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pronunciation: ganban
kanji characters: ,
keyword: nature
translation: base rock


pronunciation: ganbari
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport
translation: perseverance, tenacity
頑張る: ganbaru: do one's best, stand firm, persist in, hold [stand] out
頑張れ: ganbare: Hold out!
頑張って: ganbatte: Good cheer!
頑張が効く: ganbarigakiku: be tenacious [persistent] <<<
頑張が効かない: ganbarigakikanai: give in easily
頑張屋: ganbariya: hard-working [stubborn] fellow <<<


pronunciation: ganbou
kanji characters: ,
translation: desire (n.), wish (n.), hope (n.), will (n.)
願望する: ganbousuru: desire (v.), wish (v.), hope (v.), will (v.)
願望を適える: ganbouokanaeru: fulfill a wish <<<
願望成就: ganboujouju: wish fulfillment <<< 成就
check also: 切望


pronunciation: gangu , omocha
kanji characters:
keyword: game
translation: toy, plaything
玩具にする: omochanisuru: toy [play, trifle] with, make a playing of
玩具屋: omochaya: merchant of toys, toy shop <<<
玩具商: gangushou: merchant of toys <<<
玩具店: ganguten: toy shop <<<


pronunciation: ganjitsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: the first day of the year, new year's day
check also: 元旦 , 正月 , 新年


pronunciation: ganko
kanji characters: ,
translation: stubbornness, obstinacy, bigotry
頑固な: gankona: stubborn, obstinate, bigoted, headstrong, persistent
頑固な病気: gankonabyouki: inveterate disease <<< 病気
頑固に: gankoni: stubbornly, obstinately
頑固者: gankomono: pighead, bullhead <<<
頑固親父: gankooyaji: obstinate old man <<< 親父
check also: 強情


pronunciation: gankyou , megane
kanji characters: ,
other spells: メガネ
keyword: accessory , optics
translation: (pair of) glasses [spectacles]
眼鏡を掛ける: meganeokakeru: wear [put on] spectacles <<<
眼鏡を掛けた: meganeokaketa: with glasses, bespectacled
眼鏡を外す: meganeohazusu: take off one's glasses <<<
眼鏡の縁: meganenohuchi: rim of glasses, spectacle frame <<<
眼鏡のフレーム: meganenohureemu
眼鏡の弦: meganenotsuru: leg of glasses <<<
眼鏡の玉: meganenotama: spectacles glass, ophthalmic lens <<<
眼鏡入れ: meganeire: spectacle case <<<
眼鏡ケース: meganekeesu <<< ケース
眼鏡に適う: meganenikanau: win a person's heart, find favor with <<<
眼鏡越しに: meganegoshini: over (the rim of) one's spectacles [glasses] <<<
眼鏡越しに見る: meganegoshinimiru: look over (the rim of) one's spectacles, glance at (a person) from over one's glasses <<<
眼鏡屋: meganeya: optician <<<
片眼鏡: katamegane: monocle <<<
鼻眼鏡: hanamegane: pince-nez <<<
遠視眼鏡: enshigankyou: glasses for the longsighted <<< 遠視
水中眼鏡: suichuumegane: swimming goggles <<< 水中
蜻蛉眼鏡: tonbomegane: granny [grannie] glasses <<< 蜻蛉


pronunciation: gankyou
kanji characters: ,
translation: stiffness, obstinacy, resistance, tenacity
頑強な: gankyouna: stiff, stubborn, adamant, dogged, obstinate, tenacious
頑強な抵抗: gankyounateikou: stubborn [stiff] resistance <<< 抵抗
頑強に: gankyouni: stubbornly, doggedly
頑強に抵抗する: gankyouniteikousuru: resist stubbornly


pronunciation: gankyuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: body
translation: eyeball
check also: 目玉


pronunciation: ganmen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: body
translation: face
顔面の: ganmennno: facial
顔面神経: ganmenshinkei: facial nerve <<< 神経
顔面神経痛: ganmenshinkeitsuu: facial neuralgia, face-ache <<<

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