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pronunciation: doumei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , war
translation: alliance, league
同盟する: doumeisuru: form [go into] an alliance [union], be allied [leagued]
同盟して: doumeishite: in alliance with
同盟国: doumeikoku: allied country [power] <<<
同盟軍: doumeigun: allied army <<< , 友軍
同盟条約: doumeijouyaku: treaty of alliance <<< 条約
同盟罷業: doumeihigyou: strike
同盟休校: doumeikyuukou: school strike
軍事同盟: gunjidoumei: military alliance <<< 軍事
防御同盟: bougyodoumei: defensive alliance <<< 防御
防衛同盟: boueidoumei: defense pact <<< 防衛
関税同盟: kanzeidoumei: customs union <<< 関税
三国同盟: sangokudoumei: Triple Alliance <<< 三国


pronunciation: doumyaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: organs , transport
translation: artery
動脈の: doumyakuno: arterial
動脈瘤: doumyakuryuu: aneurysm <<<
動脈炎: doumyakuen: arterial inflammation <<<
動脈血: doumyakuketsu: arterial blood <<<
動脈硬化: doumyakukouka: arteriosclerosis, hardening of the arteries <<< 硬化
動脈硬化症: doumyakukoukashou <<<
動脈切開: doumyakusekkai: arteriotomy
大動脈: daidoumyaku: main artery <<<
大動脈炎: daidoumyakuen: aortitis <<<
頚動脈: keidoumyaku: carotid
check also: 静脈


pronunciation: dounin , doujin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: amusement
translation: member, coterie, the same [said] person, person in question
同人雑誌: douninzasshi, doujinzasshi: literary coterie magazine <<< 雑誌
同人誌: doujinshi <<<
check also: クラブ , サークル


pronunciation: dounyuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology , music
translation: introduction, innovation
導入する: dounyuusuru: introduce, innovate
導入部: dounyuubu: introduction <<<
外資導入: gaishidounyuu: introduction of foreign capital <<< 外資


pronunciation: douraku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: amusement
translation: dissipation, debauchery, hobby, amusement
道楽する: dourakusuru: lead a loose [dissipated] life, sow one's wild oats
道楽に: dourakuni: for pleasure, as a hobby
道楽者: dourakumono: prodigal, libertin, man of pleasure <<<
道楽息子: dourakumusuko: prodigal son <<< 息子
check also: 趣味


pronunciation: douretsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: position
translation: the same rank, the same file


pronunciation: douri
kanji characters: ,
translation: reason, truth
道理で: douride: It is no wonder, naturally
道理に適った: dourinikanatta: reasonable, rational, sensible <<<
道理に背いた: dourinisomuita: unreasonable, irrational, absurd <<<
道理に従う: dourinishitagau: listen to reason <<<
道理を説く: douriotoku: persuade [reason] (a person) into compliance, dissuade (a person) from <<<
道理上: dourijou: naturally, of course <<< , 当然
check also: 条理


pronunciation: douro
kanji characters: ,
keyword: travel , car
translation: road, street, roadway
道路網: douromou: road network <<<
道路標識: dourohyoushiki: road sign <<< 標識
道路工事: dourokouji: road repairing <<< 工事
道路工夫: dourokouhu: roadman <<< 工夫
道路交通: dourokoutsuu: road traffic <<< 交通
道路妨害: dourobougai: traffic block <<< 妨害
道路地図: dourochizu: road map <<< 地図
高速道路: kousokudouro: speedway, freeway, superhighway <<< 高速
支線道路: shisendouro: feeder highway [road] <<< 支線
循環道路: junkandouro: circular road <<< 循環
有料道路: yuuryoudouro: toll road <<< 有料
環状道路: kanjoudouro: loop road, ring road <<< 環状
幹線道路: kansendouro: principal road, main road, highway <<< 幹線
立体交差道路: rittaikousadouro: flyover roadway, overpass <<< 立体
弾丸道路: dangandouro: superhighway, freeway <<< 弾丸
アクセス道路: akusesudouro: access road <<< アクセス
アスファルト道路: asufarutodouro: asphalted road <<< アスファルト


pronunciation: dourui
kanji characters: ,
keyword: society
translation: same class [kind, category], complice
同類項: douruikou: similar [like] term <<<
check also: 仲間


pronunciation: douryoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology , transport
translation: power (n.), dynamic force
動力の: douryokuno: dynamic
動力計: douryokukei: dynamometer <<<
動力線: douryokusen: power line <<<
動力装置: douryokusouchi: power plant <<< 装置
動力ブレーキ: douryokubureeki: power brake <<< ブレーキ

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