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pronunciation: gouryuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: nature , travel
translation: junction, confluence, meeting, encounter
合流する: gouryuusuru: join, meet, flow into, unite oneself (with)
合流点: gouryuuten: confluence (of rivers) <<<


pronunciation: gousei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: chemistry , biology
translation: composition, synthesis
合成の: gouseino: composite, compound
合成する: gouseisuru: compound, synthesize
合成語: gouseigo: compound word <<<
合成酒: gouseishu: compound sake <<<
合成物: gouseibutsu: compound [composite, synthetic] product <<<
合成物質: gouseibusshitsu: synthetic material <<< 物質
合成樹脂: gouseijushi: plastics <<< 樹脂 , プラスチック
合成繊維: gouseisenni: synthetic fiber <<< 繊維
合成洗剤: gouseisenzai: synthetic detergent <<< 洗剤
合成写真: gouseishashin: composite photo <<< 写真
合成ゴム: gouseigomu: synthetic rubber <<< ゴム
光合成: kougousei: photosynthesis <<<


pronunciation: goushuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: oceania
translation: Australia
豪州の: goushuuno: Australian
豪州人: goushuujin: Australian (people) <<<
豪州大陸: goushuutairiku: Australian Continent <<< 大陸
check also: オーストラリア


pronunciation: goutei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: house
translation: fine house


pronunciation: goutou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: robber, burglar, robbery, holdup, burglary, heist
強盗する: goutousuru: rob
強盗を働く: goutouohataraku <<<
強盗団: goutoudan: band (gang) of robbers, bunch of crooks <<<
強盗殺人: goutousatsujin: murder with robbery as a motive <<< 殺人
拳銃強盗: kenjuugoutou: holdup <<< 拳銃
銀行強盗: ginkougoutou: bank robbery <<< 銀行
覆面強盗: hukumengoutou: masked robber <<< 覆面
集団強盗: shuudangoutou: gang of burglars <<< 集団
ピストル強盗: pisutorugoutou: hold-up <<< ピストル


pronunciation: gouu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weather
translation: heavy rain, downpour, torrential rain
集中豪雨: shuuchuugouu: local downpour <<< 集中


pronunciation: goza
other spells: ゴザ
keyword: furniture
translation: mat, matting
茣蓙を敷く: gozaoshiku: spread a mat <<<
茣蓙を敷いた: gozaoshiita: matted
check also: マット


pronunciation: gozen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: time
translation: morning (n.), forenoon
午前に: gozennni: in the morning
午前中: gozenchuu <<<
午前の: gozennno: morning (a.)
午前九時に: gozenkujini: at nine in the morning, at 9 am
午前様: gozensama: husband who returns home after midnight (after drinking) <<<
antonyms: 午後
check also:


pronunciation: guai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: health , technology
translation: condition, state, shape, circumstances, health, way, manner, fitness
具合が良い: guaigaii, guaigayoi: be in good order, work well [smoothly], be [feel] well, be convenient, fit well <<<
具合が悪い: guaigawarui: be out of order, be [feel] unwell [ill], be inconvenient, do not fit <<<
具合良く: guaiyoku: luckily, conveniently, satisfactorily <<<
具合悪く: guaiwaruku: unluckily, at the wrong moment, inopportunely, inconveniently <<<
不具合: huguai: bad condition [state, shape], unfitness <<<


pronunciation: gugen
kanji characters: ,
translation: embodiment, realization, incarnation
具現する: gugensuru: embody, realize, incarnate
synonyms: 実現 , 体現
check also: 化身 , 権化

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