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pronunciation: kyogen
kanji characters: ,
translation: lie, falsehood
虚言する: kyogensuru: lie (v.)
虚言癖: kyogenguse: habit of lying, mythomania <<<
虚言症: kyogenshou <<<
虚言症患者: kyogenshoukanja: mythomaniac <<< 患者
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pronunciation: kyohi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , medicine
translation: refusal, rejection, denial, veto
拒否する: kyohisuru: refuse, reject, deny, veto
拒否権: kyohiken: (right to) veto <<<
拒否権を行使する: kyohikennokoushisuru: exercise one's veto power <<< 行使
拒否反応: kyohihannnou: rejection reaction <<< 反応
入国を拒否する: nyuukokuokyohisuru: refuse [deny] (a person) entry into a country <<< 入国
登校拒否: toukoukyohi: school phobia <<< 登校
check also: 拒絶


pronunciation: kyojaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: health
translation: weakness, infirmity
虚弱な: kyojakuna: weak, delicate, sickly
虚弱体質: kyojakutaishitsu: weak constitution


pronunciation: kyojin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: fantasy
translation: giant, Titan, Colossus, great [leading] figure, Giants (a Japanese baseball team)
巨人の様な: kyojinnnoyouna: gigantic, titanic, colossus <<<
巨人症: kyojinshou: gigantism <<<
antonyms: 小人


pronunciation: kyojitsu
kanji characters: ,
translation: appearance and reality
虚実を確かめる: kyojitsuotashikameru: make sure of [ascertain] the truth <<<


pronunciation: kyojuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: house
translation: dwelling, residence
居住する: kyojuusuru: live, dwell, reside
居住者: kyojuusha: dweller, resident, inhabitant, tenant <<<
居住性: kyujuusei: habitability <<<
居住性が良い: kyojuuseigaii: have a lot of amenities <<<
居住性が優れた: kyojuuseigasugureta: comfortable <<<
居住地: kyojuuchi: place of residence <<<
居住権: kyojuuken: right of residence <<<
居住証明書: kyojuushoumeisho: certificate of residence
check also: 住居


pronunciation: kyoka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: administration
translation: permission, leave, approval, admission, license, authorization, sanction
許可する: kyokasuru: permit (v.), allow, give leave (to), approve, admit, authorize, sanction
許可を与える: kyokaoataeru <<<
許可無しに: kyokanashini: without permission [leave] <<<
許可無く: kyokanaku
許可を請う: kyokaokou: ask permission (to do) <<<
許可を求める: kyokaomotomeru <<<
許可を得る: kyokaoeru: get permission <<<
許可を得て: kyokaoete: with permission
許可制: kyokasei: license system <<<
許可証: kyokashou: permit (n.), license <<<
外出許可: gaishutsyoka: permission to go out <<< 外出
入学を許可する: nyuugakuokyokasuru: admit a student <<< 入学
入学許可: nyuugakukyoka: admission <<< 入学
出国許可: shukkokukyoka: departure permit <<< 出国
入国許可: nyuukokukyoka: entry permit <<< 入国
入国を許可する: nyuukokuokyokasuru: admit (a person) into a country <<< 入国
入会許可: nyuukaikyoka: admission <<< 入会
滞在許可: taizaikyoka: residence permit <<< 滞在
上陸許可: jourikukyoka: shore leave <<< 上陸


pronunciation: kyokkou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weather
translation: aurora, polar lights
check also: オーロラ


pronunciation: kyokuchou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: director of a bureau, chief of an office, postmaster
郵便局長: yuubinkyokuchou: postmaster <<< 郵便
check also: 部長


pronunciation: kyokugei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: show
translation: tricks, acrobatic feats
曲芸の: kyokugeino: acrobatic
曲芸する: kyokugeisuru: do [perform] stunts, juggle
曲芸師: kyokugeishi: acrobat <<<
曲芸飛行: kyokugeihikou: stunt flying <<< 飛行

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