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category: only in Japanese
nb of strokes: 5
translation: insert (jp.), stuff
込める: komeru: put into, insert, include
込み: komi: inclusion
込みで: komide: including, included
込む: komu: be crowded, be packed
込み合う: komiau: be thronged, be crowded, be jammed, be packed <<<
込み上げる: komiageru: retch, be filled with (emotion, anger), have a lump in one's throat <<<
込み入る: komiiru: be complicated, be intricate, get entangled <<<
込み入った: komiitta: complicated, intricate, entangled, elaborate <<<
Kanji words: 追い込 , 税込 , 煮込 , 人込み , 振込 , 見込 , 申込
Expressions: 包み込む , 付け込む , 叩き込む , 打ち込む , 吸い込む , 考え込む , 投げ込む , 走り込む , 住み込む , 折り込む , 忍び込む , 放り込む , 突っ込む , 抱き込む , 垂れ込める , 送り込む , 思い込む , 逃げ込む , 乗り込む , 飛び込む , 咳き込む , 巻き込む , 座り込み , 座り込む , 流れ込む , 書き込む , 紛れ込む , 連れ込む , 盛り込む , 張り込む , 眠り込む , 組み込む , 割り込む , 畳み込む , 飲み込む , 落ち込む , 嵌め込む , 遣り込める , 触れ込む , 溜め込む , 塞ぎ込む , 黙り込む , 踏み込む , 積み込む , 頼み込む , 織り込む , 繰り込む , 愛情を込めて , 感謝を込めて , 仕舞込む , 税金込みで , 丹精を込める , 丹精を込めた , 丹精を込めて , 真心の込もった , 真心を込めて

category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 5
translation: scold, rebuke, reprimand
叱る: shikaru: scold, rebuke, reprimand, call (a person) down, read (a person) a lecture
叱られる: shikarareru: be scolded, catch it
叱り飛ばす: shikaritobasu: blow (a person) up, take (a person) roundly to task, give (a person) a good scolding, storm at (a person) <<<

category: to learn in school
keyword: optics
nb of strokes: 5
translation: copy, transcribe, trace, imitate, reproduce, reflect, mirror (v.), take a photograph [picture], photograph
写す: utsusu: copy, transcribe, trace, imitate, reproduce, describe, depict, reflect, mirror (v.), take a photograph [picture] of, photograph
写る: utsuru: be reflected [mirrored] (in), fall upon, be taken, suit, match
Kanji words: 映写 , 写真 , 写生 , 描写 , 複写 , 模写
Expressions: 書き写す
synonyms: , コピー

category: to learn in school
keyword: family
nb of strokes: 5
translation: older brother, elder brother, big brother
kei, kyou
兄: ani
兄さん: niisan: My (elder) brother
兄: e: one of elements forming a pair in jikkan (jp.) <<< 十干
Kanji words: 兄貴 , 御兄 , 兄弟 , 義兄
Expressions: 兄弟子

category: to learn in school
keyword: family
nb of strokes: 5
translation: mother, mama, mom
bo, mo, bou
母: haha
母の: hahano: motherly, maternal
母らしい: haharashii
母らしさ: haharashisa: motherliness
母に成る: hahaninaru: become a mother <<<
母の無い: hahanonai: motherless <<<
母の会: hahanokai: mother's association <<<
母の日: hahanohi: Mother's Day <<<
母の心: hahanokokoro: mother's heart <<<
母の情: hahanojou <<<
母の愛: hahanoai <<<
母さん: kaasan: my mom
Kanji words: 乳母 , 叔母 , 空母 , 水母 , 酵母 , 聖母 , 祖母 , 母親 , 父母 , 保母 , 母音 , 母艦 , 母国 , 母子 , 母乳 , 継母
Expressions: 義理の母 , 未婚の母
synonyms: ママ

category: to learn in school
keyword: history
nb of strokes: 5
translation: replace, change, time, epoch
tai, dai
代わり: kawari: substitute (n.), surrogate, deputy, proxy, relief, compensation, return, exchange, a second helping, more, another cup
代わりの: kawarino: another, fresh, substitute (a.)
代わりに: kawarini: in place of, instead of, for, in [on] behalf of
代わりをする: kawariosuru: take a person's place, represent a person, act (as a substitute) for
代わる: kawaru: change (vi.), be replaced
代える: kaeru: change (vt.), replace
代わる代わる: kawarugawaru: by turns, in turn, alternately
代: yo: epoch, period, time, age
代: shiro: paddy
Kanji words: 近代 , 現代 , 交代 , 古生代 , 古代 , 初代 , 新生代 , 時代 , 世代 , 前代 , 代価 , 代金 , 代書 , 代数 , 代走 , 代表 , 代理 , 中生代 , 千代 , 年代
Expressions: 成り代わる , 飲食代 , 九十代 , 代議員 , 原生代 , 五十代 , 残業代 , 四十代 , 七十代 , 師範代 , 先祖代々の , 洗濯代 , 送料代 , 治療代 , 二十代の , 八十代 , 馬車代 , 部屋代 , 弁当代 , 代名詞 , 六十代 , テキスト代

category: JIS1
keyword: body
nb of strokes: 5
translation: buttocks, hips, bottom, rump, seat, base
尻: shiri
尻の穴: shirinoana: asshole <<<
尻から数えて: jirikarakazoete: from the bottom <<<
尻が長い: shiriganagai: stay too long <<<
尻が割れる: shiregawareru: be brought to light, be found out <<<
尻の軽い: shirinokarui: wanton, unchaste (woman) <<<
尻の重い: shirinoomoi: lazy, sluggish, indolent <<<
尻に火が点く: shirinihigatsuku: be pressed by urgent business
尻を叩く: shiriotataku: give a spanking to, spank, goad (a person to do) <<<
尻を捲る: shiriomakuru: assume a defiant attitude <<<
尻を向ける: shiriomukeru: turn the back (upon) <<<
尻を追う: shirioou: chase [run] after a woman <<<
尻を拭う: shirionuguu: pay for a person's loss, make up for a person's blunder <<<
Kanji words: 尻尾
Expressions: 尻ポケット
synonyms: ヒップ

category: JIS1, only in Japanese
keyword: amusement
nb of strokes: 5
translation: (paper) kite
凧: tako
凧を揚げる: takooageru: fly a kite <<<
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category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 5
translation: slap, pat, tap, clap
叩く: tataku: slap, pat, tap, clap, attack, censure, criticize
叩き上げる: tatakiageru: struggle [work] one's way up (from) <<<
叩き起こす: tatakiokosu: knock (a person) up, rouse (a person) mercilessly from his sleep <<<
叩き落す: tatakiotosu: beat [strike] down, knock off, knock (a thing) from [out of] (a person's) hand <<<
叩き切る: tatakikiru: hack, chop <<<
叩き込む: tatakikomu: drive in (a nail), strike [hammer, beat] (an idea) into a person's head <<<
叩き殺す: tatakikorosu: beat [flog] (a person) to death, strike [knock] (a person) dead <<<
叩き壊す: tatakikowasu: knock (a thing) to pieces, smash up, shatter, wreck <<<
叩き出す: tatakidasu: kick out, turn out, send (a person) packing, fire <<<
叩き付ける: tatakitsukeru: throw [hurl] (a thing at, against) <<<
叩き潰す: tatakitsubusu: smash [knock] (a thing) to pieces <<<
叩き直す: tatakinaosu: flog (laziness) out of (a person) <<<
叩きのめす: tatakinomesu: knock down, floor (a person) with a blow
叩き伏せる: tatakihuseru: knock down <<<
Kanji words: 蝿叩き
Expressions: 戸を叩く , 尻を叩く , 肩を叩く , 蝿を叩く , 意見を叩く , 軽口を叩く , 太鼓を叩く , 土竜叩き , ドラムを叩く

category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 5
translation: merely, only, simply
只: tada: merely, only, simply, gratis (jp.)
只一つの: tadahitotsuno: only, sole, single <<<
只の: tadano: mere, simple, free (jp.), gratuitous
只で: tadade: gratis, free (of charge), for nothing
只で働く: tadadehataraku: work for nothing <<<
只働きする: tadabatarakisuru <<<
只で乗る: tadadenoru: fare-dodge, dodge paying the fare <<<
只で貰える: tadademoraeru: can be got for nothing, can have (a thing) free (of charge) <<<
只で食べる: tadadetaberu: scrounge a meal <<<
Kanji words: 只今
synonyms: , 無料

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