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pronunciation: hizashi
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 陽射
keyword: weather
translation: sunlight
日差が暖かい: hizashigaatatakai: weather is mild <<<
check also: 日光


pronunciation: hoan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: security , war
translation: security, safety
保安官: hoankan: constable, sheriff <<<
保安隊: hoantai: security force <<<
保安林: hoanrin: forest reserve <<<
保安院: hoannin: nuclear and industrial safety agency <<<
保安要員: hoannyouin: maintenance personnel <<< 要員
保安警察: hoankeisatsu: security police <<< 警察
check also: セキュリティー , 警備


pronunciation: hobaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: justice
translation: arrest (n.)
捕縛する: hobakusuru: arrest (v.)
synonyms: 逮捕


pronunciation: hobo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: kids
translation: nurse, kindergarten teacher, kindergartner, (day) nursery attendant
check also: 乳母 , 子守


pronunciation: hodou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: town
translation: sidewalk, pavement
歩道橋: hodoukyou: footbridge <<<
動く歩道: ugokuhodou: moving sidewalk <<<
横断歩道: oudanhodou: pedestrian crossing <<< 横断


pronunciation: hodou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: education
translation: guidance, orientation
補導する: hodousuru: guide, orientate
職業補導: shokugyouhodou: vocational guidance <<< 職業
職場補導: shokubahodou: training within industry (TWI), on-the-job training <<< 職場
check also: 指導


pronunciation: hogei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: animal
translation: whaling
捕鯨業: hogeigyou: whale hunt <<<
捕鯨砲: hogeihou: whaling [harpoon] gun <<<
捕鯨船: hogeisen: whaling ship, whaler <<<
捕鯨船団: hogeisendan: fleet of whalers <<< 船団
捕鯨会社: hogeigaisha: whaling company <<< 会社


pronunciation: hogo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , nature
translation: protection, conservation
保護する: hogosuru: protect, guard
保護を受ける: hogooukeru: be protected by, be under a person's protection <<<
保護を求める: hogoomotomeru: ask a protection, seek sanctuary <<<
保護者: hogosha: curator, custodian, protector, guardian, tutor <<<
保護国: hogokoku: protectorate <<<
保護領: hogoryou <<<
保護林: hogorin: preserved forest <<<
保護色: hogoshoku: protective color [coloring] <<<
保護鳥: hagochou: protected bird <<<
保護関税: hogokanzei: protective duty <<< 関税
保護貿易: hogoboueki: protected [protective] trade <<< 貿易
生活保護: seikatsuhogo: welfare <<< 生活
山林保護: sanrinhogo: forest conservancy <<< 山林
資源を保護する: shigennohogosuru: conserve natural resources <<< 資源
少年保護: shounenhogo: youth welfare <<< 少年
自然保護: shizenhogo: conservancy, nature conservation <<< 自然
人権保護: jinkenhogo: protection of human rights <<< 人権
森林保護: shinrinhogo: forest protection <<< 森林
環境保護: kankyouhogo: environment protection, climate protection <<< 環境
データ保護: deetahogo: data protection <<< データ
プライバシー保護: puraibashiihogo: privacy protection <<< プライバシー
check also: 援護 , 擁護 , 庇護


pronunciation: hohei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: infantryman, infantry
歩兵隊: hoheitai: infantry (corps) <<<
歩兵連隊: hoheirentai: infantry regiment <<< 連隊
歩兵師団: hoheishidan: infantry division <<< 師団


pronunciation: hoiku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: kids
translation: nurture (n.), nursing, day care
保育する: hoikusuru: foster, nurture (v.)
保育園: hoikuen: nursery school, day-care center, day nursery <<<
保育所: hoikusho <<<
保育器: hoikuki: incubator <<<

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