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pronunciation: iyaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: drug
translation: medicine
医薬品: iyakuhin: medical supplies <<<
医薬分業: iyakubungyou: separation of dispensary from medical practice


pronunciation: iyoku
kanji characters: ,
translation: eagerness, will, ambition
意欲的: iyokuteki: eager, ambitious <<<
意欲的に: iyokutekini: with desire [enthusiasm], eagerly
意欲が有る: iyokugaaru: have willpower <<<
意欲を高める: iyokuotakameru: stimulate <<<
創作意欲: sousakuiyoku: creative will <<< 創作
勤労意欲: kinrouiyoku: will to work <<< 勤労


pronunciation: iyou
kanji characters: ,
translation: oddness, queerness
異様な: iyouna: odd, queer, grotesque
異様に: iyouni: oddly, queerly, grotesquely
異様に見える: iyounimieru: look queer <<<
異様に聞こえる: iyounikikoeru: sound strange <<<
一種異様の: isshuiyouno: nondescript, undefinable <<< 一種
check also: 奇異


pronunciation: izen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: before, past
以前に: izennni: previously, formerly
check also: 以後


pronunciation: izoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime , transport
translation: bereaved [surviving] family
遺族年金: izokunenkin: survivor's annuity [pension] <<< 年金
遺族補償: izokuhoshou: compensation for the bereaved <<< 補償


pronunciation: izon
kanji characters: ,
translation: dependence
依存する: izonsuru: depend [rely] on, be dependent upon

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