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pronunciation: hushin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: doubt, suspicion, question
不審な: hushinnna: doubtful, suspicious, questionable, strange
不審そうに: hushinsouni: doubtfully, inquiringly, suspiciously
不審に思う: hushinnniomou: doubt, suspect, think (a matter) suspicious <<<
不審を抱く: hushinnoidaku: have some doubts (about), harbor suspicion <<<
不審火: hushinbi: suspected case of arson <<<
挙動不審: kyodouhushin: suspicious behavior <<< 挙動


pronunciation: hushou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport , war
translation: injury, wound (n.)
負傷する: hushousuru: injure, wound (v.)
負傷者: hushousha: injured person <<<
負傷兵: hushouhei: wounded soldier <<<
頭部に負傷する: toubunihushousuru: be wounded on [in] the head <<< 頭部


pronunciation: hushou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disaster
translation: bad omen, portentousness, inauspiciousness, calamity
不祥の: hushouno: ominous, portentous, inauspicious, calamitous
不祥事: hushouji: disgraceful affair, scandal <<< , スキャンダル
synonyms: 災難 , 不吉


pronunciation: husoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: accounting
translation: insufficiency, lack (n.), shortage, deficiency, dissatisfaction, discontent, complaint, grievance
不足の: husokuno: insufficient, lacking, short, deficient
不足した: husokushita
不足する: husokusuru: be insufficient, lack (v.), be short of
不足を補う: husokuooginau: make up a deficiency, supply the shortage <<<
不足額: husokugaku: shortage, deficit, difference <<<
不足税: husokuzei: short postage, postage due <<<
不足料: husokuryou <<<
寝不足: nebusoku: want to sleep, insufficient sleep <<<
寝不足で: nebusokude: from want to sleep, owing to insufficient sleep
寝不足の為: nebusokunotame <<<
力不足: chikarabusoku: lack of ability, inadequacy <<<
認識不足: ninshikibusoku: lack of understanding, ignorance <<< 認識
予算不足: yosanbusoku: budget deficit <<< 予算
露出不足: roshutsubusoku: underexposure <<< 露出
電力不足: denryokubusoku: power shortage <<< 電力
運動不足: undoubusoku: lack of exercise <<< 運動
睡眠不足: suiminbusoku: insufficient sleep <<< 睡眠
生産不足: seisanbusoku: underproduction <<< 生産
練習不足: renshuubusoku: lack of exercises <<< 練習
食糧不足: shokuryoubusoku: food shortage <<< 食糧
重量不足: juuryoubusoku: short weight <<< 重量
供給不足: kyoukyuubusoku: short supply, under-supply <<< 供給
現像不足: genzoubusoku: underdevelopment <<< 現像


pronunciation: husso
kanji characters: ,
other spells: フッソ
keyword: chemistry
translation: fluorine
弗素樹脂: hussojushi: fluoric resin <<< 樹脂
弗素添加: hussotenka: fluoridation <<< 添加
弗素化合物: hussokagoubutsu: fluorine compound


pronunciation: hutaba
kanji characters: ,
keyword: plant
translation: cotyledon, seed leaf
双葉のうちに摘む: hutabanouchinitsumu: nip in the bud <<<


pronunciation: hutago
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family , astronomy
translation: twin
双子座: hutagoza: Gemini <<<
双子の兄弟: hutagonokyoudai: twin brothers <<< 兄弟
双子の姉妹: hutagonoshimai: twin sisters <<< 姉妹
check also: 双生児


pronunciation: hutamata
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography
translation: fork, bifurcation
二股の: hutamatano: forked, bifurcated
二股に分かれる: hutamataniwakareru: fork off into two branches, bifurcate (v.) <<<
二股を掛ける: hutamataokakeru: sit on the fence, play double, have two strings on one's bow <<<
二股道: hutamatamichi: cross-road <<<
二股膏薬: hutamatagouyaku: double-dealing, double-dealer, trimmer, fence-sitter
二股ソケット: hutamatasoketto: two way adapter [socket] <<< ソケット
synonyms: 分岐


pronunciation: hutan
kanji characters: ,
translation: burden (n.), responsibility, charge
負担する: hutansuru: bear, support, shoulder
負担を課する: hutannokasuru: burden (v.), charge, tax, impose a burden on <<<
負担を掛ける: hutannokakeru <<<
負担を軽くする: hutonnokarukusuru: lighten the burden <<<
負担額: hutangaku: one's share, allotment <<<
当方負担で: touhouhutande: at our own cost [risk] <<< 当方
費用を負担する: hiyouohutansuru: bear the expenses <<< 費用


pronunciation: hutari
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: two persons, couple, pair
二人で: hutaride: as a pair, à deux
二人で分ける: hutaridewakeru: divide (things) between two persons <<<
二人の間で: hutarinoaidade: between the two <<<
二人共: hutaritomo: both of them, either [neither] of the two <<<
二人連れ: hutariZure: party of two, married couple <<<
二人連れで: hutariZurede: (go) together [in a couple]
二人乗り: hutarinori: two-seater <<<
二人部屋: hutaribeya: double room, twin room <<< 部屋
check also: 両者

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