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category: JIS1
keyword: insect
nb of strokes: 19
translation: ant, black
蟻: ari: ant
Kanji words: 蟻塚 , 白蟻
Expressions: 女王蟻

category: to learn in school
nb of strokes: 19
translation: pray, wish, desire, beg, request
gan, gen
願う: negau: wish (v.), desire, beg, entreat, implore, petition, pray, request
願い: negai: wish (n.), desire, petition
願い下げる: negaisageru: withdraw a request [suit] <<<
願い出る: negaideru: make an application to (a person), apply (to a person for a thing) <<<
願いが叶う: negaigakanau: have one's wishes granted, have one's prayer answered, One's wishes come true, One's prayer is heard [answered] <<<
願ったり叶ったり: negattarikanattari: Everything has turned out in my favor <<<
願わくば: negawakuba: hopefully
願わしい: negawashii: desirable, preferable <<<
お願い: onegai: please
お願いします: onegaishimasu: please (pol.)
Kanji words: 哀願 , 御願 , 願望 , 祈願 , 志願 , 出願 , 念願 , 悲願 , 本願
Expressions: 叶わぬ願い , 休暇願 , 辞職願 , 捜索願

category: JIS1
keyword: ship , construction
nb of strokes: 19
translation: big shield, oar, scull
櫓: oodate: big shield
櫓: ro: oar, scull (n.)
櫓: yagura: tower (jp.), turret, scaffold <<<
櫓を組む: yaguraokumu: set up a scaffold <<<
櫓を操る: rooayatsuru: work at the oar, pull an oar, scull (v.) <<<
Expressions: 物見櫓
check also: オール

category: JIS2
keyword: animal
nb of strokes: 19
translation: brown bear
羆: higuma
check also:

category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 19
translation: edge, threaten, overhang, urge, approach, verge
瀕: hotori: edge (of waters) <<<
瀕る: semaru: threaten, overhang, urge <<<
瀕づく: chikaZuku: approach <<<
瀕する: hinsuru: be on the verge [brink] of
Kanji words: 瀕死
Expressions: 飢餓に瀕する , 危機に瀕する , 破滅に瀕する

category: JIS1
keyword: transport
nb of strokes: 19
translation: rut, wheel track, furrow
轍: wadachi

category: JIS2
keyword: clothes
nb of strokes: 19
translation: underwear, underclothes, undershirt
襦: hadagi
Kanji words: 襦袢
check also: 肌着

category: JIS2
keyword: plant
nb of strokes: 19
translation: swamp, marsh, moorland
藪: sawa: swamp, marsh, moorland <<<
藪: yabu: bush (jp.), thicket, undergrowth <<< ブッシュ
藪から棒に: yabukarabouni: abruptly, all of a sudden, without any notice [warning] <<<
Expressions: 藪医者

category: common usage
keyword: bird
nb of strokes: 19
translation: hen, cock, chicken, poultry, domestic fowls
鶏: niwatori
鶏: tori
鶏を飼う: niwatoriokau: keep [breed, raise] hens [domestic fowls, chickens] <<<
鶏を潰す: niwatoriotsubusu, toriotsubusu: butcher a chicken <<<
Kanji words: 雄鶏 , 鶏頭 , 鶏肉 , 珠鶏
Expressions: 一番鶏 , 去勢鶏 , 鶏小屋
check also: , チキン

category: JIS1
keyword: flower
nb of strokes: 19
translation: orchid, Holland (pref.)
蘭: araragi: Japanese yew
Kanji words: 鈴蘭
check also: オランダ

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