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pronunciation: engo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: backing, support, protection
援護する: engosuru: back up, support, give support, protect
援護射撃: engoshageki: covering fire [barrage] <<< 射撃
check also: 保護


pronunciation: enji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: school
translation: kindergartner


pronunciation: enjo
kanji characters: ,
translation: help (n.), aid (n.), assist (n.), support (n.), assistance
援助する: enjosuru: help (v.), aid (v.), assist (v.), support (v.)
援助を与える: enjooataeru <<<
援助を求める: enjoomotomeru: ask for help <<<
援助交際: enjokousai: schoolgirls' concealed prostitution <<< 交際
援助物資: enjobusshi: succor (resources) <<< 物資
技術援助: gijutsuenjo: technical aid [assistance] <<< 技術
財政援助: zaiseienjo: financial aid <<< 財政
軍事援助: gunjienjo: military aid [assistance] <<< 軍事
開発援助: kaihatsuenjo: development aid [assistance] <<< 開発
武器援助: bukienjo: arms aid <<< 武器
経済援助: keizaienjo: economic assistance <<< 経済
災害援助: saigaienjo: disaster aid <<< 災害
check also: 手伝 , 支援 , ヘルプ


pronunciation: enjou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disaster
translation: burning, ignition, destruction by fire
炎上する: enjousuru: go up in flames, be destroyed by fire


pronunciation: enjuku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: art
translation: maturity, perfection
円熟する: enjukusuru: mature (v.), mellow
円熟した: enjukushita: ripe, mature (a.), mellow (character)
円熟した作家: enjukushitasakka: mature writer <<< 作家


pronunciation: enka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: chemistry
translation: chloridation
塩化する: enkasuru: chloridize
塩化物: enkabutsu: chloride <<<
塩化鉛: enkaen: chloride of lead <<<
塩化鉄: enkatetsu: chloride of iron <<<
塩化銀: enkagin: silver chloride <<<
塩化水素: enkasuiso: hydrogen chloride <<< 水素
塩化ビニール: enkabiniiru: vinyl chloride <<< ビニール
塩化カルシウム: enkakarushiumu: calcium chloride <<< カルシウム
塩化ナトリウム: enkanatoriumu: sodium chloride <<< ナトリウム
check also: 塩素


pronunciation: enkai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: amusement
translation: dinner party, feast, banquet, entertainment
宴会を開く: enkaiohiraku: give (hold) a dinner party, banquet <<<
宴会を催す: enkaiomoyoosu <<<
宴会場: enkaijou: banqueting hall <<<
新年宴会: shinnnennenkai: new year's dinner party <<< 新年


pronunciation: enkai
kanji characters: 沿 ,
keyword: geography , sea
translation: coast, sea along the coast
沿海の: enkaino: in-shore, coastal
沿海州: enkaishuu: maritime province <<<
沿海漁業: enkaigyogyou: coastal [in-shore] fishery <<< 漁業
check also: 沿岸 , 近海


pronunciation: enkaku
kanji characters: 沿 ,
keyword: history
translation: history, development
沿革誌: enkakushi: historical record, chronicle <<<
check also: 歴史 , 変遷


pronunciation: enkei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics
translation: circle
円形の: enkeino: round, circular
円形窓: enkeimado: rose window, rosette <<<
円形動物: enkeidoubutsu: nematodes, roundworms <<< 動物
円形競技場: enkeikyougijou: Colosseum, amphitheater
円形脱毛症: enkeidatsumoushou: circular loss of hair, alopecia areata

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