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pronunciation: giron
kanji characters: ,
translation: argument, discussion, debate (n.), dispute, controversy
議論する: gironsuru: argue (with a person about a matter), discuss (a matter), debate (on), dispute (about, on), contend (about)
議論好きな: gironzukina: argumentative, disputatious <<<
議論に勝つ: gironnnikatsu: have [get] the best of an argument, outargue (a person) <<<
議論に負ける: gironnnimakeru: be defeated in argument, have [get] the worst of an argument <<<
議論の余地が無い: gironnnoyochiganai: It admits of no discussion, It is beyond dispute [question]
活発な議論: kappatsunagiron: animated discussion <<< 活発
活発に議論する: kappatsunigironsuru: actively discuss <<< 活発
check also: 審議


pronunciation: gisei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport , disaster
translation: sacrifice (n.), immolation
犠牲にする: giseinisuru: sacrifice (v.), immolate
犠牲に供する: giseinikyousuru <<<
犠牲を払う: giseioharau: make sacrifices <<<
犠牲に成る: giseininaru: be sacrificed, fall a victim <<<
犠牲的: giseiteki: self-sacrificing, abnegation <<<
犠牲的精神: giseitekiseishin: self-sacrificing spirit <<< 精神
犠牲祭: giseisai: Eid al-Adha, feast of sacrifice <<<
犠牲打: giseida: sacrifice hit (in baseball) <<<
犠牲者: giseisha: victim, prey <<<
犠牲フライ: giseihurai: sacrifice fly (in baseball) <<< フライ
synonyms: 生贄 , 献身


pronunciation: gishi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology
translation: engineer, technologist
技師長: gishichou: chief engineer <<<
機械技師: kikaigishi: mechanical engineer <<< 機械
顧問技師: komongishi: consulting engineer <<< 顧問
電気技師: denkigishi: electrical engineer <<< 電気
鉱山技師: kouzangishi: mining engineer <<< 鉱山
無線技師: musengishi: radio [wireless] operator <<< 無線
土木技師: dobokugishi: civil engineer <<< 土木
測量技師: sokuryougishi: surveying engineer <<< 測量
撮影技師: satsueigishi: film operator, cameraperson, cameraman <<< 撮影
建築技師: kenchikugishi: architect <<< 建築
レントゲン技師: rentogengishi: radiographer <<< レントゲン


pronunciation: gishiki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: religion
translation: ceremony, ritual (n.)
儀式の: gishikino: ceremonial, ritual (a.)
儀式を行う: gishikiookonau: hold a ceremony <<<
儀式を司る: gishikiotsukasadoru <<<
儀式張る: gishikibaru: stand on ceremony, be formal [ceremonious, solemn] <<<
儀式張った: gishikibatta: formal, ceremonious, solemn
儀式張らぬ: gishikibaranu: informal
儀式張らずに: gishikibarazuni: without ceremony [formality]


pronunciation: gisou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: disguise (n.), camouflage (n.), falsification
偽装する: gisousuru: disguise (v.), camouflage (v.), falsify
偽装した: gisoushita: disguised, camouflaged
偽装結婚: gisoukekkon: camouflaged marriage <<< 結婚
偽装難民: gisounanmin: camouflaged refugees, refugees in disguise
偽装売買: gisoubaibai: money laundering, washing <<< 売買
偽装殺人: gisousatsujin: disguised suicide <<< 殺人


pronunciation: gitei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: (younger) brother-in-law
check also: 義兄


pronunciation: giwaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: doubt, suspicion
疑惑を抱く: giwakuoidaku: have a doubt, harbor a suspicion <<<
疑惑を招く: giwakuomaneku: excite [arouse] suspicions <<<
疑惑を解く: giwakuotoku: dispel person's suspicions <<<


pronunciation: gizen
kanji characters: ,
translation: hypocrisy
偽善的: gizenteki: hypocritical <<<
偽善者: gizensha: hypocrite <<<
偽善者振る: gizenshaburu: cant <<<


pronunciation: gizou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: forgery, falsification
偽造の: gizouno: forged, fake, counterfeit
偽造する: gizousuru: falsify, forge
偽造者: gizousha: forger <<<
偽造罪: gizouzai: forgery (crime) <<<
偽造品: gizouhin: counterfeit <<<
偽造紙幣: gizoushihei: forged banknote <<< 紙幣
偽造貨幣: gizoukahei: forged coin <<< 貨幣
文書偽造: bunshogizou: forgery of documents <<< 文書
私書偽造: shishogizou: falsification of private documents <<< 私書
check also: 偽装 , 模造


pronunciation: gobou
kanji characters:
other spells: ゴボウ
keyword: vegetable
translation: burdock
牛蒡抜き: gobounuki: straight defeating <<<
牛蒡抜きにする: gobounukinisuru: defeat straight, outrun several runners (at a stretch)
西洋牛蒡: seiyougobou: salsify, oyster plant, vegetable oyster <<< 西洋

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