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pronunciation: jouju
kanji characters: ,
keyword: religion
translation: achievement, accomplishment, fulfillment, completion
成就する: joujusuru: achieve, accomplish, fulfill, complete
願望成就: ganboujouju: wish fulfillment <<< 願望
念願が成就する: nengangajoujusuru: One's prayer has been answered [fulfilled] <<< 念願
本願が成就する: hongangajoujusuru: One's long-cherished desire has bee realized [materialized] <<< 本願
check also: 達成


pronunciation: joujun
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: the first ten days of a month
synonyms: 初旬
antonyms: 下旬
check also: 中旬


pronunciation: jouka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology
translation: purification, cleanup
浄化する: joukasuru: purify, clean up
浄化槽: joukasou: purificatory cistern <<<
浄化装置: joukasouchi: purifier <<< 装置
浄化運動: joukaundou: cleanup movement <<< 運動


pronunciation: jouken
kanji characters: ,
keyword: grammar , law , biology
translation: condition, term
条件付の: joukentsukino: conditional (contracts), qualified <<<
条件付で: joukentsukide: conditionally
の条件で: nojoukende: on condition that, under the condition that
条件を付ける: joukennotsukeru: attach a condition, make [impose] conditions
条件を課する: joukennokasuru <<<
条件を呑む: joukennonomu: accepter a condition <<<
条件を受諾する: joukennojudakusuru
条件法: joukenhou: conditional mood <<<
条件反射: joukenhansha: conditioned reflex <<< 反射
無条件: mujouken: unconditional, unqualified, absolute <<<
無条件で: mujoukende: unconditionally, without reservation
無条件降伏: mujoukenkouhuku: unconditional surrender <<< 降伏
無条件反射: mujoukenhansha: unconditional reflex <<< 反射
最適条件: saitekijouken: optimum (condition) <<< 最適
勤務条件: kinmujouken: working conditions <<< 勤務
基本条件: kihonjouken: basic conditions <<< 基本
必要条件: hitsuyoujouken: necessary condition, requirement <<< 必要
解除条件: kaijojouken: cancel conditions <<< 解除
支払条件: shiharaijouken: terms of payment <<< 支払
雇用条件: koyoujouken: employment conditions [terms] <<< 雇用
希望条件: kiboujouken: terms desired <<< 希望
立地条件: ritchijouken: condition of location [localization] <<< 立地
必須条件: hissujouken: indispensable condition, sine qua non <<< 必須
採用条件: saiyoujouken: hiring requirements, conditions of employment <<< 採用
交換条件: koukanjouken: bargaining point <<< 交換
売買条件: baibaijouken: conditions (terms) of purchase <<< 売買


pronunciation: jouki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: chemistry , transport
translation: steam, vapor, dump
蒸気を立てる: joukiotateru: get up steam <<<
蒸気で動く: joukideugoku: be driven by steam <<<
蒸気力: joukiryoku: steam power <<<
蒸気圧: joukiatsu: steam pressure <<<
蒸気船: joukisen: steam ship <<<
蒸気暖房: joukidanbou: steam heating <<< 暖房
蒸気機関: joukikikan: steam engine <<< 機関
蒸気機関車: joukikikansha: steam locomotive <<<
水蒸気: suijouki: (water) vapor, moisture <<<
蒸気タービン: joukitaabin: steam turbine <<< タービン
水銀蒸気: suiginjouki: mercury vapor <<< 水銀
check also: スチーム


pronunciation: joukyaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: travel
translation: passenger, traveler, traveller
乗客係: joukyakugakari: passenger agent, stewardess <<<
乗客名簿: joukyakumeibo: passenger list
乗客案内所: joukyakuannnaisho: information office (for passengers)
check also: 旅客


pronunciation: joukyou
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 状況
keyword: crime
translation: situation, affair, matter
情況証拠: joukyoushouko: circumstantial evidence <<< 証拠
情況判断: joukyouhandan: circumstantial analysis <<< 判断
情況補語: joukyouhogo: circumstantial complement
check also: 情勢


pronunciation: joumon
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japanese history
translation: Jomon
縄文時代: joumonjidai: Jomon period (12000 BC to 300 BC in Japan) <<< 時代
check also: Jomon_period


pronunciation: joumyaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: organs
translation: vein
静脈の: joumyakuno: venous
静脈内の: joumyakunaino: intravenous <<<
静脈瘤: joumyakuryuu: varix <<<
静脈炎: joumyakuen: phlebitis <<<
静脈系: joumyakukei: venous system <<<
静脈血: joumyakuketsu: venous blood <<<
静脈拍: joumyakuhaku: venous pulse <<<
静脈注射: joumyakuchuusha: intravenous injection <<< 注射
大静脈: daijoumyaku: vena cava <<<
check also: 動脈


pronunciation: jounetsu
kanji characters: ,
translation: passion, ardor, enthusiasm
情熱的: jounetsuteki: passionate, ardent <<<
check also: 熱心

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