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category: JIS1
keyword: plant
nb of strokes: 9
translation: (Bengal) madder
茜: akane

category: to learn in school
nb of strokes: 9
translation: wait, await
tai, dai
待つ: matsu: wait, await, expect, look forward to, look to (a person) for, rely on
待たせる: mataseru: keep (a person) waiting, make [let] (a person) wait
待て: mate: Wait! Halt! Stop!
待う: ashirau: receive, entertain
待ち構える: machikamaeru: be prepared [ready] for, be on the watch for, look forward to (doing) <<<
待ち焦がれる: machikogareru: wait impatiently (for), be dying [impatient] <<<
待ち望む: machinozomu <<<
待ち遠しい: machidooshii: be long in coming, wait impatiently [eagerly] (for) <<<
Kanji words: 期待 , 虐待 , 招待 , 接待 , 待遇
Expressions: 外で待つ , 時を待つ , 楽しみに待つ , 楽しみにして待つ , 機会を待つ , 好機を待つ , 時機を待つ , 順番を待つ , キャンセル待ちの , キャンセル待ちする


category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 9
translation: pole, rod, neck
竿: sao
Kanji words: 釣竿

category: JIS2
keyword: food
nb of strokes: 9
translation: eat, boil
jo, ju
茹う: kuu: eat (vegetables) <<<
茹でる: yuderu: boil

category: common usage
keyword: law
nb of strokes: 9
translation: contract, promise, engage
kei, setsu
契り: chigiri: promise (n.), engagement
契る: chigiru: promise (v.), engage
Kanji words: 契約
check also: 約束

category: to learn in school
keyword: construction
nb of strokes: 9
translation: build
建てる: tateru: build, erect
建つ: tatsu: stand (up), be built, rise up
Kanji words: 建国 , 建設 , 建築 , 再建 , 建物 , 建屋 , 土建 , 封建
Expressions: 塔を建てる , 外貨建て , 石碑を建てる

category: JIS1
keyword: geography
nb of strokes: 9
translation: jaw of an animal (orig.), northern barbarian (bor.), all the more so, what
ko, go, u
胡: nanzo: all the more so <<<
胡: ebisu: northern barbarian
Kanji words: 胡坐 , 胡瓜 , 胡桃 , 胡椒 , 胡麻 , 胡獱

category: JIS2
keyword: utensil
nb of strokes: 9
translation: chopping board [block]
so, sho
俎: manaita

category: JIS1
keyword: fruit
nb of strokes: 9
translation: cedrate, citron
yuu, jiku
柚: yuzu
柚: tatemaki: beamer
check also: レモン

category: JIS1
keyword: beauty
nb of strokes: 9
translation: shave
剃る: soru: shave oneself, shave, give (a person) a shave
剃り落す: soriotosu: shave off <<<
Kanji words: 剃刀 , 髭剃
Expressions: 髭を剃る

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