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pronunciation: kyoudou
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 協同
keyword: administration , life
translation: partnership, cooperation
共同で: kyoudoude: together
共同する: kyoudousuru: work together, co-operate, join forces, act in concert
共同体: kyoudoutai: community <<<
共同生活: kyoudouseikatsu: collective life, community life <<< 生活
共同声明: kyoudouseimei: joint statement <<< 声明
共同事業: kyoudoujigyou: joint undertaking [enterprise] <<< 事業
共同管理: kyoudoukanri: joint control [operation] <<< 管理
共同経営: kyoudoukeiei: joint management <<< 経営
共同出資: kyoudoushusshi: joint investment <<< 出資
共同組合: kyoudoukumiai: co-operative association [union], co-op <<< 組合
共同農場: kyoudounoujou: collective farm, kolkhoz <<< 農場
共同作業: kyoudousagyou: joint work, group work <<< 作業
共同便所: kyoudoubenjo: public lavatory <<< 便所
共同墓地: kyoudoubochi: public cemetery <<< 墓地
共同アンテナ: kyoudouantena: common antenna, community aerial [antenna] <<< アンテナ
check also: 協力


pronunciation: kyouen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: show
translation: co-staring
共演する: kyouensuru: co-star (v.), play in concert
共演者: kyouensha: costar (n.), coactor <<<


pronunciation: kyougaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: school
translation: coeducation, mixed education
共学の: kyougakuno: coeducational
共学の学校: kyougakunogakkou: coeducational school <<< 学校
男女共学: danjokyougaku: coeducation, mixed education <<< 男女


pronunciation: kyougaku
kanji characters:
translation: astonishment, amazement
驚愕する: kyougakusuru: be astonished [amazed]
驚愕させる: kyougakusaseru: astonish, amaze
驚愕すべき: kyougakusubeki: surprising, amazing, astonishing
check also: 仰天 , ショック


pronunciation: kyougaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: education
translation: teaching and learning, education and study


pronunciation: kyougi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport
translation: competition, match, game
競技をする: kyougiosuru: have a match [game]
競技に加わる: kyouginikuwawaru: take part in games <<<
競技に勝つ: kyouginikatsu: win a match [game] <<<
競技に負ける: kyouginimakeru: lose a match [game] <<<
競技場: kyougijou: stadium <<< , スタジアム
競技会: kyougikai: athletic meeting, contest <<<
競技者: kyougisha: contestant, player <<<
競技種目: kyougishumoku: sport entries <<< 種目
水泳競技: suieikyougi: swimming competition <<< 水泳
陸上競技: rikujoukyougi: athleticism, track sports <<< 陸上
団体競技: dantaikyougi: team event, team competition <<< 団体
水上競技: suijoukyougi: water [aquatic] sports, aquaties <<< 水上
運動競技: undoukyougi: athletic sports <<< 運動
滑降競技: kakkoukyougi: descent (race) <<< 滑降
複合競技: hukugoukyougi: Nordic [Alpine] combined <<< 複合
自転車競技: jitenshakyougi: cycling <<< 自転車
回転競技: kaitenkyougi: slalom <<< 回転
混合競技: kongoukyougi: mixed competition <<< 混合
射撃競技: shagekikyougi: shooting competition <<< 射撃
スキー競技: sukiikyougi: ski race <<< スキー
トラック競技: torakkukyougi: track events <<< トラック
check also: 闘技


pronunciation: kyougi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: discussion, negotiation
協議する: kyougisuru: discuss, negotiate
協議に掛ける: kyouginikakeru: bring one's plan up at a meeting <<<
協議が整う: kyougigatotonou: come to [arrive at] an agreement <<<
協議の上: kyouginoue: upon deliberation with, by mutual consent [agreement] <<<
協議を凝らす: kyougiokorasu: deliberate fully <<<
協議会: kyougikai: council, board, conference <<<
協議員: kyougiin: delegate to a conference <<<
協議離婚: kyougirikon: divorce by consent <<< 離婚
協議事項: kyougijikou: subject [topic] of discussion <<< 事項
協議価格: kyougikakaku: negotiated price <<< 価格
check also: 交渉


pronunciation: kyougou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport
translation: veteran player
強豪の: kyougouno: veteran (a.)


pronunciation: kyouhaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: psychology
translation: compulsion, coercion
強迫する: kyouhakusuru: compel, coerce
強迫概念: kyouhakugainen: obsession, (persecution) complex <<< 概念
強迫概念に襲われる: kyouhakugainennniosowareru: be obsessed (by, with), suffer from an obsession <<<
強迫概念に取り付かれる: kyouhakugainennnitoritsukareru


pronunciation: kyouho
kanji characters: ,
keyword: events
translation: walking race
競歩選手: kyouhosenshu: walker <<< 選手

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