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pronunciation: kuchibeni
kanji characters: ,
keyword: cosmetic
translation: rouge, lipstick
口紅を付ける: kuchibeniotsukeru: rouge one's lips, apply rouge <<<
口紅を塗る: kuchibenionuru <<<
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pronunciation: kuchikazu
kanji characters: ,
translation: quantity of speech
口数の少ない: kuchikazunosukunai: taciturn, tightlipped <<<
口数の多い: kuchikazunoooi: talkative, gabby, garrulous, chatty <<< , 御喋り


pronunciation: kuchiku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: expulsion, dispersion
駆逐する: kuchikusuru: expel, oust, drive away, clear, disperse
駆逐艦: kuchikukan: destroyer <<<


pronunciation: kuchimoto
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 口許
keyword: body
translation: mouth, lip
口元を窄める: kuchimotoosubomeru: turn one's nose up <<<
口元を歪める: kuchimotooyugameru: make a grimace <<<
口元が愛らしい: kuchimotogaairashii: have a sweet [lovely] mouth <<<
口元が可愛い: kuchimotogakawaii
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pronunciation: kuchiutsushi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food
translation: mouth-to-mouth transfer
口移しする: kuchiutsushisuru: transfer from one's mouth to another's


pronunciation: kuchiwa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: animal
translation: muzzle, gag
口輪を掛ける: kuchiwaokakeru: put muzzle <<<
口輪を填める: kuchiwaohameru <<<


pronunciation: kuchou
kanji characters: , 調
translation: tone, intonation
口調が悪い: kuchougawarui: lack euphony, be discordant <<<
口調の良い: kuchounoii: euphonious, rhythmic, musical <<<
演説口調: enzetsukuchou: declamatory tone <<< 演説


pronunciation: kudamono
kanji characters: ,
keyword: fruit
translation: fruit (n.)
果物の: kudamonono: fruit (a.)
果物の様な: kudamononoyouna: fruity <<<
果物屋: kudamonoya: fruit store, fruit shop, fruit seller, fruiterer <<<
果物畑: kudamonobatake: orchard <<<
果物園: kudamonoen <<<
果物ナイフ: kudamononaihu: fruit knife <<< ナイフ
季節の果物: kisetsunokudamono: seasonal fruits <<< 季節
貯蔵果物: chozoukudamono: preserved fruit <<< 貯蔵
synonyms: 果実 , フルーツ


pronunciation: kudou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mechanics
translation: drive (n.), driving
駆動する: kudousuru: drive (v.), trigger
駆動力: kudouryoku: driving force <<<
駆動輪: kudourin: driving wheel <<<
駆動車輪: kudousharin <<< 車輪
駆動軸: kudoujiku: driving axle <<<
駆動車軸: kudoushajiku
駆動装置: kudousouchi: driving gear <<< 装置
全輪駆動: zenrinkudou: four wheel drive <<< 全輪
前輪駆動: zenrinkudou: front drive <<< 前輪
後輪駆動: kourinkudou: rear drive <<< 後輪


pronunciation: kugatsu
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 9月
keyword: calendar
translation: September

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