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category: to learn in school
keyword: art
nb of strokes: 5
translation: seal, sign, initial
印: han: seal
印: shirushi: sign
Kanji words: 印鑑 , 印刷 , 印紙 , 印象 , 消印 , 封印 , 拇印 , 目印 , 矢印
Expressions: 愛の印 , 感謝の印として , 同情の印として , 日付印

category: JIS1
keyword: vegetable
nb of strokes: 5
translation: squash, melon
瓜: uri
Kanji words: 南瓜 , 胡瓜 , 西瓜
check also: メロン

category: to learn in school
other spells:
keyword: book
nb of strokes: 5
translation: cry, order, command, number, issue, suffix of a ship's name
gou, kou
号ぶ: sakebu: cry <<<
号: iitsuke: order, command
号: yobina: title, pen name, pseudonym, alias
Kanji words: 暗号 , 一号 , 記号 , 元号 , 信号 , 年号 , 番号
Expressions: 学士号 , 合併号 , 最終号 , 修士号 , 先月号 , 特集号 , 特別号 , 博士号 , タイタニック号 , ミズーリ号

category: to learn in school
keyword: clothes
nb of strokes: 5
translation: cloth
布: nuno: cloth
布く: shiku: spread
布べる: noberu: relate
Kanji words: 昆布 , 財布 , 散布 , 敷布 , 湿布 , 塗布 , 布地 , 配布 , 布巾 , 布施 , 布団 , 分布 , 毛布 , 若布
Expressions: 亜麻布 , 布表紙 , 防水布
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category: common usage
nb of strokes: 5
translation: invite, engage
召す: mesu
召く: maneku
召し上げる: meshiageru: confiscate <<<
召し上がる: meshiagaru: eat (pol.) <<< ,
召し上がれ: meshiagare: Bon appétit! Enjoy your meal! <<<
Kanji words: 召還 , 召喚

category: to learn in school
keyword: utensil
nb of strokes: 5
translation: plate, dish, platter, saucer
皿: sara
皿を洗う: saraoarau: do [wash up] dishes <<< , 皿洗
皿に盛る: saranimoru: fill up the dish (with) <<<
Kanji words: 小皿 , 皿洗 , 灰皿
Expressions: 絵具皿 , 菓子皿 , 蒸発皿 , 皿布巾 , スープ皿 , ペン皿

category: to learn in school
nb of strokes: 5
translation: other, another, except, excepting
他: hoka: another, something [someone] else, others, rest, except, excepting, with the exception of, besides, in addition (to), another place
他の: hokano: another, other, different
他の人: hokanohito: someone else <<<
他で: hokade: elsewhere
他ならぬ: hokanaranu: the [that, this] very, no more no less
Kanji words: 自他 , 他界 , 他人 , 排他
Expressions: 他動詞
check also:

category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 5
translation: slap, pat, tap, clap
叩く: tataku: slap, pat, tap, clap, attack, censure, criticize
叩き上げる: tatakiageru: struggle [work] one's way up (from) <<<
叩き起こす: tatakiokosu: knock (a person) up, rouse (a person) mercilessly from his sleep <<<
叩き落す: tatakiotosu: beat [strike] down, knock off, knock (a thing) from [out of] (a person's) hand <<<
叩き切る: tatakikiru: hack, chop <<<
叩き込む: tatakikomu: drive in (a nail), strike [hammer, beat] (an idea) into a person's head <<<
叩き殺す: tatakikorosu: beat [flog] (a person) to death, strike [knock] (a person) dead <<<
叩き壊す: tatakikowasu: knock (a thing) to pieces, smash up, shatter, wreck <<<
叩き出す: tatakidasu: kick out, turn out, send (a person) packing, fire <<<
叩き付ける: tatakitsukeru: throw [hurl] (a thing at, against) <<<
叩き潰す: tatakitsubusu: smash [knock] (a thing) to pieces <<<
叩き直す: tatakinaosu: flog (laziness) out of (a person) <<<
叩きのめす: tatakinomesu: knock down, floor (a person) with a blow
叩き伏せる: tatakihuseru: knock down <<<
Kanji words: 蝿叩き
Expressions: 戸を叩く , 尻を叩く , 肩を叩く , 蝿を叩く , 意見を叩く , 軽口を叩く , 太鼓を叩く , 土竜叩き , ドラムを叩く
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category: to learn in school
keyword: weather
nb of strokes: 5
translation: ice
氷: koori: ice (n.)
氷: hi
氷の塊: koorinokatamari: cake [block, check] of ice <<<
氷の様な: koorinoyouna: icy, ice-cold <<<
氷に成った: koorininatta: frozen <<<
氷の張った: koorinohatta <<<
氷で冷す: kooridehiyasu: ice (v.), cool with ice <<<
氷で冷した: kooridehiyashita: iced <<<
Kanji words: 雨氷 , 氷柱 , 氷河 , 氷山 , 流氷
Expressions: 氷砂糖 , 氷の微笑
check also: , アイス

category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 5
translation: merely, only, simply
只: tada: merely, only, simply, gratis (jp.)
只一つの: tadahitotsuno: only, sole, single <<<
只の: tadano: mere, simple, free (jp.), gratuitous
只で: tadade: gratis, free (of charge), for nothing
只で働く: tadadehataraku: work for nothing <<<
只働きする: tadabatarakisuru <<<
只で乗る: tadadenoru: fare-dodge, dodge paying the fare <<<
只で貰える: tadademoraeru: can be got for nothing, can have (a thing) free (of charge) <<<
Kanji words: 只今
check also: , 無料

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