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pronunciation: gyagu
origin: gag (eg.)
keyword: show
translation: gag
ギャグを飛ばす: gyaguotobasu: toss off a gag <<<
check also: 洒落


pronunciation: gyanburu
origin: gamble (eg.)
keyword: game
translation: gamble (n.), gambling
ギャンブルする: gyanburusuru: gamble (v.)
check also: 博打 , 賭博 ,


pronunciation: gyangu
origin: gang (eg.)
keyword: crime
translation: gangster, gang of robbers
check also: 八九三


pronunciation: gyappu
origin: gap (eg.)
translation: gap
ギャップを埋める: gyappuoumeru: fill a gap <<<
check also: 格差


pronunciation: gyararii
origin: gallery (eg.)
keyword: art
translation: gallery
check also: 画廊


pronunciation: gyusuta
other spells: ギュスタブ
origin: Gustave (fr.)
keyword: name
translation: Gustave
ギュスタヴ・エッフェル: gyusutabuehuru: (Alexandre) Gustave Eiffel <<< エッフェル
ギュスタヴ・クルベ: gyusutabukurube: Gustave Courbet
ギュスタヴ・フロベール: gyusutabuhurobeeru: Gustave Flaubert
ギュスタヴ・モロ: gyusutabumoro: Gustave Moreau

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