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pronunciation: kutsuhimo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: footwear
translation: shoelace, shoe-string
靴紐を結ぶ: kutsuhimoomusubu: lace up one's shoes <<<
靴紐を締める: kutsuhimooshimeru: tighten shoelaces <<<


pronunciation: kutsujoku
kanji characters: ,
translation: humiliation, disgrace, humiliating, infamous, disgraceful
屈辱的: kutsujokuteki: humiliating, infamous, disgraceful <<<
屈辱を与える: kutsujokuoataeru: humiliate, insult (v.), disgrace <<<
屈辱を加える: kutsujokuokuwaeru <<<
屈辱を受ける: kutsujokuoukeru: be humiliated [disgraced] <<<
屈辱を被る: kutsujokuokoumuru <<<
屈辱を感じる: kutsujokuokanjiru: feel humiliated [disgraced] <<<
synonyms: 侮辱


pronunciation: kutsumigaki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: footwear
translation: shoe polishing, bootblack, shoeshine boy [man]


pronunciation: kutsushita
kanji characters: ,
keyword: footwear
translation: sock, stocking
靴下を履く: kutsushitaohaku: put [draw] socks on <<<
靴下を脱ぐ: kutsushitaonugu: take off socks <<<
靴下留め: kutsushitadome: garter <<<
靴下止め: kutsushitadome <<<
靴下類: kutsushitarui: hose, hosiery <<<
靴下一足: kutsushitaissoku: a pair of socks <<< 一足
長靴下: nagakutsushita: knee-high sock, stocking <<<
ナイロンの靴下: naironnnokutsushita: nylon stockings [socks] <<< ナイロン
check also: 足袋 , ソックス , ストッキング


pronunciation: kutsuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: pain, torment, torture, agony, suffering, hardship
苦痛を感じる: kutsuuokanjiru: feel a pain <<<
苦痛に耐える: kutsuunitaeru: endure pain <<<
苦痛が無くなる: kutsuuganakunaru: The pain has gone [left me] <<<
苦痛を与える: kutsuuoataeru: cause a pain <<<
苦痛を和らげる: kutsuuoyawarageru: relieve the pain <<<


pronunciation: kutsuya
kanji characters: ,
keyword: shop , footwear
translation: shoe shop, shoe store, shoemaker, shoe dealer


pronunciation: kutsuzumi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: footwear
translation: shoe polish
靴墨を塗る: kutsuzumionuru: black a shoe <<<


pronunciation: kuubaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: aerial bombing, air raid
空爆する: kuubakusuru: bombard, bomb (v.)
空爆を受ける: kuubakuoukeru: be bombed, suffer air raids <<<
check also: 爆撃


pronunciation: kuubo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war , ship
translation: aircraft carrier
原子力空母: genshiryokukuubo: nuclear-powered carrier <<< 原子力


pronunciation: kuuchuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: airplane
translation: air (n.), midair, sky
空中の: kuuchuuno: aerial, air (a.)
空中に: kuuchuuni: in the air [sky], in midair
空中戦: kuuchuusen: aerial fight [combat] <<<
空中給油: kuuchuukyuuyu: refueling in the air, air-to-air refueling <<< 給油
空中写真: kuuchuushashin: aerial photograph <<< 写真
空中衝突: kuuchuushoutotsu: midair collision <<< 衝突
空中投下: kuuchuutouka: airdrop (n.) <<< 投下
空中投下する: kuuchuutoukasuru: airdrop (v.)
空中滑走: kuuchuukassou: volplane, gliding flight <<< 滑走
空中分解: kuuchuubunkai: midair disintegration <<< 分解
空中分解する: kuuchuubunkaisuru: break up to pieces in the air
空中楼閣: kuuchuuroukaku: castle of the air
空中楼閣を描く: kuuchuuroukakuoegaku: build a castle of the air
空中サーカス: kuuchuusaakasu: aerobatics <<< サーカス
空中ブランコ: kuuchuuburanko: trapeze <<< ブランコ
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