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pronunciation: haisui
kanji characters: ,
keyword: ship , town
translation: drainage, draining
排水する: haisuisuru: drain, pump out the water, bail
排水が良い: haisuigaii: drain well <<<
排水が悪い: haisuigawarui: do not drain well <<<
排水管: haisuikan: drainpipe <<<
排水口: haisuikou: an overflow, drain hole <<<
排水孔: haisuikou <<<
排水溝: haisuikou: drainage ditch <<<
排水量: haisuiryou: displacement (tonnage) <<<
排水工事: haisuikouji: drainage works <<< 工事
排水ポンプ: haisuiponpu: drainage [drain] pump <<< ポンプ
農業排水: nougyouhaisui: agricultural water waste <<< 農業
check also: 下水


pronunciation: haita
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: exclusive rights
排他的: haitateki: exclusive <<<
排他主義: haitashugi: exclusionism, exclusivism <<< 主義


pronunciation: haitatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport
translation: delivery, distribution
配達する: haitatsusuru: deliver, distribute
配達違い: haitatsuchigai: wrong delivery <<<
配達済み: haitatsuzumi: already delivered <<<
配達人: haitatsunin: carrier, delivery man <<<
配達係: haitatsugakari <<<
配達先: haitatsusaki: destination, receiver <<<
配達料: haitatsuryou: delivery fee <<<
配達料金: haitatsuryoukin <<< 料金
配達時: haitatsuji: delivery time [moment] <<<
配達日: haitatsubi: delivery date <<<
配達車: haitatsusha: delivery truck [van] <<<
配達証明: haitatsushoumei: receipt voucher, certificate of receipt <<< 証明
配達不能: haitatsuhunou: impossible to deliver <<< 不能
配達不能便: haitatsuhunoubin: dead letter <<< 便
牛乳配達: gyuunyuuhaitatsu: milk run <<< 牛乳
電報配達: denpouhaitatsu: telegram delivery, telegram deliverer <<< 電報
郵便配達: yuubinhaitatsu: postal delivery, postman <<< 郵便
市内配達: shinaihaitatsu: city delivery <<< 市内
新聞配達: shinpunhaitatsu: paper round <<< 新聞
check also: 配送 , 配信


pronunciation: haitou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: finance
translation: allotment, dividend
配当する: haitousuru: allot a share (to persons), pay a dividend
配当付き: haitoutsuki: dividend on, cum dividend <<<
配当落ち: haitouochi: dividend off, ex dividend <<<
配当金: haitoukin: dividend <<<
配当控除: haitoukoujo: deduction for dividends <<< 控除
半期配当: hankihaitou: semiannual dividend <<< 半期
利益配当: riekihaitou: dividend <<< 利益


pronunciation: haiyuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: movie
translation: actor, player, performer
俳優に成る: haiyuuninaru: become an actor, go on the stage <<<
俳優を辞める: haiyuuoyameru: retire from [come off] the stage <<<
俳優学校: haiyuugakkou: school of acting <<< 学校
新人俳優: shinjinhaiyuu: new star, young actor <<< 新人
性格俳優: seikakuhaiyuu: character actor <<< 性格
主演俳優: shuenhaiyuu: leading actor [actress], star, performer <<< 主演
映画俳優: eigahaiyuu: movie actor [actress] <<< 映画
悲劇俳優: higekihaiyuu: tragic actor, tragedian <<< 悲劇
喜劇俳優: kigekihaiyuu: comic actor <<< 喜劇
人気俳優: ninkihaiyuu: screen idol <<< 人気
synonyms: 役者 , スター
check also: 女優


pronunciation: haizan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: failure, defeat
敗残兵: haizanhei: remnants of a defeated troop, stragglers <<<
敗残者: haizansha: vanquished a failure (of life) <<<


pronunciation: haizara
kanji characters: ,
keyword: furniture
translation: ash tray, smoking stand


pronunciation: haizen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food
translation: table arrangement
配膳する: haizensuru: spread the table (for dinner)
配膳室: haizenshitsu: service room <<<
配膳台: haizendai: kitchen table <<<


pronunciation: hakaba
kanji characters: ,
keyword: religion , life
translation: graveyard, cemetery, burial ground
揺籠から墓場まで: yurikagokarahakabamade: from the cradle to the grave <<< 揺籠
synonyms: 墓地


pronunciation: hakai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war , politics
translation: destruction, demolition, demolishing
破壊する: hakaisuru: destroy, demolish, break down
破壊的: hakaiteki: destructive, devastating <<<
破壊力: hakairyoku: destructive power <<<
破壊者: hakaisha: destroyer <<<
破壊工作: hakaikousaku: sabotage, subversive activities <<< 工作
破壊活動: hakaikatsudou <<< 活動
破壊分子: hakaibunshi: subversive element <<< 分子
環境破壊: kankyouhakai: environment destruction <<< 環境
大量破壊: tairyouhakai: mass destruction <<< 大量
森林破壊: shinrinhakai: deforestation <<< 森林
オゾン破壊: ozonhakai: ozone depletion <<< オゾン

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