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pronunciation: hyoujou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: art
translation: facial expression, one's look
表情に富んだ: hyoujounitonda: expressive <<<
表情豊かな: hyoujouyutakana <<<
表情の無い: hyoujounonai: expressionless, blank, vacant, wooden <<<
表情に乏しい: hyoujounitoboshii <<<
表情を硬くする: hyoujouokatakusuru: harden one's face <<<
check also: 表現


pronunciation: hyoujun
kanji characters: ,
keyword: industry
translation: standard, norm, par, mean value, level
標準の: hyoujunnno: standard (a.), normal, regular
標準化: hyoujunka: standardization <<<
標準化する: hyoujunkasuru: standardize
標準に達する: hyoujunnnitassuru: come up to [reach] the standard <<<
標準を定める: hyoujunnosadameru: fix the standard <<<
標準語: hyoujungo: standard language <<<
標準時: hyoujunji: standard time <<<
標準時間: hyoujunjikan <<< 時間
標準型: hyoujungata: standard type <<<
標準規格: hyoujunkikaku: standard format <<< 規格
標準価格: hyoujunkakaku: standard price <<< 価格
標準軌道: hyoujunkidou: standard gauge <<< 軌道
標準サイズ: hyoujunsaizu: standard size, regular size <<< サイズ
check also: 規格 , 基準 , スタンダード , レベル


pronunciation: hyouka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: accounting
translation: appreciation, appraisal, estimation
評価する: hyoukasuru: appreciate, estimate
評価額: hyoukagaku: estimated value, assess <<<
評価版: hyoukaban: demo version <<<
評価損: hyoukazon: depreciation (in value), decline [decrease] in value <<<
高く評価する: takakuhyoukasuru: set a high value on, make much of <<<
過大評価: kadaihyoukasuru: overestimation, overvaluation <<< 過大
過大評価する: kadaihyoukasuru: overestimate, overvalue <<< 過大
相対評価: soutaihyouka: relative evaluation <<< 相対
check also: 見積


pronunciation: hyouki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport
translation: representation
表記する: hyoukisuru: inscribe on the face, mark on the outside
表記の: hyoukino: inscribed on the face, marked on the outside
表記の住所: hyoukinojuusho: address mentioned on the outside <<< 住所
表記価格: hyoukikakaku: shown [displayed] price <<< 価格
価格表記: kakakuhyouki: price mark [tag], indication of price <<< 価格
check also: 表示


pronunciation: hyoumei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: manifestation, announcement, declaration, enunciation
表明する: hyoumeisuru: manifest, announce, declare, enunciate


pronunciation: hyoumen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: chemistry
translation: surface, face, appearance
表面に: hyoumennni: on the outside (face, surface)
表面の: hyoumennno: of the surface, superficial
表面的: hyoumenteki <<<
表面的に: hyoumentekini: superficially
表面的には: hyoumentekiniha: outwardly, one the surface, apparently, seemingly, on the face of it
表面上は: hyoumenjouha <<<
表面に現れる: hyoumennniarawareru: come to the surface <<<
表面化する: hyoumenkasuru: come to the front, come up to the surface <<<
表面積: hyoumenseki: surface area <<<
表面張力: hyoumenchouryoku: surface tension <<< 張力


pronunciation: hyouron
kanji characters: ,
keyword: literature , media
translation: criticism, review
評論する: hyouronsuru: criticize, comment, review
評論の: hyouronnno: critical
評論家: hyouronka: critic, essayist <<<
評論雑誌: hyouronzasshi: review (journal) <<< 雑誌
人物評論: jinbutsuhyouron: personal criticism <<< 人物
synonyms: 批評 , レビュー


pronunciation: hyouryuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sea
translation: drifting, driftage
漂流する: hyouryuusuru: drift about (out), be adrift (on the sea)
漂流者: hyouryuusha: castaway <<<
漂流船: hyouryuusen: drifting ship <<<
漂流物: hyouryuubutsu: drift, driftage, flotsam, wreckage <<<
漂流教室: hyouryuukyoushitsu: drifting classroom (a manga of Kazuo Umeki, 1972 – 1974) <<< 教室


pronunciation: hyoushi
kanji characters: ,
translation: cover (n.), binding
表紙を付ける: hyoushiotsukeru: cover (v.) <<<
表紙裏: hyoushiura: inside front [back] cover <<<
表紙カバー: hyoushikabaa: book jacket <<< カバー
表表紙: omotebyoushi: front cover <<<
裏表紙: urabyoushi: back cover <<<
紙表紙: kamibyoushi: paper cover <<<
布表紙: nunobyoushi: cloth cover <<<
革表紙: kawabyoushi: leather cover <<<


pronunciation: hyoushi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: music
translation: time, rhythm, cadence, chance, impulse
拍子を取る: hyoushiotoru: beat time <<<
拍子を合わせる: hyoushioawaseru: keep time (with) <<<
拍子抜けする: hyoushinukesuru: lose interest (in), be disappointed [damped] (at) <<<
手拍子: tebyoushi: handclap <<<
手拍子を取る: tebyoushiotoru: beat time with the hands <<<
何かの拍子で: nanikanohyoushide: by some chance <<<
何かの拍子に: nanikanohyoushini
check also: リズム

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