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category: to learn in school
keyword: body
nb of strokes: 9
translation: disobey, revolt, rebel, betray, back
背: se, sei: back, height (jp.)
背の高い: senotakai, seinotakai: tall, of high stature <<<
背の低い: senohikui, seinohikui: small, of low stature <<<
背が立つ: segatatsu: be able to stand (in water) <<<
背が立たない: segatatanai: be unable to stand (in water) <<<
背に腹は代えられぬ: seniharahakaerarenu: Necessity is a hard master, My shirt is nearer the skin than my coat
背負う: seou, shou: carry [have] (a thing) on the back, shoulder (v.) <<<
背負わせる: seowaseru, showaseru: load, burden (a person with a thing) <<<
背く: somuku: act contrary to, go against, disobey, break, violate, revolt [rebel] (against), rise [turn] against, betray <<< 裏切
背: ushiro: behind, back
Kanji words: 背泳ぎ , 背中 , 背伸 , 背骨 , 背教 , 背景 , 背信
Expressions: 刀の背 , 道に背く , 規律に背く , 忠告に背く , 道理に背いた , 命令に背く

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 9
translation: do, carry out, deed
為す: nasu: do (vt.), carry out
為る: suru: do, try, play, act, practice, engage [be engaged] (in), cost, be worth, pass
為る事にしている: surukotonishiteiru: make it a rule to do, make it a point of doing <<<
為める: osameru: govern, rule [reign] over, manage
為: tame: good, benefit, interest, profit, advantage
為に: tameni: for (the sake of), for a person's good, on a person's account, to a person's advantage, in the interests of, in the service of, for the purpose [shake] of, with a view of (doing), in order to (do), so as to (to), because of, on account of
為に成る: tameninaru: benefit, be good for, do (a person) good, be beneficial [profitable, instructive] (to) <<<
為に成らない: tameninaranai: be of no good, do (one) harm, be bad for, be injurious [harmful] (to) <<<
Kanji words: 為替 , 外為 , 行為 , 作為 , 所為
Expressions: 何の為に , 念の為 , 国の為に , 一度為らず , 欠乏の為 , 倹約の為 , 参考の為に , 正義の為に , 静養の為に , 多忙の為 , 疲労の為 , 養生の為 , 用心の為

category: common usage
keyword: history
nb of strokes: 9
translation: target, lord (bor.), marquis
侯: mato: target, mark, aim
侯: kimi: lord, Sir
Kanji words: 侯爵

category: common usage
keyword: house
nb of strokes: 9
translation: hotel, inn, stay, halt
tei, chin
亭: shukuba: relay station, stage
亭: azumaya: arbor, summerhouse, bower
亭る: todomaru: stay, halt, remain
Kanji words: 亭主

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 9
translation: surpass, superior, excel
俊れる: sugureru: surpass (a person), be superior to (a person), outdo (a person), excel (a person in doing)

category: common usage
keyword: law
nb of strokes: 9
translation: imperial decree, edict
勅める: imashimeru: admonish (a person against doing, a person not to do), warn, punish
勅: mikotonori: imperial decree, edict <<<
Kanji words: 勅令

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 9
translation: right, just, proper, correct
tei, jou
貞しい: tadashii: right (a.), just, proper, correct, accurate, exact, rightful, lawful, legitimate, sound, righteous, upright, truthful, honest
貞まる: sadamaru: be decided, be determined, become settled, be chosen
Kanji words: 貞操 , 童貞

category: common usage
keyword: unit
nb of strokes: 9
translation: unit of measure (one thousandth, one hundredth)
厘: rin: unit of old Japanese money (one thousandth of yen, jp.)
厘: mise: shop, store
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category: common usage
keyword: family
nb of strokes: 9
translation: marry, marriage
姻ぐ: totsugu: marry (a man), be married to (a man), marry into (a family)
姻: yomeiri: marriage
Kanji words: 婚姻

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 9
translation: alone, orphan
孤: minashigo: orphan <<< 孤児
孤: hitori: alone <<< 一人
孤く: somuku: disobey, betray
Kanji words: 孤児 , 孤独 , 孤立

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