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category: common usage
nb of strokes: 7
translation: stifle, suppress, repress, retrain, quell
抑える: osaeru: suppress (the rebellion), put down, repress, restrain, check, control, quell
抑: somosomo: anyway (stifle the speech), in the first place, to begin with
Kanji words: 抑圧 , 抑制
Expressions: 怒りを抑える , 笑いを抑える , 涙を抑える , 感情を抑える , 情欲を抑える , 性欲を抑える

category: to learn in school
nb of strokes: 7
translation: break, fold, bend, double
折る: oru: break (vt.), snap, pick, fold (up), double, turn down, bend
折れる: oreru: break (vi.), be broken, give way, snap, can be folded, be collapsible, give in (to), yield (to), compromise (with)
折り: ori: chip box, fold, folding, time (jp.), moment, occasion, juncture, opportunity
折りから: orikara: just then, at that moment
折りしも: orishimo
折り入って: oriitte: earnestly <<<
折を見て: oriomite: at one's own convenience <<<
折に触れて: orinihurete: occasionally, at times <<<
折り合う: oriau: get on with, come to terms [an agreement] (with), compromise (with), meet (a person) halfway <<<
折り重なる: orikasanaru: fold back [down], pile one upon another <<<
折り畳む: oritatamu: fold [double] (up) <<<
折り曲げる: orimageru: bend, double, turn up [down] <<<
折り込む: orikomu: turn [truck] in, insert <<<
折く: kujiku: break, wrench, sprain, get broken, discourage, dishearten, frustrate, baffle
Kanji words: 右折 , 折紙 , 屈折 , 骨折 , 左折 , 挫折 , 折角 , 折檻
Expressions: 芯を折る , 骨を折る , 骨の折れる , 肋骨を折る , 菓子折

category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 7
translation: stick, cane
杖: tsue
杖に縋る: tsuenisugaru: lean on a cane <<<
杖を突いて歩く: tsueotsuitearuku: walk with a stick
杖つ: utsu: beat with a stick
杖く: tataku
Expressions: 元帥杖 , 登山杖

category: common usage
keyword: society
nb of strokes: 7
translation: companion, friend, follow, accompany, attend
ban, han
伴う: tomonau: follow, accompany, attend, be accompanied [attended] by [with]
を伴って: otomonatte: with, accompanied by
伴: tomo: companion, friend
伴: suke, tomo: pers.
Kanji words: 伴侶 , 伴奏

category: common usage
keyword: music
nb of strokes: 7
translation: blow, puff
吹く: huku: blow, puff, smelt (iron etc., jp.)
吹: huki: pers.
Kanji words: 吹抜 , 吹矢 , 吹雪
Expressions: 火を吹く , 泡を吹く , 風が吹く , 粉が吹く , 笛を吹く , 嵐が吹く , 潮を吹く , 霧を吹く , 香水吹き , 新芽を吹く , 煙草を吹かす , 法螺を吹く , 法螺吹き , トランペットを吹く , ハーモニカを吹く , フルートを吹く , ラッパを吹く

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 7
translation: contain, include
含む: hukumu: contain, include
含める: hukumeru: include, instruct (jp.), tell (a person) beforehand
含みの有る: hukuminoaru: suggestive <<<
Kanji words: 含有
Expressions: 燐を含んだ , 因果を含める , 水銀を含む , 窒素を含んだ , 乳房を含ませる , 糖分を含んだ , 糖分を含む , 沃素を含んだ , ビタミンを含む

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 7
translation: prevent, stop, hinder, hamper
妨げる: samatageru
妨する: jamasuru <<< 邪魔
Kanji words: 妨害
Expressions: 睡眠を妨げる , 展望を妨げる

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 7
translation: explain, present, show, indicate, exhibit, give (ext.)
呈する: teisuru: present, make a present of, offer, show, indicate, exhibit
呈す: shimesu: show, point out, indicate, instruct, explain, demonstrate
Kanji words: 贈呈
Expressions: 活気を呈する , 奇観を呈する , 光景を呈する , 賛辞を呈する , 症状を呈する , 盛況を呈する

category: common usage
keyword: animal
nb of strokes: 7
translation: tail, scut, trail
尾: o: tail, scut, brush, train, trail
尾: shippo <<< 尻尾
尾を振る: oohuru: wag its tail <<<
尾を巻く: oomaku: curl its trail <<<
尾り: owari: end, termination
尾む: tsurumu: copulate
Kanji words: 交尾 , 尻尾 , 接尾 , 船尾 , 尾行 , 尾骨
Expressions: 狐の尾 , 彗星の尾

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 7
translation: bear, stand, endure, put up with, persevere
nin, jin
忍ぶ: shinobu: bear, stand, endure, put up with, persevere, conceal [avoid] oneself (jp.)
忍ばせる: shinobaseru: conceal
忍び: shinobi: ninja (jp.)
忍び足で: shinobiashide: stealthily, with stealthy steps, on tiptoe <<<
忍び難い: shinobigatai: unbearable, insufferable, intolerable <<<
忍び込む: shinobikomu: steal [slip] in [into] <<<
忍び入る: shinobiiru <<<
忍び寄る: shinobiyoru: steal near [up, to], draw near unnoticed <<<
忍: oshi: pers.
Kanji words: 堪忍 , 忍者 , 忍術 , 忍耐 , 忍法
Expressions: 恥を忍ぶ , 恥を忍んで , 足音を忍ばせて , 不便を忍ぶ

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