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pronunciation: bekkyo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: living separately, separation
別居する: bekkyosuru: live separately, separate
別居手当: bekkyoteate: alimony, separate maintenance <<< 手当
check also: 同居


pronunciation: bengo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: law
translation: defense (in court), justification, pleading
弁護する: bengosuru: defend, justify, plead
弁護団: bengodan: defense counsel <<<
弁護人: bengonin: defender, councilor, pleader <<<
弁護料: bengoryou: lawyer's fee <<<
弁護士: bengoshi: lawyer, attorney, barrister <<<
弁護士に成る: bengoshininaru: enter the law <<<
弁護士を頼む: bengoshiotanomu: engage (consult) a lawyer <<<
弁護士会: bengoshikai: lawyers' association <<<
弁護士業: bengoshigyou: attorneyship <<<
弁護士試験: bengoshishiken: bar examination <<< 試験


pronunciation: beniiro
kanji characters: ,
keyword: color
translation: red color, crimson
check also: 緋色


pronunciation: benjo
kanji characters: 便 ,
keyword: house , hygiene
translation: toilet, washroom, rest room, WC
便所へ行く: benjoeiku: go to wash one's hands, go to stool <<<
便所は何処ですか: benjowadokodesuka: Where can I wash my hands? <<< 何処
男便所: otokobenjo: gents' toilet, men's lavatory [restroom, toilet] <<<
女便所: onnnabenjo: female toilets, ladies' cloakroom, women's lavatory [restroom, toilet] <<<
公衆便所: koushuubenjo: public lavatory, public convenience, comfort station <<< 公衆
有料便所: yuuryoubenjo: pay toilet <<< 有料
共同便所: kyoudoubenjo: public lavatory <<< 共同
check also: トイレット , 手洗


pronunciation: benkai
kanji characters: ,
translation: excuse (n.), justification, pretext (n.), plea
弁解する: benkaisuru: excuse (v.), justify, pretext (v.), plead
check also: 弁明


pronunciation: benki
kanji characters: 便 ,
keyword: furniture
translation: stool, toilet bowl, toilet pan, chamber pot


pronunciation: benkyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: education , business
translation: study (n.), learning, lesson, diligence, industry, assiduity, discount (n.)
勉強する: benkyousuru: study (v.), learn, strive, discount (v.)
勉強好き: benkyouzuki: assiduous, sedulous <<<
勉強家: benkyouka: hard worker <<<
勉強時間: benkyoujikan: one's study hours <<< 時間
勉強部屋: benkyoubeya: study (room) <<< 部屋
受験勉強: jukenbenkyou: studying for an examination <<< 受験
過度の勉強: kadonobenkyou: overwork, overstudy <<< 過度


pronunciation: benmei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: law
translation: justification, explanation, defense, plea
弁明する: benmeisuru: justify, explain, defend, plead
弁明を求める: benmeiomotomeru: demand an explanation <<<
弁明書: benmeisho: written explanation <<<
check also: 弁解


pronunciation: benpi
kanji characters: 便 ,
keyword: disease
translation: constipation
便秘の: benpino: constipated
便秘する: benpisuru: be constipated, suffer from constipation
check also: 下痢


pronunciation: benri
kanji characters: 便 ,
translation: convenience, advantage, usefulness
便利な: benrina: convenient, advantageous, useful
check also: 重宝 , 不便

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