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pronunciation: chuusei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: chemistry , grammar
translation: neuter, neutrality, indifference
中性の: chuuseino: neutral, indifferent
中性的: chuuseiteki <<<
中性化: chuuseika: neutralization <<<
中性化する: chuuseikasuru: neutralize
中性液: chuuseieki: neutral liquid <<<
中性子: chuuseishi: neutron <<<
中性名詞: chuuseimeishi: neuter <<< 名詞
中性洗剤: chuuseisenzai: neutral detergent <<< 洗剤
check also: 男性 , 女性


pronunciation: chuusei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history
translation: loyalty, fidelity, allegiance
忠誠を誓う: chuuseiochikau: pledge allegiance <<<


pronunciation: chuuseidai
kanji characters: , ,
keyword: prehistory
translation: Mesozoic (era)
中生代の: chuuseidaino: Mesozoic (a.)
check also: 古生代 , 新生代


pronunciation: chuusen
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 抽籤
keyword: amusement
translation: lottery, drawing
抽選する: chuusensuru: draw [cast] lots
抽選で: chuusende: by lot [lottery], by (means of) drawing
抽選で当たる: chuusendeataru: draw a winning number <<<
抽選で外れる: chuusendehazureru: draw a losing number <<<
抽選で決める: chuusendekimeru: decide by drawing lots <<<
抽選会: chuusenkai: drawing <<<
抽選券: chuusenken: lottery ticket <<<
抽選器: chuusenki: lottery wheel <<<
抽選付: chuusentsuki: (sales) cum drawing <<<
抽選番号: chuusenbangou: lottery number <<< 番号


pronunciation: chuusha
kanji characters: ,
keyword: car
translation: parking (car)
駐車する: chuushasuru: park (v.)
駐車場: chuushajou: (car) parking <<<
駐車禁止: chuushakinshi: parking forbidden, no parking <<< 禁止
駐車地帯: chuushachitai: parking (area) <<< 地帯
二重駐車: nijuuchuusha: double-parking <<< 二重
check also: パーキング


pronunciation: chuusha
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: injection, shot (n.)
注射する: chuushasuru: inject, shot (v.)
注射器: chuushaki: squirt, syringe <<<
注射針: chuushabari: needle <<<
注射液: chuushaeki: injection (liquid) <<<
点滴注射: tentekichuusha: drip infusion <<< 点滴
予防注射: yobouchuusha: preventive injection <<< 予防
脊髄注射: sekizuichuusha: spinal injection <<< 脊髄
静脈注射: joumyakuchuusha: intravenous injection <<< 静脈
筋肉注射: kinnnikuchuusha: intramuscular injection <<< 筋肉
コレラ予防注射: korerayoboushuusha: anti-cholera injection <<< コレラ
カンフル注射: kanhuruchuusha: camphor injection <<< カンフル
ワクチン注射: wakuchinchuusha: vaccination, vaccine injection <<< ワクチン
ワクチン注射をする: wakuchinchuushaosuru: vaccinate (a person against) <<< ワクチン
ペニシリン注射: penishirinchuusha: penicillin shot <<< ペニシリン


pronunciation: chuushaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: book
translation: explanatory notes, comment, commentary, annotation
注釈する: chuushakusuru: annotate, comment (upon), make notes (upon)
注釈付の: chuushakutsukino: annotated, with notes <<<
注釈者: chuushakusha: annotator, commentator <<<
check also: 注解


pronunciation: chuushi
kanji characters: ,
translation: discontinuance, stop (n.)
中止する: chuushisuru: discontinue, stop (v.)
ストを中止する: sutoochuushisuru: call off a strike <<< スト


pronunciation: chuushin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography , mathematics
translation: center (n.), middle, core, heart, focus, nucleus
中心の: chuushinnno: central
中心的: chuushinteki <<<
中心を取る: chuushinnotoru: keep one's balance <<<
中心を失う: chuushinnoushinau: lose one's balance <<<
中心に置く: chuushinnnioku: center (v.) <<<
中心地: chuushinchi: center, capital, metropolis <<<
中心軸: chuushinjiku: central axis <<<
中心点: chuushinten: focal, central point, node, pivot <<<
中心部: chuushinbu: central part, core, centrum, centrosphere <<<
中心人物: chuushinjinbutsu: central figure, leader <<< 人物
自己中心: jikochuushin: egoist <<< 自己
レンズの中心: renzunochuushin: optical center <<< レンズ
check also: 中間 , 中枢 , 中央


pronunciation: chuushoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food
translation: lunch, luncheon, midday meal
昼食を取る: chuushokuotoru: have [take] lunch <<<
昼食会: chuushokukai: luncheon <<<
昼食時: chuushokuji: lunchtime <<<
昼食時間: chuushokujikan <<< 時間
手軽な昼食: tegarunachuushoku: light lunch <<< 手軽
synonyms: 昼飯 , ランチ
check also: 朝食 , 夕食

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