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pronunciation: jukunen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: mature [ripe] age
熟年夫婦: jukunenhuuhu: coupe of a ripe age <<< 夫婦
synonyms: 壮年


pronunciation: jukuren
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: skill, dexterity, mastery
熟練する: jukurensuru: become skilled [dexterous] (in doing), become expert (in, at)
熟練した: jukurenshita: skillful, skilled, experienced, expert (a.)
熟練者: jukurensha: expert (n.), man of experience <<<
熟練家: jukurenka <<<
熟練工: jukurenkou: skilled [trained] hand [workman], skilled labor <<<
synonyms: 上手 , 専門


pronunciation: jukusei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food
translation: ripeness, maturity
熟成した: jukuseishita: ripped, matured, aged
熟成する: jukuseisuru: ripen, grow ripe, mature
check also: 成熟


pronunciation: jukyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: religion , history
translation: Confucianism


pronunciation: jumoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: tree
translation: tree
樹木の茂った: jumokunoshigetta: woody <<<
樹木学: jumokugaku: dendrology <<<
樹木学者: jumokugakusha: dendrologist <<< 学者
樹木栽培: jumokusaibai: tree culture <<< 栽培
樹木栽培者: jumokusaibaisha: tree farmer <<<


pronunciation: jumon
kanji characters: ,
keyword: fantasy
translation: spell, incantation
呪文を唱える: jumonnotonaeru: chant a spell <<<
呪文を解く: jumonnotoku: break a spell <<<


pronunciation: jumyou
kanji characters: 寿 ,
keyword: biology , life
translation: lifetime, life span, longevity, age, life expectancy
寿命が長い: jumyouganagai: have a long life <<<
寿命が短い: jumyougamijikai: have a short life <<<
寿命が縮まる: jumyougachiJimaru: The life (expectancy) becomes shorter, be frightened to death <<<
寿命が延びる: jumyouganobiru: The life (expectancy) becomes longer, take a new lease of life <<<
寿命で死ぬ: jumyoudeshinu: die a natural death <<<
平均寿命: heikinjumyou: average life span <<< 平均


pronunciation: junban
kanji characters: ,
translation: order, turn
順番に: junbannni: in (regular, due) order, in turn, by turns
順番が来る: junbangakuru: One's turn comes round <<<
順番を待つ: junbannomatsu: wait one's turn <<<


pronunciation: junbi
kanji characters: ,
translation: preparation, preliminary
準備する: junbisuru: prepare, organize
準備が整う: junbigatotonou: be ready for <<<
準備品: junbihin: reserve stock <<<
準備金: junbikin: reserve fund <<<
準備運動: junbiundou: tune-up, warm-up <<< 運動
準備委員: junbiiin: arrangement [preparatory] committee <<< 委員
準備教育: junbikyouiku: preparatory education [coaching] <<< 教育
通貨準備: tsuukajunbi: monetary reserve <<< 通貨
食事を準備する: shokujiojunbisuru: prepare a meal, set [fix] the table <<< 食事
受験の準備をする: jukennnojunbiosuru: prepare (oneself) for an entrance examination <<< 受験
預金準備: yokinjunbi: deposit reserve <<< 預金
戦闘準備: sentoujunbi: preparation for action, fighting trim <<< 戦闘
check also: 支度 , 用意


pronunciation: junchou
kanji characters: , 調
translation: smoothness
順調な: junchouna: smooth, favorable
順調に: junchouni: smoothly, well, favorably
順調に成る: junchouninaru: take a favorable turn <<<

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