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pronunciation: jimen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: realty
translation: earth, ground, (patch of) land, lot, plot
地面に: jimennni: on the ground
地面に寝る: jimennnineru: lie down on the ground <<<
地面を掘る: jimennohoru: dig the ground <<<
地面擦れ擦れに: jimensuresureni: level with the ground
check also: 土地 , 地所


pronunciation: jimoto
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography
translation: locality, home (n.)
地元の: jimotono: local, home (a.)
地元民: jimotomin: local people <<<
地元チーム: jimotochiimu: home (local) team <<< チーム
check also: 郷土


pronunciation: jimu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: office work, desk work, business (n.)
事務上の: jimujouno: business (a.) <<<
事務を執る: jimuotoru: do office work, attend to one's business, be at one's desk <<<
事務に明るい: jimuniakarui: be experienced in office work <<<
事務的: jimuteki: businesslike <<<
事務所: jimusho: office, bureau <<<
事務室: jimushitsu: office room <<<
事務員: jimuin: clerk <<<
事務官: jimukan: administrative official, secretary <<<
事務長: jimuchou: head official, purser <<<
事務服: jimuhuku: working dress [suit] <<<
事務用品: jimuyouhin: office equipment [supplies] <<< 用品 , 文房具
経理事務: keirijimu: accountants' business <<< 経理
会計事務: kaikeijimu: accountancy <<< 会計
担当事務: tantoujimu: business under one's charge <<< 担当
check also: 業務


pronunciation: jinan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: second son
check also: 長男 , 次女


pronunciation: jinbutsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: art , job
translation: person, man, figure, character
人物を描く: jinbutsuoegaku: delineate a character, characterize (a person) <<<
人物を見る: jinbutsuomiru: take a person's measure <<<
人物画: jinbutsuga: portrait, figure painting <<<
人物評: jinbutsuhyou: personal criticism <<<
人物評論: jinbutsuhyouron <<< 評論
人物を保証する: jinbutsuohoshousuru: answer for a person's character <<< 保証
人物画家: jinbutsugaka: portrait painter <<< 画家
人物素描: jinbutsusobyou: character sketch, profile <<< 素描
人物試験: jinbutsushiken: character test <<< 試験
固い人物: kataijinbutsu: reliable person, man of word <<<
好人物: koujinbutsu: good-natured man, good [nice] fellow <<<
登場人物: toujoujinbutsu: character, dramatis personae <<< 登場
重要人物: juuyoujinbutsu: important person, key person <<< 重要
主要人物: shuyoujinbutsu: leading figure <<< 主要
中心人物: chuushinjinbutsu: central figure, leader <<< 中心
注意人物: chuuijinbutsu: wanted (person) <<< 注意
危険人物: kikenjinbutsu: dangerous character <<< 危険
check also: キャラクター


pronunciation: jinchi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: position
陣地を守る: jinchiomamoru: defend the position <<<
防御陣地: bougyojinchi: defensive position <<< 防御
トーチカ陣地: toochikajinchi: pillbox position <<< トーチカ


pronunciation: jinguu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: religion , japanese history
translation: important Shinto shrine
神宮外苑: jinguugaien: Jingu Gaien, Outer park of Meiji shrine
神宮球場: jinguukyuujou: Meiji Jingu (baseball) stadium <<< 球場
伊勢神宮: isejinguu: Ise Shrine <<< 伊勢
明治神宮: meijijinguu: Meiji Shrine <<< 明治
check also: 神社


pronunciation: jinin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: resignation
辞任する: jininsuru: resign, leave office
check also: 辞職


pronunciation: jinja
kanji characters: ,
keyword: religion
translation: Shinto shrine
check also: 神道 , 神宮


pronunciation: jinji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: human affairs, personnel affairs
人事院: jinjiin: National Personnel Authority <<<
人事課: jinjika: personnel section [office] <<<
人事部: jinjibu: personnel department [division], staff [human resources] department <<<
人事欄: jinjiran: personal column <<<
人事異動: jinjiidou: personnel changes
人事管理: jinjikanri: personnel management <<< 管理
人事行政: jinjigyousei: personnel administration <<< 行政
人事考課: jinjikouka: performance [merit] rating, personnel rating [evaluation]
人事部長: jinjibuchou: personnel director [manager] <<< 部長
人事問題: jinjimondai: personnel problem <<< 問題
人事相談所: jinjisoudansho: private affairs consultation office
人事を尽くして天命を待つ: jinjiotsukushitetenmeiomatsu: do one's best and leave the rest to Providence, man proposes and God disposes
人事不省: jinjihusei: syncope, syncopation <<< 気絶
人事不省に陥る: jinjihuseiniochiiru: fall senseless, lose consciousness, pass out, faint
天下り人事: amakudarijinji: highhanded personnel administration <<< 天下り

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