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pronunciation: huushi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: media , politics
translation: satire, lampoon (n.), sarcasm
風刺する: huushisuru: satirize, lampoon (v.)
風刺の: huushino: satiric, satirical, sarcastic
風刺的: huushiteki <<<
風刺家: huushika: critic <<<
風刺詩: huushishi: satire, satirical poem <<<
風刺画: huushiga: cartoon, caricature <<<
風刺漫画: huushimanga <<< 漫画
風刺画家: huushigaka: cartoonist, caricaturist <<< 画家
風刺小説: huushishousetsu: satirical novel <<< 小説


pronunciation: huushuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: society
translation: manners and customs, convention, practices
風習を破る: huushuuoyaburu: break a custom <<<
風習に従う: huushuunishitagau: observe a custom <<<
synonyms: 習慣 , 慣習


pronunciation: huusoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weather
translation: wind velocity, wind speed
風速計: huusokukei: anemometer, wind gauge <<<
最大風速: saidaihuusoku: maximum wind speed <<< 最大


pronunciation: huusui
kanji characters: ,
keyword: nature
translation: feng shui, storm and flood
風水害: huusuigai: storm and flood damage <<<


pronunciation: huutou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: office
translation: envelope
封筒に入れる: huutouniireru: put in the envelope <<<


pronunciation: huuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weather
translation: wind and rain, storm
風雨に耐える: huuunitaeru: weatherproof, all-weather <<<
風雨に曝される: huuunisarasareru: be exposed to the weather <<<
風雨に曝された: huuunisarasareta: weather-beaten
風雨を冒して: huuuookashite: through [in the teeth of] the raging storm <<<
風雨注意報: huuuchuuihou: storm warning
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pronunciation: huuzoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: society
translation: customs, manners, public morals
風俗を害する: huuzokuogaisuru: corrupt [be injurious to] public morals <<<
風俗画: huuzokuga: genre picture <<<
風俗史: huuzokushi: history of morality <<<
風俗犯: huuzokuhan: moral offence <<<
風俗営業: huuzokueigyou: business affecting public morals <<< 営業
風俗壊乱: huuzokukairan: corruption of public morals
風俗習慣: huuzokushuukan: manners and customs <<< 習慣
風俗小説: huuzokushousetsu: novel of popular manners <<< 小説


pronunciation: huwa
kanji characters: ,
translation: discord, dissension, strife
不和に成る: huwaninaru: fall out (with a person), become estranged (from) <<<
不和の種を蒔く: huwanotaneomaku: sow the seeds of discord, breed discord
antonyms: 平和


pronunciation: huwatari
kanji characters: ,
keyword: finance
translation: dishonor, nonpayment
不渡に成る: huwatarininaru: be dishonored <<<
不渡を出す: huwatariodasu: dishonor a bill [check], pass a bad check <<<
不渡手形: huwataritegata: dishonored [bad] bill <<< 手形
不渡小切手: huwatarikogitte: dishonored [bad] check <<< 小切手


pronunciation: huyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: environment
translation: uselessness, inutility
不用の: huyouno: useless, unnecessary, disused
不用の節は: huyounosetsuha: if (it is) not wanted, when (it is) out of use <<<
不用に成る: huyouninaru: fall into desuetude, become useless <<<
不用物: huyoubutsu: disused [discarded] article <<<
不用品: huyouhin <<<

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