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pronunciation: gomen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: greeting
translation: sorry, pardon
御免なさい: gomennnasai: I am very sorry, I apologize you
御免下さい: gomenkudasai: excuse me <<<
御免を被って: gomennokoumutte: by [with] your leave, with your permission <<<
木戸御免: kidogomen: privilege of free admittance <<< 木戸
check also: 恩赦 , 失礼


pronunciation: gomibako
kanji characters: ,
other spells: ゴミ箱, 塵箱
keyword: house
translation: trash can, dustbin
check also: 芥袋


pronunciation: gomibukuro
kanji characters: ,
other spells: ゴミ袋, 塵袋
keyword: environment
translation: rubbish [garbage] sack [bag], dustbin liner [bag]
check also: 芥箱


pronunciation: gomibukuro
kanji characters: ,
other spells: ゴミ袋
keyword: hygiene
translation: trash [rubbish] bag


pronunciation: gomoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: game , japanese food
translation: a kind of Japanese go game, Japanese rice or noodle dish mixed with different ingredients
五目並べ: gomokunarabe: a kind of Japanese go game consisting of aligning five stones of the same color <<<
五目寿司: gomokuzushi: Japanese rice dish mixed with different ingredients <<< 寿司
check also: 囲碁 , 連珠


pronunciation: gonge
kanji characters: ,
keyword: buddhism
translation: incarnation, personification, avatar
悪魔の権化: akumanogonge: devil incarnate <<< 悪魔
check also: 化身 , アバター


pronunciation: goraku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: amusement
translation: amusement, entertainment, recreation, pastime
娯楽室: gorakushitsu: recreation [game] room <<<
娯楽場: gorakujou: place of amusement <<<
娯楽街: gorakugai: amusement center <<<
娯楽欄: gorakuran: entertainment columns <<<
娯楽映画: gorakueiga: entertainment movie <<< 映画
娯楽雑誌: gorakuzasshi: magazine for amusement <<< 雑誌
娯楽小説: gorakushousetsu: entertainment novel <<< 小説
娯楽機関: gorakukikan: facilities for recreation <<< 機関
娯楽施設: gorakushisetsu <<< 施設
娯楽産業: gorakusangyou: entertainment industry, show business <<< 産業
娯楽番組: gorakubangumi: entertainment program <<< 番組
check also: 気晴 , レジャー , エンタメ


pronunciation: gorin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport
translation: five rings, Olympics
五輪選手: gorinsenshu: Olympic player <<< 選手
五輪大会: gorintaikai: Olympic game, Olympics <<< 大会
check also: オリンピック


pronunciation: gotoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: utensil
translation: five virtues (of Confucianism), trivet, tripod


pronunciation: gouben
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: joint venture
合弁の: goubennno: joint
合弁事業: goubenjigyou: joint venture <<< 事業
合弁会社: goubengaisha: joint venture (cooperation) <<< 会社

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