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pronunciation: juutai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: column, file
縦隊を作る: juutaiotsukuru: form a file <<<


pronunciation: juutaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: house , realty
translation: house, residence, dwelling
住宅難: juutakunan: housing shortage <<<
住宅費: juutakuhi: housing expenses <<<
住宅地: juutakuchi: residence area <<<
住宅区域: juutakukuiki <<< 区域
住宅手当: juutakuteate: housing allowance <<< 手当
住宅問題: juutakumondai: housing problem <<< 問題
住宅組合: juutakukumiai: housing cooperative <<< 組合
住宅ローン: juutakuroon: housing loan <<< ローン
公団住宅: koudanjuutaku: Housing Corporation apartment house <<< 公団
組立住宅: kumitatejuutaku: prefabricated house, prefab <<< 組立
賃貸住宅: chintaijuutaku: house to rent, rented house <<< 賃貸
分譲住宅: bunjoujuutaku: house in housing estate <<< 分譲
簡易住宅: kannijuutaku: simple frame house <<< 簡易


pronunciation: juutan
keyword: furniture
translation: carpet (n.), rug
絨毯を敷く: juutannoshiku: carpet (v.), spread a carpet <<<
絨毯止め: juutandome: carpet rod <<<
絨毯爆撃: juutanbakugeki: carpet bombing <<< 爆撃
ペルシャ絨毯: perushajuutan: Persian carpet <<< ペルシャ
check also: カーペット


pronunciation: juuyon
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 14
keyword: number
translation: fourteen
十四番: juuyonban: the fourteenth <<<
第十四: daijuuyon <<<


pronunciation: juuyou
kanji characters: ,
translation: importance, gravity
重要性: juuyousei <<<
重要な: juuyouna: important, of importance (consequence), weighty, momentous, principal, essential
重要で無い: juuyoudenai: unimportant, of little importance <<<
重要視する: juuyoushisuru: take (a matter) seriously, regard (a matter) as serious, attach great importance to <<<
重要商品: juuyoushouhin: important goods <<< 商品
重要人物: juuyoujinbutsu: important person, key person <<< 人物
重要地位: juuyouchii: important position <<< 地位
重要物産: juuyoubussan: staple products
重要物資: juuyoubusshi: key commodities <<< 物資
重要産業: juuyousangyou: key [major] industry <<< 産業
重要書類: juuyoushorui: important documents [papers] <<< 書類
重要文化財: shuuyoubunkazai: important cultural asset
check also: 主要 , 大切 , 重大


pronunciation: juuzai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: felony, grave [capital] crime [offense]
重罪を犯す: juuzaiookasu: commit a grave crime <<<
重罪人: juuzainin: felon <<<
check also: 大罪


pronunciation: juyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: demand, request
需要が有る: juyougaaru: be in demand <<<
需要を満たす: juyouomitasu: meet a demand <<<
需要者: juyousha: consumer <<<
需要供給: juyoukyoukyuu: demand and supply <<< 供給
需要過多: juyoukata: over demand
国内需要: kokunaijuyou: domestic needs <<< 国内
有効需要: yuukoujuyou: effective demand <<< 有効
check also: 供給


pronunciation: juzu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: religion
translation: rosary, chaplet, string of beads
数珠を爪繰る: juzuotsumaguru: tell [count] one's beads
数珠繋ぎにする: juzutsunaginisuru: rope [link] together, tie in a rope <<<
数珠繋がりに成る: juzutsunagarininaru: A line is formed
数珠球: juzudama: beads (of a rosary) <<<

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