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pronunciation: bodai
kanji characters:
keyword: buddhism
translation: bodhi, spiritual awakening
菩提を弔う: bodaiotomurau: have prayers read for the soul (of), say mass for a dead <<<
菩提寺: bodaiji: one's family temple <<<
菩提所: bodaijo <<<
菩提樹: bodaiju: linden [lime] tree <<<
check also:


pronunciation: boin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: grammar
translation: vowel (sound)
母音の: boinnno: vocalic
半母音: hanboin: semivowel <<<
長母音: chouboin: long vowel <<<
短母音: tanboin: short vowel <<<
鼻母音: biboin: nasal vowel <<<
単母音: tanboin: monophthong <<<
変母音: henboin: umlaut <<<
check also: 子音


pronunciation: boin
kanji characters: ,
translation: thumbmark
拇印を押す: boinnoosu: seal with the thumb <<<


pronunciation: bokan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: ship
translation: depot [mother] ship
潜水母艦: sensuibokan: submarine tender <<< 潜水
航空母艦: koukuubokan: aircraft carrier <<< 航空


pronunciation: bokin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: fund raising
募金する: bokinsuru: raise money, collect contributions
募金箱: bokinbako: collection box <<<
募金運動: bokinnundou: campaign to raise funds <<< 運動
街頭募金: gaitoubokin: street fund-raising <<< 街頭


pronunciation: bokki
kanji characters:
keyword: sex
translation: erection
勃起する: bokkisuru: stand erect, become stiff


pronunciation: bokoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography
translation: one's mother country, (one's) homeland
母国語: bokokugo: one's mother [native] tongue <<<
check also: 自国 , 祖国


pronunciation: bokujou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: animal
translation: ranch, pasture, stock farm, meadow
牧場主: bokujounushi: owner of a stock farm, rancher <<<


pronunciation: bokushi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: christianism
translation: priest, pastor, minister, clergyman, rector, chaplain
牧師に成る: bokushininaru: take holy orders <<<
牧師館: bokushikan: manse, presbytery, vicarage <<<
check also: 神父


pronunciation: bonchi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography
translation: basin, valley, hollow
甲府盆地: kouhubonchi: Kofu valley [basin] <<< 甲府
松本盆地: matsumotobonchi: Matsumoto Valley <<< 松本

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