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pronunciation: jishu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: voluntary surrender to the police
自首する: jishusuru: turn oneself in [give oneself up] to the police, surrender [deliver] oneself to the police


pronunciation: jishuu
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 自修
keyword: school
translation: self-teaching, self-study
自習する: jishuusuru: teach oneself, study by oneself
自習室: jishuushitsu: study hall <<<
自習時間: jishuujikan: study hours <<< 時間
check also: 独学


pronunciation: jisou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport
translation: self propelling
自走砲: jisouhou: self-propelled gun <<<


pronunciation: jissai
kanji characters: ,
translation: practice, actual condition, reality, truth, fact
実際の: jissaino: practical, actual, real, true
実際の所: jissainotokoro: to tell the truth, as it is <<<
実際に: jissaini: in practice, actually, in fact, truly, really, indeed, virtually, as a matter of fact, in reality
実際は: jissaiwa: in reality
実際的: jissaiteki: practical, matter-of-fact, down-to-earth <<<
実際的考え: jissaitekikangae: practical idea <<<
実際的知識: jissaitekichishiki: practical knowledge <<< 知識
実際家: jissaika: practical man <<<
実際教育: jissaikyouiku: practical instruction, object-lesson, visual instruction <<< 教育
実際問題: jissaimondai: practical question <<< 問題
実際価格: jissaikakaku: cash value <<< 価格
check also: 事実


pronunciation: jisseki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: actual results, past records, business showings
実績を上げる: jissekioageru: bring about good results, give satisfactory results <<<
実績を挙げる: jissekioageru <<<
実績制: jissekisei: merit system <<<


pronunciation: jissen
kanji characters: ,
translation: practice (n.)
実践する: jissensuru: practice (v.), put in [into] practice
実践に移す: jissennniutsusu <<<
実践的: jissenteki: practical <<<
実践主義: jissenshugi: activism <<< 主義
実践道徳: jissendoutoku: practical morality <<< 道徳
実践倫理学: jissenrinrigaku: practical ethics
check also: 実行 , 実施


pronunciation: jisshi
kanji characters: ,
translation: practice (n.)
実施する: jisshisuru: carry out, perform, practice (v.)
実施案: jisshian: working plan <<<
check also: 実行 , 実践


pronunciation: jisshuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: education
translation: practice (n.), exercise, training
実習する: jisshuusuru: practice (v.)
実習生: jisshuusei: apprentice, trainee, intern <<<
実習時間: jisshuujikan: practice hours <<< 時間
臨海実習: rinkaijisshuu: marine practice <<< 臨海


pronunciation: jita
kanji characters: ,
translation: oneself and others, subject and object
自他共に: jitatomonijitatomoni: commonly, universally, unanimously <<<
自他共に認める: jitatomonijitatomonimitomeru: be commonly acknowledged <<<
自他の関係: jitanokankei: relationship with others <<< 関係


pronunciation: jitai
kanji characters: ,
translation: situation, state of affairs
非常事態: hijoujitai: emergency time, crisis, state of emergency <<< 非常
異常事態: ijoujitai: abnormal situation <<< 異常
緊急事態: kinkyuujitai: state of emergency <<< 緊急
容易ならぬ事態: youinaranujitai: serious [critical] situation <<< 容易

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