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pronunciation: bukka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , economy
translation: prices (of commodities)
物価が上がる: bukkagaagaru: Prices rise (go up) <<<
物価が下がる: bukkagasagaru: Prices fall (go down) <<<
物価高: bukkadaka: high prices of commodities <<<
物価水準: bukkasuijun: price level <<< 水準
物価指数: bukkashisuu: price index <<< 指数
物価騰貴: bukkatouki: rise in prices
物価下落: bukkageraku: fall in prices <<< 下落
物価政策: bukaseisaku: prices policy <<< 政策
物価対策: bukkataisaku <<< 対策
物価調整: bukkachousei: price control <<< 調整
check also: 価格


pronunciation: bukken
kanji characters: ,
keyword: law
translation: object, thing, article, evidence
物件費: bukkenhi: cost of supplies, nonpersonal expenses <<<
証拠物件: shoukobukken: piece of evidence <<< 証拠
差押物件: sashiosaebukken: seized property <<< 差押


pronunciation: bukko
kanji characters: ,
keyword: death
translation: death
物故する: bukkosuru: die (v.), pass away
物故者: bukkosha: dead (person) <<<
物故者名簿: bukkoshameibo: death list
synonyms: 死亡


pronunciation: bukkyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: buddhism
translation: Buddhism
仏教の: bukkyouno: Buddhistic
仏教徒: bukkyouto: Buddhist <<<
チベット仏教: chibettobukkyou: Tibetan Buddhism, Lamaism <<< チベット


pronunciation: bumon
kanji characters: ,
keyword: science , administration
translation: class, group, department, branch, section, category, genus
部門に分ける: bumonnniwakeru: divide into classes, classify, categorize <<<
主要部門: shuyoubumon: central department <<< 主要
公共部門: koukyoubumon: public sector <<< 公共
check also: 分野 , カテゴリー , セクター


pronunciation: bunan
kanji characters: ,
translation: safety, security, passability, acceptability, reasonableness
無難な: bunannna: safe, secure, passable, tolerable, acceptable, reasonable
無難の: bunannno
check also: 安全


pronunciation: bunben
kanji characters:
keyword: medicine
translation: delivery, childbirth
分娩する: bunbensuru: give birth to [be delivered of] (a baby)
分娩室: bunbenshitsu: delivery room <<<
check also: 出産


pronunciation: bunbougu
kanji characters: , ,
keyword: office
translation: stationery, writing materials
文房具屋: bunbouguya: stationer, stationery shop <<<
文房具店: bunbouguten: stationery shop <<<


pronunciation: bunchou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: bird
translation: Java sparrow [finch]


pronunciation: bungaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: literature
translation: literature, letters
文学の: bungakuno: literary
文学上の: bungakujouno <<<
文学的: bungakuteki <<<
文学的に: bungakutekini: in literary terms
文学を志す: bungakuokokorozasu: aspire to be a writer <<<
文学界: bungakukai: literary world [circles] <<<
文学史: bungakushi: history of literature <<<
文学史家: bungakushika: historian of literature <<<
文学者: bungakusha: man of letters, literary man <<<
文学賞: bungakushou: literary prize [award] <<<
文学部: bungakubu: faculty of literature <<<
文学博士: bungakuhakushi: Doctor of Literature <<< 博士
文学作品: bungakusakuhin: literary work <<< 作品
文学趣味: bungakushumi: literary taste <<< 趣味
文学青年: bungakuseinen: literary-minded youth <<< 青年
農民文学: nouminbungaku: peasant literature <<< 農民
日記文学: nikkibungaku: diaries (as a branch of literature) <<< 日記
古典文学: kotenbungaku: classical [classic] literature <<< 古典
好色文学: koushokubungaku: erotic [pornographic] literature <<< 好色
啓蒙文学: keimoubungaku: Enlightenment literature <<< 啓蒙
猥褻文学: waisetsubungaku: pornography <<< 猥褻
伝承文学: denshoubungaku: oral literature <<< 伝承
比較文学: hikakubungaku: comparative literature <<< 比較
田園文学: dennenbungaku: pastoral literature <<< 田園
古代文学: kodaibungaku: ancient literature <<< 古代
現代文学: gendaibungaku: current literature <<< 現代
大衆文学: taishuubungaku: popular [lowbrow] literature <<< 大衆
記録文学: kirokubungaku: documentary literature <<< 記録
児童文学: jidoubungaku: juvenile literature <<< 児童

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