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category: common usage
nb of strokes: 8
translation: push, press
ou, kou
押す: osu: push (v.)
押し合う: oshiau: push [jostle, hustle] one another <<<
押し開ける: oshiakeru: push [force] open <<<
押し上げる: oshiageru: push [thrust] up, boost up <<<
押し返す: oshikaesu: push [press, force] back <<<
押し掛ける: oshikakeru: go uninvited, crash (a party), gate-crash, throng (to a place) <<<
押し切る: oshikiru: brazen [face] it out, break down an opposition <<<
押し付ける: oshitsukeru: press [hold] (a person) against, compel, force <<<
押し通す: oshitoosu: persist (in doing) to the last [end], stick to (one's belief) to the last, carry through, endure through <<<
押し止める: oshitodomeru: stop, check, hold (a person) back <<<
押し退ける: oshinokeru: push [thrust] away [aside], shove aside, force (a person) out of the way <<< 退
押さえる: osaeru: press (v.)
押し: oshi: will (n., jp.)
押: kakihan: signature
Kanji words: 押入 , 押売 , 差押 , 手押
Expressions: 手を押える , 判を押す , 肘で押す , 念を押す , 取り押える , 後から押す , 壷を押える , 消印を押す , 駄目を押す , 拇印を押す , 目白押し , 欲望を押える , スタンプを押す , ベルを押す , ボタンを押す , 押しボタン
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category: common usage
keyword: position
nb of strokes: 8
translation: he, him, that
彼の, 彼の: kano, ano: that
彼: kare: he, him
彼の: kareno: his
彼の物: karenomono <<<
彼に: kareni: him, to him
彼へ: karee
彼は: karewa: he is
Kanji words: 彼所 , 彼方 , 彼女 , 彼氏 , 彼等 , 彼岸
Expressions: 誰も彼も , 彼自身 , 彼は何者ですか , 彼は何歳ですか , 彼は苦手だ
antonyms: , 彼女

category: JIS1
keyword: animal
nb of strokes: 8
translation: fox, foxy (fig.)
狐: kitsune: fox
狐が鳴く: kitsuneganaku: bark, yelp <<<
狐の穴: kitsunenoana: fox kennel [burrow] <<<
狐の尾: kitsunenoo: fox brush <<<
狐の様な: kitsunenoyouna: foxy, vulpine <<<
狐に化かされる: kitsunenibakasareru: be bewitched by a fox <<<
狐に摘まれた様だ: kitsunenitsumamaretayouda: I am puzzled [mystified]
Kanji words: 銀狐
Expressions: 北極狐

category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 8
translation: it, that, those
其れ: sore
其の: sono: that, those, its
其の上: sonoue: besides, moreover, what is more <<<
其の内: sonouchi: before long, soon, by and by, in the meantime, some day, one of these days <<<
其の癖: sonokuse: and yet, for all that, notwithstanding, nevertheless, none the less <<<
其の位: sonokurai: so much [many], as much [many] <<<
其の後: sonogo: after that, afterward, since then, from that time on <<<
其の頃: sonokoro: at [about] that time, then, in those days <<<
其の通り: sonotoori: Just so, You are [That's] right, Precisely, Exactly, Yes indeed [of course] <<<
其の時: sonotoki: at that time, then, on that occasion <<<
其の場で: sonobate: then and there, on the spot, offhand <<<
其の日: sonohi: on that day, the same day <<<
其の辺: sonohen: about there, thereabouts <<<
其の外: sonohoka: besides, moreover, in addition <<<
Kanji words: 其所 , 其々
Expressions: 其以来 , 其自体 , 其れは駄目だ , 其の都度 , 其れは苦手だ

category: JIS2
keyword: insect
nb of strokes: 8
translation: louse
虱: shirami
虱の集った: shiraminotakatta: lousy <<<
虱が湧く: shiramigawaku: be infested with lice <<<
虱を取る: shiramiotoru: hunt a louse <<<
虱を潰す: shiramiotsubusu: kill a louse <<<

category: JIS1
keyword: war
nb of strokes: 8
translation: gibbon, aim, sight, point, fence, watch
so, sho
狙う: nerau: aim (at), take aim (at), watch (for), be after (a thing), sight, point
狙い: nerai: aim
狙いを定める: neraiosadameru: take aim (at) <<<
狙いを誤る: neraioayamaru: take the mark [one's aim] amiss <<<
狙いが外れる: neraigahazureru: miss [fall wide of] the mark [one's aim] <<<
狙いが狂う: neraigakuruu <<<
狙う: ukagau: watch [wait] for (a chance)
狙: saru: monkey, ape, gibbon
Kanji words: 狙撃
Expressions: 付け狙う , 椅子を狙う , 片目で狙う , 生命を狙う

category: common usage
keyword: sport
nb of strokes: 8
translation: push, thrust, stab
突く: tsuku: push (vt.), thrust, stab
突き: tsuki: push (n.), thrust, stab, pass
突き落とす: tsukiotosu: push [thrust] down <<<
突き刺す: tsukisasu: pierce (a thing with) <<<
突き倒す: tsukitaosu: push [thrust] over, knock down <<<
突き詰める: tsukitsumeru: make a thorough investigation (of a matter) <<<
突き出る: tsukideru: stand [jut, stick, stretch] out, project, protrude <<<
突き飛ばす: tsukitobasu: push [thrust] (a person) away, send (a person) flying [staggering] <<<
突き止める: tsukitomeru: ascertain, make sure [certain] of, assure, trace (a matter), locate <<<
突っ込む: tsukkomu: thrust in, plunge into, pierce, penetrate, throw a question at (a person), hit (a person) home, dip, charge (into the enemy) <<<
突っ立つ: tsuttatsu: stand up, straight, jump to one's feet, be stuck (in, on) <<<
突っ走る: tsuppashiru: dash, run fast <<<
突っ撥ねる: tsuppaneru: turn (a person) down flat, give a flat refusal (to) <<<
突っ伏す: tsuppusu: fall over with one's face down <<<
Kanji words: 煙突 , 激突 , 衝突 , 玉突 , 突貫 , 突起 , 突進 , 突破 , 突風 , 突撃 , 突如 , 突然 , 突入
Expressions: 肘で突く , 肘を突く , 角で突く , 底を突く , 杵で突く , 虚を突く , 鞠を突く , 槍で突く , 鐘を突く , 急所を突く , 弱点を突く , 手鞠を突く , 羽根突 , 羽根を突く , ステッキを突く

category: common usage
keyword: fantasy
nb of strokes: 8
translation: doubtful, dubious, suspicious, questionable, uncertain, shady
kai, ke
怪しい: ayashii: doubtful, dubious, suspicious, questionable, uncertain, shady, incredible, strange, queer, mysterious, uncanny, poor, awkward
怪しい男: ayashiiotoko: suspicious-looking man <<<
怪しい手つきで: ayashiitetsukide: with clumsy hands <<<
怪しげな: ayashigena: questionable, broken, suspicious, suspicious-looking
怪しむ: ayashimu: doubt, suspect, wonder at [if, whether]
怪り: tatari: curse (n., jp.), evil spell
Kanji words: 怪奇 , 怪獣 , 怪盗 , 怪物 , 怪力 , 奇怪 , 怪我 , 妖怪
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category: common usage
keyword: justice
nb of strokes: 8
translation: authorization, avoid, escape, evade, free, release
men, ben
免れる, 免れる: manukareru, manugareru: escape, get rid of, avoid, evade, be exempted [free, immune] (from)
免れ難い: manukaregatai, manugaregatai: unavoidable, inescapable <<<
免す: yurusu: admit, permit, grant, free, release
Kanji words: 御免 , 免疫 , 免許 , 免職 , 免除 , 免状 , 免税
Expressions: 罪を免れる , 災難を免れる , 被害を免れる

category: to learn in school
keyword: job
nb of strokes: 8
translation: entrust, versed
委ねる: yudaneru: entrust
委しい: kuwashii: well-informed, versed
委に: tsubusani: minutely
委: sue: end
委てる: suteru: give up, abandon
Kanji words: 委員 , 委託 , 委任

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