: admonish, warn, punish
kei, kyou
警める: imashimeru: admonish (a person against doing, a person not to do), warn, punish
Kanji words: 警戒 , 警官 , 警告 , 警護 , 警察 , 警視 , 警笛 , 警備 , 警部 , 警報 , 県警


category: common usage
keyword: office
nb of strokes: 19
translation: notebook
bo, ho, bu, haku
Kanji words: 帳簿
Expressions: 会計簿 , 家計簿 , 学籍簿 , 記録簿 , 戸籍簿 , 支出簿 , 出勤簿 , 出席簿 , 人名簿 , 成績簿 , 通信簿 , 通知簿 , 登記簿 , 当座勘定簿 , 登録簿

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