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pronunciation: penii
origin: penny (eg.)
keyword: unit
translation: penny (0.01 pound), pence (plur.)
ペニーウェート: peniiweeto: pennyweight (1.55 gr.)
半ペニー: hanpenii: halfpenny <<<
check also: ポンド , シリング


pronunciation: penishirin
origin: penicillin (eg.)
keyword: medicine
translation: penicillin
ペニシリン注射: penishirinchuusha: penicillin shot <<< 注射
ペニシリン軟膏: penishirinnnankou: penicillin ointment <<< 軟膏
check also: 抗生物質


pronunciation: penisu
origin: penis (eg.)
keyword: body , sex
translation: penis
check also: 男根


pronunciation: penki
origin: pek (nl.)
keyword: construction , material
translation: paint (n.)
ペンキを塗る: penkionuru: paint (v.) <<<
ペンキが剥げる: penkigahageru: The paint comes off <<<
ペンキ屋: penkiya: painter <<<
check also: 塗装


pronunciation: penshirubania
origin: Pennsylvania (eg.)
keyword: usa
translation: Pennsylvania
ペンシルバニアの: penshirubaniano: Pennsylvanian
ペンシルバニア通り: penshirubaniadoori: Pennsylvania Avenue <<<
ペンシルバニア州: penshirubaniashuu: State of Pennsylvania <<<


pronunciation: perikan
origin: pelican (eg.)
keyword: bird
translation: pelican
check also:


pronunciation: perusha
origin: Persia (eg.)
keyword: asia
translation: Persia, Iran
ペルシャの: perushano: Persian (a.)
ペルシャ人: perushajin: Persian (people) <<<
ペルシャ語: perushago: Persian (language) <<<
ペルシャ猫: perushaneko: Persian cat <<<
ペルシャ湾: perushawan: Persian Gulf <<<
ペルシャ絨毯: perushajuutan: Persian carpet <<< 絨毯
ペルシャ皇帝: perushakoutei: Shah <<< 皇帝
check also: イラン


pronunciation: peruu
origin: Peru (eg.)
keyword: america
translation: Peru
ペルーの: peruuno: Peruvian (a.)
ペルー人: peruujin: Peruvian (people) <<<


pronunciation: pesuto
origin: pest (eg.)
keyword: disease
translation: pest, black plague [death]
ペスト菌: pesutokin: pest bacillus <<<
ペストに罹る: pesutonikakaru: be affected with plague <<<
ペストに罹った: pesutonikakatta: plague-stricken (a.)
ペスト患者: pesutokanja: plague-stricken (n.) <<< 患者


pronunciation: peten
origin: bengzi (cn.)
keyword: crime
translation: fraud, humbug, swindle, imposture
ペテンに掛ける: pentennnikakeru: cheat, trick (v.) <<<
ペテンに掛かる: petennnikakaru: be cheated
ペテン師: petenshi: impostor, swindler <<<
check also: 如何様 , 詐欺

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