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pronunciation: jiko
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport , disaster
translation: accident, incident, trouble, breakdown, circumstances
事故を起こす: jikoookosu: cause an accident <<<
事故で死ぬ: jikodeshinu: have a fatal accident <<<
事故に遭う: jikoniau: have an accident <<<
事故車: jikosha: car broken by accident <<<
事故死: jikoshi: accidental death <<<
事故死亡: jikoshibou <<< 死亡
事故現場: jikogenba: place of accident <<< 現場
事故防止: shikoboushi: accident prevention <<< 防止
交通事故: koutsuujiko: traffic accident <<< 交通
列車事故: resshajiko: train [railroad] accident, train crash <<< 列車
鉄道事故: tetsudoujiko: railway accident <<< 鉄道
自動車事故: jidoushajiko: motoring [car] accident <<< 自動車
原発事故: genpatsujiko: accident of a nuclear plant <<< 原発
接触事故: sesshokujiko: bump, collision <<< 接触
航空事故: koukuujiko: airplane accident <<< 航空
人身事故: jinshinjiko: traffic accident involving a human life <<< 人身
チェルノブイリ原発事故: cherunobuirigenpatsujiko: Disaster of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant <<< チェルノブイリ
スリーマイル島原発事故: suriimairutougenpatsujiko: Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant accident <<< スリーマイル
check also: 故障


pronunciation: jikoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport , time
translation: (precise) time [hour]
時刻通りに: jikokudoorini: punctually, on time <<<
時刻を違えずに: jikokuotagaezuni <<<
時刻が迫る: jikokugasemaru: Time presses <<<
時刻表: jikokuhyou: timetable <<<
到着時刻: touchakujikoku: arrival time <<< 到着
閉店時刻: heitenjikoku: (shop) closing time <<< 閉店
synonyms: 時間


pronunciation: jikoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: travel
translation: one's (own) country, one's native land
自国の: jikokuno: native, home, vernacular
自国語: jikokugo: one's own language, one's mother tongue <<<
自国人: jikokujin: one's fellow countryman <<<
check also: 母国


pronunciation: jikou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weather , calendar
translation: season, weather
時候外れの: jikouhazureno: unseasonable, out of season <<<
時候の変り目: jikounokawarime: change [turn] of season
時候の挨拶: jikounoaisatsu: compliments of the season <<< 挨拶
check also: 季節 , 時期


pronunciation: jikou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: book
translation: matter, subject, article, item
関連事項: kanrenjikou: related matters <<< 関連
協議事項: kyougijikou: subject [topic] of discussion <<< 協議
機密事項: kimitsujikou: confidential matter, classified information <<< 機密
記載事項: kisaijikou: mentioned items <<< 記載
了解事項: ryoukaijikou: items agreed upon <<< 了解
該当事項: gaitoujikou: pertinent data, concerning article <<< 該当
申合せ事項: moushiawasejikou: items arranged upon, prearranged items <<< 申合せ
check also: 項目 , アイテム


pronunciation: jikou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: justice
translation: prescription
時効に成る: jikouninaru: prescribed, become time-barred, come under the statute of limitations <<<
時効に掛かる: jikounikakaru <<<
時効の中断: jikounochuudan: interruption [suspension] of prescription <<< 中断
時効の停止: jikounoteishi <<< 停止
時効期間: jikoukikan: limitation period, statute of limitation <<< 期間


pronunciation: jikuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: physics
translation: time and space


pronunciation: jimae
kanji characters: ,
keyword: accounting
translation: one's own expense [account]
自前で: jimaede: at one's own expense [account]


pronunciation: jimaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: show
translation: title, caption, subtitle (n.)
字幕を入れる: jimakuoireru: subtitle (v.) <<<
字幕放送: jimakuhousou: program with subtitles <<< 放送
字幕スーパー: shimakusuupaa: superimposed dialogue <<< スーパー


pronunciation: jiman
kanji characters: ,
translation: pride, boast, vanity
自慢する: jimansuru: boast [brag] of, be proud [vain, boastful] of, bride oneself (on)
自慢の: jimannno: of which one is proud
自慢らしく: jimanrashiku: proudly, boastfully
自慢気に: jimangeni <<<
自慢顔に: jimangaoni <<<
自慢話: jimanbanashi: bragging, boasting <<<
祖先自慢: sosenjiman: ancestral pride <<< 祖先
synonyms: 自負 , 矜持 ,

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