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category: to learn in school
keyword: book
nb of strokes: 9
translation: write down, register, record
紀す: shirusu: register, record, write [note, jot] down, put [set] down, describe, give an account (of)
紀める: osameru: govern, rule [reign] over, manage, pacify, suppress
紀: ki, nori, toshi, moto, koto, sumi, tada, osa: pers.
Kanji words: 紀元 , 紀行 , 世紀
Expressions: 石炭紀 , 第三紀 , 白亜紀

category: JIS2
keyword: fruit
nb of strokes: 9
translation: strawberry
苺: ichigo
Kanji words: 木苺 , 黒苺 , 蛇苺
synonyms: ストロベリー

category: to learn in school
keyword: organs
nb of strokes: 9
translation: stomach
胃: ibukuro
胃の: ino: stomachic, gastric
胃が痛い: igaitai: have a stomachache <<<
胃が弱い: igayowai: have a weak stomach <<<
胃が焼ける: igayakeru: suffer from heartburn <<<
胃を壊す: iokowasu: have a stomach disorder <<<
Kanji words: 胃炎 , 胃癌 , 胃腸 , 胃痛
Expressions: 胃潰瘍 , 胃痙攣 , 胃カメラ
check also: 御腹

category: common usage
keyword: animal
nb of strokes: 9
translation: hunt, chase
狩り: kari: hunt (n.), hunting, shooting, chase, search (jp.)
狩をする: kariosuru: hunt (vt.), chase
狩る: karu: hunt, shoot
狩に行く: kariniiku: go (out) hunting [shooting] <<<
Kanji words: 狩人 , 狩猟 , 鷹狩
Expressions: 魔女狩り , 松茸狩り , 松茸狩りをする , 猛獣狩

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 9
translation: break, smash, crush
砕く: kudaku: break (vt.), smash, crush, grind, pound, torment (jp.), talk intelligibly
砕いて言えば: kudaiteieba: to put it plainly <<<
砕ける: kudakeru: break (vi.), be broken, be crushed
砕けた: kudaketa: broken, easy, familiar, free and easy
砕けた人: kudaketahito: affable [sociable] person <<<
Kanji words: 砕石 , 粉砕
Expressions: 打ち砕く , 踏み砕く , 粉々に砕く , 微塵に砕ける

category: common usage
keyword: accessory
nb of strokes: 9
translation: crown
冠: kanmuri: crown (n.)
冠を被る: kanmuriokaburu: crown (vi.) <<<
冠を授ける: kanmuriosazukeru: crown (vt.) <<<
冠を曲げる: kanmuriomageru: get cross, get out of humor <<<
Kanji words: 王冠 , 冠詞 , 冠水 , 戴冠
Expressions: 茨の冠 , 月桂冠

category: common usage
keyword: mechanics
nb of strokes: 9
translation: bear, endure, support, resist
tai, dai, nou
耐える: taeru: bear, endure, support, resist
Kanji words: 耐震 , 忍耐
Expressions: 苦しみに耐える , 喜びに耐えない , 窮乏に耐える , 空腹に耐える , 苦痛に耐える , 苦難に耐える , 欠乏に耐える , 航海に耐える , 使用に耐える , 試練に耐える , 疲労に耐える , 風雨に耐える

category: JIS1
keyword: hygiene
nb of strokes: 9
translation: wipe, mop, scrap away [off], clean
shoku, shiki
拭く: huku: wipe, mop
拭き取る: hukitoru: wipe off [out, away], rub off, mop (up) <<<
拭う: nuguu: wipe, mop, scrap away [off]
拭い落とす: nuguiotosu: wipe off [out], remove <<<
Kanji words: 手拭
Expressions: 尻を拭う , 汗を拭く , 涙を拭く , 黒板を拭く , 黒板拭き , 手拭で拭く , 布巾で拭く , コップ拭き , スポンジで拭く , タオルで拭う

category: common usage
keyword: cosmetic
nb of strokes: 9
translation: perfume, aroma
kou, kyou
香: ka: fragrance, aroma, perfume
香り: kaori: fragrance, aroma, perfume
香る: kaoru: be perfumed
香しい: koubashii: fragrant, aromatic
Kanji words: 香川 , 香辛料 , 香水 , 香典 , 香炉 , 新香 , 線香 , 香港
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category: JIS1
keyword: weather
nb of strokes: 9
translation: rainbow
虹: niji
虹が出る: nijigaderu: A rainbow appears [spans the sky] <<<
Kanji words: 虹彩 , 虹色 , 虹鱒

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