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category: JIS1
keyword: body
nb of strokes: 9
translation: eyebrows, old people [man]
bi, mi
眉: mayu: eyebrows
眉の太い: mayunohutoi: with bushy eyebrows <<<
眉を描く: mayuokaku: pencil one's eyebrows <<<
眉を引く: mayuohiku <<<
眉を顰める: mayuohisomeru: knit one's brows, frown at [on] <<<
眉を上げる: mayuoageru: raise one's eyebrows <<<
Kanji words: 眉毛 , 眉墨

category: common usage
keyword: tool , art
nb of strokes: 9
translation: handle, crank, helve, haft, shaft, hilt
hei, hyou
柄: e: handle, crank, helve, haft, shaft, broomstick
柄を付ける: eotsukeru: put a handle [haft] (to) <<<
柄: tsuka: hilt, handle, haft
柄: gara: pattern (jp.), design, size, character, personality <<< 模様 , パターン
柄の大きい: garanoookii: of big size <<<
柄の小さい: garanochiisai: of small size <<<
柄の悪い: garanowarui: ill-bred, lowbred <<<
Kanji words: 大柄 , 事柄 , 銘柄 , 葉柄
Expressions: 弓の柄 , 舵の柄 , 犂の柄 , 傘の柄 , 箒の柄 , 鍋の柄 , 槍の柄 , 商売柄 , 梃子の柄 , ナイフの柄

category: common usage
keyword: material
nb of strokes: 9
translation: flexible, supple, soft
nyuu, juu
柔らか: yawaraka: flexible, soft, gentle, mild, tender, mellow
柔らかい: yawarakai
柔らかな: yawarakana
柔らかに: yawarakani: softly, gently, mildly, tenderly, kindly
柔らかく: yawarakaku
柔らかさ: yawarakasa: softness, mildness, tenderness, mellowness
柔らげる: yawarageru: soften (vt.), make soft
柔らかくする: yawarakakusuru
柔らかく成る: yawarakakunaru: soften (vi.), get soft, become softer <<<
柔らかい肉: yawarakainiku: tender meat <<<
Kanji words: 柔道 , 柔軟
Expressions: 肌触が柔らかい
synonyms: ,

category: JIS1
keyword: family
nb of strokes: 9
translation: niece, nephew
姪: mei: niece
姪: oi: nephew
姪の子: meinoko: grandniece, great-niece <<<

category: common usage
keyword: medicine
nb of strokes: 9
translation: cough
咳: seki: cough (n.)
咳をする: sekiosuru: cough (v.)
咳き込む: sekikomu: have a fit [an attack] of coughing <<<
咳が出る: sekigaderu: suffer from a cough <<<
Expressions: 百日咳
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category: common usage
keyword: crime
nb of strokes: 9
translation: threaten, menace, intimidate
威し: takeshi: strong, brave
威す: odosu: threaten, menace (v.), intimidate, terrify
威し: odoshi: threat, menace (n.), intimidation, bluff
Kanji words: 威信 , 威力 , 脅威 , 権威

category: JIS1
keyword: hygiene
nb of strokes: 9
translation: dirt, grime, shame, dishonor
kou, ku
垢: aka: dirt, grime
垢が付く: akagatsuku: become dirty [grimy, soiled], be stained with dirt <<<
垢染みる: akajimiru <<<
垢染みた: akajimita: dirty, grimy <<<
垢の付いた: akanotsuita <<<
垢が落ちる: akagaochiru: Dirt comes off <<<
垢を落とす: akaootosu: wash off the dirt <<<
垢: kegare: impurity, pollution
垢: haji: shame, dishonor
Expressions: 爪の垢

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 9
translation: smell, stink, odor
臭い: kusai: bad-smelling, stinking, stink, suspicious, shady
臭い匂い: kusainioi: bad [offensive] smell, stench <<<
臭い匂いがする: kusainioigasuru: smell bad <<<
臭い飯を食う: kusaimeshiokuu: serve one's prison term
臭い物に蓋をする: kusaimononihutaosuru: hush up
臭: nioi: smell (n.)
臭ぐ: kagu: smell (v.), sniff
Kanji words: 悪臭 , 臭素
Expressions: 汗臭い , 青臭い , 油臭い , 息が臭い , 嫌な臭 , 黴臭い , 田舎臭い , 陰気臭い , 素人臭い , 年寄臭い , 大蒜臭い , 分別臭い , 面倒臭い

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 9
translation: grudge, malice
恨む: uramu: hate, curse
恨めしい: urameshii: reproachful
恨み: urami: resentment, grudge, bitter feeling, hatred, spite, ill will, malice
恨みを抱く: uramioidaku: bear (a person) a grudge, have a grudge [spite] (against a person), hoard revenge in one's heart <<<
恨みを忘れる: uramiowasureru: forget one's grudge (against), forgive (a person) <<<
恨みを晴らす: uramioharasu: revenge oneself (on a person), wreak one's vengeance (on a person), pay off old scores (with a person) <<<
恨みを言う: uramioiu: reproach (a person) <<<
恨みを呑む: uramionomu: swallow one's resentment <<<
恨み重なる: uramikasanaru: irreconciliable, unforgiving, unpardonable <<<
恨みを買う: uramiokau: draw grudge [malice] <<<
Kanji words: 怨恨
Expressions: 食物の恨み

category: to learn in school
nb of strokes: 9
translation: one, single, unit, only
単に: tannni: only, merely, simply, alone
単なる: tannnaru: simple, mere
単: hitoe: one, single
Kanji words: 簡単 , 単位 , 単価 , 単行 , 単語 , 単身 , 単純 , 単数 , 単調 , 単独
Expressions: 単滑車 , 単細胞 , 十二単 , 単比例 , 単母音

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